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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. -AL I:40

The following list of essays are those written by members of Grady Louis McMurtry's A.'.A.'. Lineage.

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No. 1 – ON THE SCARLET WOMAN (December 29th, 2013), 15 pages. Aleister Crowley taught Grady Louis McMurtry “more solid instruction on IX than I ever gave before to any one!” McMurtry then taught it to Cornelius. Cornelius elucidates Crowley’s views on female sex magick and Babalon from the standpoints of Qabalah, Alchemy, and the Grail mythos. (ESSAYS 5, p. 15)

No. 2 – ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TEACHING MEN AND WOMEN (January 18th, 2014), 4 pages. Genius is fueled by sexuality. However, men and women must cultivate genius differently. Men must learn to exercise mental control to keep from ejaculating and thus losing vital life force. A woman’s arousal carries no such dangers; yet a woman faces other pitfalls. (ESSAYS 1, p.86)

No. 3 – ON THE TREE OF LIFE (October 21st,1913), 3 pages. This brief history of the Tarot registers its continuing development as a living map of the body, consciousness and spirituality for magicians past and present. (ESSAYS 1, p. 27)

No. 4 – ON PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS AND THE TREE OF LIFE (November 12th, 2013), 6 pages. Cornelius shows how developments in psychology represent explorations into progressively higher spheres on the Tree of Life, with practical implications for magicians. Each new step forward represents a refinement in human understanding in the relation of the sex instinct to will, or genius. (ESSAYS 1, p. 30)

No. 5 – ON CHAPTERS IN MAGICK IN THEORY & PRACTICE AND THE THOTH CARDS (December 23rd, 2013), 2 pages. Here is Grady Louis McMurtry’s “cheat sheet” on the correspondences between the chapters of Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practice and the Major Arcana of the Thoth cards. The OTO secrets encoded in the structure of MTP are thereby made available to the astute. (ESSAYS 1, p. 20)

No. 6 – ON TANTRA, PHALLICISM AND THE TREE OF LIFE Part I (January 2nd, 2014), 9 pages. The 19th-century revival of Phallicism formed a historical precursor to the mysteries of the OTO. The essay includes a discussion of the Left Hand Path versus the Right Hand Path, contrasting a more purely Western sexual magick with misconceived versions mixed with Eastern and religious thought. (ESSAYS 1, p. 36)

No. 7 – ON TANTRA, PHALLICISM AND THE TREE OF LIFE Part II (November 3rd, 2013), 11 pages. art II picks up the story where Crowley becomes involved with the OTO. This history covers not only the external events of Crowley’s takeover and transformation of that organization, but also at a look at the way he carefully experimented with and reworked the OTO’s sex magickal teachings. (ESSAYS 1, p. 50)

No. 8 – ON ONE’S SACRED NUMBER (December 31st, 2013), 5 pages. According to Aleister Crowley everything in nature has its sacred mathematics—including you. Learn how to determine your personal sacred number, the foundation behind the Laws of your Universe. Understanding its nature will allow you to focus your magickal research where your true affinities lie. (ESSAYS 1, p. 201)

No. 9 – THE EIGHT LIMBS OF YOGA AND THE MINERVAL DEGREE (September 5th, 2010), 4 pages. Too few would-be sex magicians appreciate that according to Aleister Crowley they must practice the Eight Limbs of Yoga daily if they would fulfill IX°. This essay details Crowley’s views on Yama, or control, the first of the Eight Limbs. (ESSAYS 1, p. 11)

No. 10 – ON THE PARTS OF SPEECH (September 6th, 2010), 3 pages. Here is Grady Louis McMurtry’s correlations of the all-important Eight Limbs of Yoga with Tarot Paths and with the parts of speech that Aleister Crowley presents in Branks from the Book of Lies, opening up the practical Wisdom embedded within that enigmatic chapter. (ESSAYS 1, p. 16)

No. 11 – ON PRACTICUS (February 13th, 2014), 7 pages. The author supplies a compendium of symbolism, virtues, recommended readings and correlations that illustrate the task and obligations of the Practicus. (ESSAYS 1, p. 192)

No. 12 – ON THE RITES OF KADOSH (June 9th, 2012), 8 pages. The initiatory Templar symbolism of VI° OTO and allied ceremonies is carefully analyzed. The article includes an introduction to Baphomet.” (ESSAYS 1, p. 214)

No. 13 – ON BAPHOMET (March 20th, 2004), 8 pages. Cornelius outlines the history and significance of the holiest symbol of the OTO, being the measure between Heaven and Earth. (ESSAYS 1, p. 225)

No. 14 – ON THE HOMUNCULUS (September 12th, 2013), 8 pages. Besides an historical over-view, the author instructs how to clean-slate one’s daimon and reprogram it in alignment with True Will. (ESSAYS 1, p. 242)

No. 15 – ON SOME PRELIMINARY THOUGHTS ON THE SPHERES of MALKUTH and YESOD (March 3rd,  2014), 9 pages. Sexuality—body and libido–is our most important tool for finding and living out our True Will. What does this imply about appropriate A.’.A.’. obligations for Malkuth and Yesod? Why do so many A.’.A.’. branches ignore the real significance of these spheres? (ESSAYS 1, p. 101)

No. 16 – ON THE MAGICAL DIARY (February 28th 2014), 7 pages. The fundamental task of any aspiring magician is to keep a Magickal Diary. This essay illuminates the Crowley literature on how and why that tool is so important. (ESSAYS 1, p. 166)

No. 17 – ON THE MAGICKAL THESIS (October 10th, 2013), 2 pages. The Book of the Law states, “Abrogate are all rituals, all ordeals, all words and signs.” AL I:49. A.’.A.’. obligations must be updated to accord with the New Aeon, and the Magickal Thesis is no exception. (ESSAYS 1, p. 261)

No. 18 – ON THE MYSTERIES OF OTO (June 13th, 2013), 3 pages. This is Grady’s “cheat sheet” correlating sections of the Gnostic Mass (Liber XV), Spheres on the Tree of Life, chakras, OTO initiations and/or grade papers and chapters in Crowley’s mysterious but pregnant paper Atlantis, The Lost Continent (Liber LI). (ESSAYS 1, p. 22)

No. 19 – ON GOD WILLS HOLY LOVE (January 3rd 2013), 5 pages. Sex as a Thelemic sacrament, an analysis of the meaning behind VIth Degree OTO. (ESSAYS 1, p. 237)

No. 20 – ON HELIOPOLIS, Being an Essay on Heliopolis of Lower Egypt (February 3rd, 2014), 7 pages. The author makes a rich exploration of the religious and practical significance of Heliopolis in OTO symbology. (ESSAYS 1, p. 144)

No. 21 – ON THE NATURE OF THE WAND (February 12th, 2014), 8 pages. Psychology and neuroscience are proving that men and women excel in different cognitive domains. Internally, then, does it really make sense for male and female magicians to tread the same pathway up the Tree of Life? This article examines how a Woman properly grasps the Wand (internally or externally) in order to facilitate her Will. (ESSAYS 1, p. 91)

No. 22 – ON THE THREE FATES (February 19th, 2013), 7 pages. When studied in relation to OTO initiatory symbolism, the mythological figures of the Three Fates reveal the nature of our destiny and how to achieve it. (ESSAYS 1, p. 112)

No. 23 – ON THE ASSUMPTION OF GOD FORMS (April 23rd, 2013), 5 pages. The assumption of god forms is another foundational magickal skill, too infrequently taught. This essay furnishes instructions for solidifying your etheric shell into an appropriate god form, that you may create the key to efficacy as a magician, the Magickal Link. (ESSAYS 1, p. 206)

No. 24 – ON THE HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL (May 15th, 2013), 5 pages. It is critical to understand that later in his life Aleister Crowley realized you do not meet with your Holy Guardian Angel in Tiphareth, but rather your daimon. Furthermore, you must embrace the type of vehicle into which you chose to incarnate if you hope to achieve magickally. The Angel, by contrast, is beyond sex. (ESSAYS 1, p. 135)

No. 25 – ON THE BLACK MASS OF SAINT SECAIRE (October 31st, 2013), 5 pages. This charming piece reviews perhaps the sum-total of written accounts of the Black Mass throughout history and literature, with a particular focus on the desecration of the Host. (ESSAYS 1, p. 251)

No. 26 – ON THELEMOTES (April 7th, 2012), 2 pages. Do what you want shall not be the whole of the Law. And that ain’t the half of it. Being the folly of Thelemites. (ESSAYS 1, p. 164)

No. 27 – ON THE OUIJA BOARD (December 15th, 2012), 3 pages. Magicians use Ouija Board very differently from the spiritualists. Grady Louis McMurtry and Aleister Crowley held many interesting views on the proper use and the high potential of this remarkable magickal tool. (ESSAYS 1, p. 267)

No. 28 – ON THE ENGLISH QABALAH OF ALEISTER CROWLEY (March 14th, 2014), 4 pages. This historical piece details Crowley’s various attempts to “obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet” (AL II:55)—as well as the principle behind why they all failed. (ESSAYS 1, p. 263)

No. 29 – ON THE LESSER RITUAL OF THE PENTAGRAM (May 1st, 2014), 7 pages. This essay provides practical instructions and theoretical notes on one of the most critical rituals in Western esotericism. (ESSAYS 1, p.174)

No. 30 – ON LIBER RESH VEL HELIOS (May 12, 2014), 7 pages. In Liber Aleph, Crowley adjures, “Neglect never the fourfold Adorations of the Sun in his four Stations, for thereby thou doest affirm thy Place in Nature and her Harmonies.” Cornelius details the benefits of performing ‘Resh,’ upon three progressively advanced levels. (ESSAYS 1, p. 184)

No. 31 – ON THE USE OF 93 (May 11th, 2006), 2 pages. The simple truth behind why Thelemites greet one another with ‘93’ and the importance thereof. (ESSAYS 1, p. 25)

No. 32 – ON PARZIVAL (May 13th ,2014), 6 pages. The story of the Fool and the sacred symbolism of 777, the Redeemer, who unites the Above with the Below through correct worship of the Holy Lance. (ESSAYS 1, p. 127)

No. 33 – ON THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND OUR BIRTH CHART (March 2nd, 2014), 5 pages. In order to realize our destiny, that for which we incarnated, it is necessary to balance Will with Wants. This essay outlines how to grasp the silent center or Spindle of Necessity around which revolve the inexorable forces of a lifetime. (ESSAYS 1, p.120)

No. 34 – ON NO, or Fourth Degree Revisited. Being an Essay on Heliopolis of Upper Egypt (February 7th, 2014), 9 pages. What if a version of the initiatory cycle of the OTO were written for female initiates, to reflect women’s sexual magick? A study of another Heliopolis, the ancient Egyptian city known as NO. (ESSAYS 1, p.153)

No. 35 – ON ONE’S TRUE WILL, KNOWN AS YOUR LOT IN LIFE OR PART OF FORTUNE (January 29th, 2014), 3 pages. How to read the True Will in the astrology chart. (ESSAYS 1, p. 141)

No. 36 – ON THE HOST (September 24th, 2013), 3 pages. Cornelius takes a close look at the Host within Crowley’s Gnostic Mass and other rituals, inquiring also into the Satanic elements therein. (ESSAYS 1, p. 258)

No. 37 – ON THE ZODIAC SIGNS AND THEIR SEXUAL PROCLIVITIES (Originally written July 14th, 2008, 10 pages; edited and enlarged with additions by Luis Alvarado and Erica Peterson, June of 2014), 21 pages. A lighthearted look at the sexual proclivities of the Zodiac signs to get you chuckling yet curious about the most basic nature of your personal spiritual fuel. (ESSAYS 1, p. 271)

No. 38 – ON SEVENTH AND NINTH DEGREE CORRELATIONS (June 5th 2010), 3 pages. his essay correlates Crowley’s The Book of Lies and My Lady of the Breeches with specific sexual teachings found in OTO grade papers.

No. 39 – ON POLARITY (December 12th, 2012), 2 pages. You can attract anything to ourselves by formulating our etheric or magnetic shell as the opposite. Solve et Coagula; banish often, evoke often but always with Intent and in conformity with one’s True Will. (ESSAYS 7, p. 287)

No. 40 – ON AROUSAL, And the Sabbath of the Witches (January 3rd, 2013), 9 pages. This essay is primarily directed toward women in their Lunar role as a Scarlet Woman, detailing sexual practices used in dreams. (ESSAYS 2, p. 71)

No. 41 – ON TAKING THE OATH OF THE ABYSS (March 19th, 2012), 6 pages. This is a study of Aleister Crowley’s and Grady McMurtry’s theory on what the Abyss is, how to approach it and how to determine a successful crossing. Also mentions the dangers of Choronzon and the Black Brotherhood.(ESSAYS 2, p. 196)

No. 42 – ON WHICH TAROT PATHS MUST BE STUDIED IN WHICH A.’.A.’. DEGREES (January 12th, 2013), 2 pages. This is self-explanatory. Lists the paths required up to Adeptus Minor 5°=6•.

No. 43 – ON THE DANGER OF PAWNS (August 11th, 2014), 3 pages. A chess analogy of the difference between being a King and a pawn for a Thelemite. (ESSAYS 4, p. 295)

No. 44 – ON MATTER AND MOTION (July 7th, 2012), 3 pages. On the formula of Tetragrammaton and its relationship to Prana and Akasha, Chokmah and Binah, the Father and Mother whose union produces the Son and Daughter in Hod and Netzach. Liber Resh vel Helios and the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram are discussed as the foundation for the Mystical Marriage and Redemption of the Brother and Sister. (ESSAYS 4, p. 300)

No. 45 – ON EPILEPSY, HEARING VOICES AND DÉJÀ VU (March 29th, 2013), 2 pages. A brief discourse on left and right brain, Binah and Chokmah and how some people naturally have an access door that remains partially opened between the two rooms and what are the signs and benefits for a magician if this has occurred. (ESSAYS 4, p. 303)

No. 46 – ON SYNCHRONICITY AND CAUSE AND EFFECT, Being the nature of vertical and horizontal analysis (August 31st, 2014), 6 pages. This being a philosophical and psychological history on causality and its effect on the Inner and Outer Adept; how the daimon communicates through synchronistic nudges. Discusses such formulas and rituals as Abrahadabra and Tetragrammaton and The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, Liber Resh vel Helios and the Assumption of the god form of Hoor-pa-Kraat. (ESSAYS 5, p. 291)

No. 47 – ON THE PHALLUS (January 15th, 2004), 3 pages. Being VIIth Degree Secrets taught by Grady Louis McMurtry to J. Edward Cornelius regarding the secrets of the Phallus.

No. 48 – ON THE VEHICLE (January 7th, 2004), 4 pages. Being VIIth Degree Secrets taught by Grady Louis McMurtry to J. Edward Cornelius regarding the secrets of the Kteis.

No. 49 – ON THE BIRTH OF THE A.’.A.’. (edited and reissued: July 3rd, 2014), 9 pages. Self-explanatory, being the foundational history of this Order.

No. 50 – ON TRINC (April 17th, 2013), 4 pages. An in-depth discussion on the ‘special drink’ found in Francois Rabelais’ book Gargantua and Pantagruel which reveals the secrets of IXth Degree OTO. (ESSAYS 2, p. 168)

No. 51 – ON BIRTH, LIFE AND BOTTLE FEEDING ONE’S ELEMENTAL (January 11th 2012), 6 pages. A sexual discourse on reprogramming a daimon using bodily fluids.

No. 52 – ON BANISHING PROPER (September 20th, 2014), 5 pages. VIIth Degree technique taught by Crowley to Grady McMurtry to replace the old aeonic Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and even The Star Ruby with a formula found in Liber AL vel Legis. (ESSAYS 2, p. 157)

No. 53 – ON BEING IN SYNC (August 6th, 2011), 3 pages. Crowley used Chess, Cornelius uses cards; being an example of a daily ritual used by Cornelius to determine whether or not he is ‘in sync’ to channel ‘Gnosis’ from his Higher Self.

No. 54 – ON THE RITUAL INVOCATION OF THE HIGHER SELF, Being the roles of an Inner and Outer Adept (September 28th, 2014), 4 pages. Contrary to popular belief, the HGA is not communicated with in Tiphereth, a folly which Crowley later admits to fostering. How the Operation for the Invocation of Adonai is actually the establishment of what Crowley terms the ‘wires’ between Self and Higher Self. (ESSAYS 2, p. 56)

No. 55 – ON MY (Fr.AO583) MAGICKAL DEGREES AND MY TAROT CARDS (July 14th, 2007), 2 pages. Being a historical chart listing year by year important events in the life of Frater Achad Osher 583 relating to his O.T.O. and A.’.A.’. degrees and which of his 22 Thoth cards were painted when, leading up to completion of his Magickal Thesis. (ESSAYS 5, p.  313)

No. 56 – ON MY (Fr.AO583) SCARLET WOMEN (September 24th, 2014), 2 pages. Being a private listing of specific Scarlet Women and their animal totems in the life of Frater Achad Osher 583; detailing what type of Power each channeled through themselves which enabled AO583 to write specific books and to paint his 22 Thoth oil paintings.

No. 57 – ON THE THREE HIEROPHANTIC TASKS (edited and reissued: Thursday July 3rd 2014), 4 pages. “There is a word to say about the Hierophantic task. Behold! there are three ordeals in one, and it may be given in three ways. The gross must pass through fire; let the fine be tried in intellect, and the lofty chosen ones in the highest. Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other!” – Liber AL vel Legis I:50 (ESSAYS 7, p. 325)

No. 58 – ON LOVE by Soror Absorbeo (April 20th, 2014), 3 pages. The musings of a Woman tortured by love—violent and deadly and godly withal. For through her wise choice of a Beast, she transmutes a vile, Saturnian poison into precious, potable Gold.

No. 59 – ON THE CHANGES IN OUR A.’.A.’. (edited and reissued: September 28th, 2014), 14 pages. We cannot dispute the fact, or be so narrow minded as to believe; that the teachings of A.’.A.’. formulated in 1907 must be adhered to for the rest of the Aeon. Change is stability. This essay discusses specific changes in Grady Louis McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. lineage.

No. 60 – ON REDEMPTION AS A WOMAN: Or On Authoritatively Embracing One’s Receptivity by Soror Absorbeo (October 5th, 2014), 4 pages. the New Aeon heralds the full, conscious participation of the Woman in Western sex magick, She ought to understand both the advantages and hazards of her role. For, outwardly receptive and thus in a particular respect vulnerable, the female sex magician also wields tremendous Power on the inner planes. Avoiding that hazard and embracing that Power, she may now do her Will freely as a Goddess upon the Earth. (ESSAYS 2, p. 97)

No. 61 – ON FEMALE INDIVIDUATION AND REDEMPTION, Part I: Psyche and Eros by Soror Absorbeo (October 12th 2014), 8 pages. As the incarnate Soul of Nature, we women represent what individuating men—and thus male Thelemites—should flee. Yet as female Thelemites, we embrace and celebrate our nature, drawing on the insights of Jungian psychology to embody and perfect the second half of the equation: Love under Will. (ESSAYS 2, p. 101)

No. 62 – ON CHASTITY, VIIth Degree O.T.O. & THE FOUNDATION STONES FOR THE OATH OF THE ABYSS (December 12th, 2013), 19 pages. Self-explanatory; being the preliminary requirements which determine the success or failure of an Adept crossing the Abyss. (ESSAYS 2, p. 173)

No. 63 – ON THE CHALICE OF ECSTASY, Being the Editorial Notes by J. EDWARD CORNELIUS for FRATER ACHAD’S MAGICAL AND QABALISTIC INTERPRETATION OF THE DRAMA OF PARZIVAL (edited and reissued July 23rd, 2014), 24 pages. Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones) uses dozens upon dozens of quotes throughout his 1923 book but not once identifying who said what or where. Cornelius identifies every single one and adds further insight into the Grail mythos.

No. 64 – ON LINEAGES IN THE A.’.A.’. (edited and reissued October 12nd 2014), 10 pages. Despite what some would have you believe, this essay discusses the truth behind the splintering of the A.’.A.’. after Aleister Crowley’s death. In other words, Crowley is the roots and trunk of our Tree while his branches have grown in different directions, producing different fruit; this being far more of a Thelemic vehicle than its teachings being dictated by any single person. (ESSAYS 5, p. 298)

No. 65 – ON OTO DEGREES, CHAKRAS, QABALISTIC SPHERES, TETRAGRAMMATON AND THOTH CARDS (October 12th 2014), 4 pages. eing a chart suitable for printing out and hanging on a wall as a reminder of which of Crowley’s Thoth cards are activated in each O.T.O. degree and their relationship to the formula of ON, Tetragrammation and the Chakras.

No. 66 – ON WOMEN’S SEXUAL FREEDOM by Soror Absorbeo (October 12th, 2014), 4 pages. Women, beware of morality and of benevolent dictatorships! (ESSAYS 2, p. 82)

No. 67 – ON EMBRACING THE SON by Soror Absorbeo (October 12th, 2014), 1 page. A Woman’s rhapsody upon the Son, most Beloved.

No. 68 – ON THE MYTHS OF THE SOLAR LODGE REVISITED by J. Edward Cornelius, (August 1996), 10 pages. An historical piece about the Order established by Ray Burlingame and Jean Brayton known as the Solar Lodge. The author debates whether it is or is not a legitimate OTO lodge, as well as debunks the rumors that Charles Manson was ever a member.

No. 69 – ON ALEISTER CROWLEY’S I-CHING STICKS by J. Edward Cornelius (September 1990), 3 pages. Aleister Crowley designed his I-Ching sticks for easy casting of this powerful Chinese oracle. This paper details his design.

No. 70 – ON THE WARRIOR TROUBADOUR, A biography of Grady Louis McMurtry (Originally written March 27th, 1994, edited October 2014), 38 pages. Self-explanatory. Easily addresses the question, “Who is Grady?” It discusses his early life, his relationship with Agape Lodge, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, Karl Germer and many others, along with his magickal legacy, the truth behind the Caliphate and where he received his authority to reactivate O.T.O. (ESSAYS 7, p. 15)

No. 71 – ON THE RAINBOW, Secret Instructions of IXth Degree O.T.O. (February 27th, 2010), 3 pages. Quotes in-depth one of the few sexual teachings by Aleister Crowley which has remained unpublished; detailing the three “lesser Lotuses” or paths of Judgement, The World and The Moon, their proper bodily locations and their relationship to IXth, balanced between VIIIth and XIth Degree O.T.O.

No. 72 – ON THE PHASES OF THE MOON (December 29th, 2004), 4 pages. Primarily for females regarding the path of The Moon and its relationship to the three phases of the female path of Death (Nun); Scorpio, Serpent and Eagle and its implication to the phases of the Moon from New Moon closest to Malkuth to Full Moon closest to Netzach where it draws the light of its Star (Tiphereth) through Death. It also explains the Quarter Moons. (ESSAYS 2, p. 87)

No. 73 – ON VIRGINITY by Soror Absorbeo (October 19th, 2014), 7 pages. The Whore of Babalon’s Virginity is the fertility of the Earth in its natural and therefore perfect arrangement. The Woman can only manifest the intrinsic orderliness and fertility of nature through non-interference, unleashing it to the Work. (ESSAYS 2, p. 60)

No. 74 – ON WOMEN IN A.’.A.’., SHOULD THEY FOLLOW THE SAME PATHS UP THE TREE OF LIFE AS MEN? (January 2nd, 2014), 4 pages. controversial essay. Qabalah teaches us that all configurations on the Tree of Life are correct. No single method is carved in stone. As it stands, A.’.A.’. initiations work specific Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. This configuration was designated by men, mostly fulfilling their needs; traversing from Malkuth-10, Yesod-9 to Hod-8 in order to fulfill the male ‘O’ in Formula of ON as the Son questing for the internal female of Netzach-7 and the Holy Grail. But do woman need this? Or should women follow the course from Malkuth-10, Yesod-9 to Netzach-7 in order to fulfill the ‘N’ in the Formula of ON as the Daughter, then moving over to Hod-8 in order to grasp the Lance. Both men and women inevitably will move to Tiphereth-6 fulfilling ON-The Sun. (ESSAYS 2, p. 92)

No. 75 – ON FEMALE INDIVIDUATION AND REDEMPTION PART II: Tam Lin and the King’s Daughter by Soror Absorbeo (October 16th, 2014), 7 pages. Twin aspects of Woman–Fairie Queen and fierce maiden–battle for the love of an unearthly Knight named Tam Lin. Their struggle reveals key sex magickal principles for the Woman. (ESSAYS 2, p. 112)

No. 76 – ON FRATER ACHAD, Being the story on the rise and fall of a Magister Templi – Charles Stansfeld Jones (October 31st, 2014), 79 pages. This is not a standard biography. It is from the point-of-view of Frater AO583, a Magister Templi himself, examining the life of another Magister Templi using hundreds of unpublished letters from Aleister Crowley addressing why he believed Achad had failed to fully cross the Abyss. Also includes the foundation of the O.T.O. in North America as well as the secrets behind the Order’s sexual practices. (ESSAYS 2, p. 204)

No. 77 – ON THE KUNDRIES OF DRACULA (March 16th, 2013), 5 pages. This essay breaks down the symbolism regarding the three vampire sisters in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and their relationship to the Flower Maidens in Wagner’s Parsifal to the three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to the three old ‘grey sisters’ in the Greek myth of Perseus, the three sirens Pisinoe, Aglaope and Thelxiepi as well as the three Fates in Greek mythology. (ESSAYS 2, p. 150)

No. 78 – ON CLERK HOUSES (November 17th, 2014), 6 pages. “Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house: all must be done well and with business way.” (AL III:41) This essay goes in-depth in discussing what a Clerk House is, who has the right to establish it, how and the requirements once it has been established.

No. 79 – ON BEING A VIRGIN (November 21st, 2014), 3 pages. Did you know you can be a scumbag whore and still be a virgin, how? (ESSAYS 2, p. 69)

No. 80 – ON THREE (November 2nd, 2014), 4 pages. These are simply a few self-explanatory qabalistic notes on the female nature of the Daughter in the man of Earth in regards to the Formula of NO.

No. 81 – ON THE FOOL (October 16th, 2013), 53 pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The Fool card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick and the Minerval Degree of O.T.O. Includes sections on The Fool as ZRO, as Parzival, as the Minerval, as Er in the Myth Of Er, while also discussing the Eight Limbs of Yoga and in particular Yama as Crowley’s obligation for The Fool and the Minerval, also includes sections on the Parts of Speech in relationship to the Thoth cards, the Chakras, the Dew of the Minerval, Yoga and Oaths, Grady McMurtry’s poem of The Fool, a list of references found throughout Aleister Crowley’s works which relate to the path of The Fool and other many other topics. This essay is the foundation stone of the entire Tarot series.

No. 82 – ON THE MAGUS (December 3rd, 2013), 29 pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The Magus card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick. This path, along with the next six, are the paths relating to the Ist Degree of O.T.O.

No. 83 – ON THE HIGH PRIESTESS (January 15th, 2014), 21 pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The High Priestess card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick.

No. 84 – ON THE EMPRESS (July 20th, 2014), 17 pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The Empress card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick.

No. 85 – ON THE STAR (July 24th 2014), 15 pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The Star card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick.

No. 86 – ON THE HIEROPHANT (August 19th, 2014), 23 pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The Hierophant card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick.

No. 87 – ON THE LOVERS (September 21st, 2014) ? pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The Lovers card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick.

No. 88 – ON THE CHARIOT (October 10th, 2014) ? pages. This essay includes a color reproduction of AO583’s The Chariot card. Discusses in-depth the symbolism behind this card and its relationship to sex magick.

No. 89 – FAUSTINA, Or, On a Witch’s Flight to Brocken: An Extended Meditation on The Path of the Moon by Soror Absorbeo (April 25th 2013), 24 pages. The ordeals of a girl called and, at last, tutored by Satan. A perverse and comic play. (ESSAYS 4, p. 307)

No. 90 – ON LIGHTNING (November 11th 2012), 4 pages. The secrets of Crowley’s sex magick using the metaphor of lightning. (ESSAYS 2, p. 163)

No. 91 – ON TYKHE by Soror Absorbeo (December 24, 2014), 24 pages. The Kundry or Witch exercises her Power upon the Path of the Moon (Qoph). And just as every female magician embodies the Kundry, every male magician possesses an inner Kundry. In this Qabalistic and practical exploration of the goddess Tykhe or Fortune, the author meditates on the Moon in conjunction with Love under Will on the Right Hand Pillar. (ESSAYS 2, p. 120)

No. 92 – ON THE MAGICKAL IMAGE (Wednesday, December 17th 2014, 2 pages. Adepts forget that how people ‘think’ requires the use of their imagination and how they think about ‘your mask’ (i.e. clothes, attitude etc.) focuses energy in your direction which can either help or hinder the manifestation of your True Will.

No. 93 – ON J. EDWARD CORNELIUS, BEING A BRIEF BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF FRATER ACHAD OSHER 583 (July 14th, 2010), 6 pages. Self-explanatory. A short biography capturing a moment in time.

No. 94 – ON THE AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH, Being a Requirement for joining the A.’.A.’. (April 6th, 2015), 2 pages. The A.’.A.’. is a college, and like any college it requires its applicants to “sell themselves” in an autobiographical sketch. This essay details that requirement.

No. 95 – ON THE DEMISE OF MUNDANE SATELLITES (January 12th, 2015), 4 pages. Within a year of taking the Oath of the Abyss, Crowley became embroiled in two major lawsuits which cost him the majority of A.’.A.’. membership and even some of his closest friends. Arguably, the gross had to be shed in order for Crowley to become a more perfect vehicle for the Goddess Nuit. It appears from a number of examples discussed in this essay that this ‘shedding’ is a natural occurrence in order for an individual to successfully cross the Abyss.

No. 96 – ON THE RETENTION OF IT AND THE FRIVOLITY OF PLAY (January 28th, 2015), 5 pages. A male practitioner of Crowley’s sexual magick must learn how to formulate the seed properly, so that he may transform the Spirit within his semen—it—into IT, a vehicle of the Universal Will. A highly detailed essay densely packed with sex magickal theory and practical instruction rarely seen. The author was a personal student of Grady Louis McMurtry, who was the personal student of Aleister Crowley.

No. 97 – ON HOLY OBEDIENCE by Soror Absorbeo (January 31st, 2015), 2 pages. The Vow of Holy Obedience remains as important in the New Aeon as ever. But what was once an outward love and worship has necessarily turned inward. (ESSAYS 2, p.16)

No. 98 – ON MASTURBATION, A Prose Poem by Soror Absorbeo (December 7th, 2014), 1 page. A panic vision.

No. 99 – ON THELEMIC VIRTUE (January 28th, 2015), 2 pages. Agape is neither lustful, free love nor steaming sensuality of a fleeting moment of orgiastic pleasure, it is a Divine Love bathed in True Freedom whereupon restrictions are deemed sinful.

No. 100 – ON THE FREEDOM TO CHANGE CLERK HOUSES by Soror Absorbeo (February 3, 2015), 2 pages. Every man of Earth or even Probationer within our A.’.A.’. has the undisputed right to change Clerk Houses at any time. “There is no bond that can unite the divided but love: all else is a curse.” –AL I:41

No. 101 – ON THE ROLE OF AN OUTER ADEPT (March 14th, 2015), 9 pages. Hod, Netzach and Tiphereth are in truth One and should be worked accordingly, with the Adept focusing back and forth as necessary to fine tune. In the lower Ruach we establish the second of three sets of wires. Critically, these wires do not permit communication with our Angel, which can never descend below the Abyss. Rather, if established properly, they allow us to shine our unique Light on Malkuth but ever unto Nuit! Beware the runaway ego. (ESSAYS 2, p. 45)

No. 102 – ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUR SOUL AND OUR SPIRIT (August 22nd, 2004), 1 page. The words soul and spirit are often used interchangeably. Though in one sense they are the same as one another, they function differently, for soul is an aspect of spirit.

No. 103 – ON MARGARET ALETHEA GYLES, A BIOGRAPHY, 10 pages. A biography on a woman who knew Aleister Crowley.

No. 104 – ON CARPE DAIMON by Jay Lehman (February 16th, 2015), 4 pages. Our personal Daimon is of both Will and want, presenting an ambiguous, alluring realm all its own. We must live out the Daimon in its totality, to seek eudaimonia.

No. 105 – ON THE PHILOSOPHUS by J. Edward Cornelius and Erica Peterson (April 19th, 2015), 16 pages. What is so dangerous about the seventh Sephira on the Tree of Life that it appears to be a stumbling block for so many? A breakdown of the difficulties corresponding to the four Sevens of the Tarot and the four labors of Psyche. (ESSAYS 2, p. 22)

No. 106 – ON HOLY OBEDIENCE AND THE METHOD OF SCIENCE by Frater Hortulanus (March 11th, 2015), 4 pages. Perhaps surprisingly, Thelemic Holy Obedience is not only compatible with doing one’s Will, but required for it. (ESSAYS 2, p. 18)

No. 107 – ON BEING A PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER by Soror Absorbeo (March 17th, 2015), 2 pages. Merely to “know my will” will never elevate my actions above the status of Wants. To actually do my Will, I must form the Magickal Link. What I do can be my Will only if I undertake action strategically, in the light of other Stars’ wills.

No. 108 – ON THE NOTION OF VERTICALITY by Frater ZLA282, (circa 2004), 4 pages. The only answer to right Submission without pride, guilt or shame—Reverence—comes from believing in God. This is an essay on the Thelemic student–teacher relationship. (ESSAYS 2, p. 11)

No. 109 – ON MATHEMATICAL FUNCTIONS IN GEMATRIA by Erica Peterson (Wednesday, May 17th, 2015), 4 pages. The significance of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factors, primes, exponentiation, summation, and summation in Gematria.

No. 110 – ON THOSE BRANCHES GONE BAD (Friday, September 11th, 2015), 17 pages. From Grady McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. tree grow many branches or chains of Adepts who are teachers to other Adepts. Most are doing fine, but in one, a pestilence of irrational, ego-driven self-justification has spread from teacher to student, teacher-to-student, destroying bhakti or Universal Love which the A.’.A.’. exists to transmit. Though sad to relate, this account provides an important example of how ego can bring down a promising Adept, especially when his entire line lacks nourishment and is infected by astral poisons.

No. 111 – ON MERGING THE INNER AND OUTER ADEPT, Part One (Tuesday, June 9th, 2015), 12 pages. One method for identifying the Enochian squares in which one can evoke one’s Higher Self in Tiphereth in order to connect the ‘wires’ between the Inner and Outer Adept or unconscious and conscious mind. Connecting these wires allows one to receive The Guidance of the Holy Guardian Angel. The structure and attributions of the Enochian Tablets are explained in detail.

No. 112 – ON CHIRON PART 1: A COMET by Erica Peterson (June 9, 2015), 4 pages. Whenever a human being incarnates, the comet Chiron descends Below the Abyss and suffers the pain of division, the severing of Wants from Will. Yet the Wounded Healer within each one of also holds the key for bringing Wants and Will back together in the flesh. By studying our astrological Chiron, we gain the possibility of creating the Magickal Link. The Magickal Link is required for a magician to receive guidance from the Angel. (ESSAYS 5, p. 148)

No.113 – ON PROBATION FOR WOMEN by Erica Peterson (June 8, 2015), 2 pages. A female probationer, as any probationer, has no requirements placed on her. However, our A.’.A.’. acknowledges that the Great Work is a psychological and physical process that works differently in a male body than in a female body, and we guide accordingly.

No. 114 – ON CHIRON, PART 2: THE SHADOW by Erica Peterson (June 13, 2015), 4 pages. The Shadow is a part of Self hidden from consciousness in containing qualities that do not fit with the self-image. Since those qualities are shrouded in darkness, they tend to be projected outward and cause suffering. Study of one’s astrological Chiron and Pluto allows one to face and integrate the Shadow. (ESSAYS 5, p.  152)

No. 115 – ON CHIRON, PART 3: THE WOUND by Erica Peterson (June 16, 2015) 4 pages. Chiron symbolizes the core of our personal identity. Until we face our Chiron, that cherished, phallic aspect of our psyche renders us vulnerable to selling our soul for Earthly pleasures–even while fooling ourselves otherwise. By studying our Chiron, we may understand our role in the grand scheme. Then
we may enjoy pleasures even while serving as vehicle for Will. (ESSAYS 5, p. 162)

No. 116 – ON CHIRON, PART 4: LOVE by Erica Peterson (June 19, 2015), 4 pages. The emotional and bodily aspects of Chiron’s myth key the feminine side of the equation for creating the Magickal Link. In particular, the psychological dimensions of Chiron’s relationship to Prometheus reveal the importance of Bhakti Yoga. (ESSAYS 5, p. 165)

No. 117 – ON BEING A PATHFINDER (July 4th, 2015), 2 pages. The Thelemic pathfinder explores the challenging wilderness of their own mind. (ESSAYS 4, p. 292)

No. 118 – ON MICHAEL HAMBURGER (January 3rd, 2015), 3 pages. John Symonds often relates a story about Grady Louis McMurtry nearly passing out upon seeing Aleister Crowley inject heroin. We now know the story is false, and that the “young officer” who became woozie was Michael Hamburger.

No. 119 – ON CHIRON, PART 2.5: CERBERUS AND THE DRAGON by Erica Peterson (July 8, 2015), 7 pages. The myth of Hercules vanquishing Cerberus in the Underworld teaches us how to approach our Pluto and South Node in preparation for facing our Chiron. In this light, Cerberus’ connections with Hecate are explored, including how Liber Jugorum illuminates the process. (ESSAYS 5, p. 155)

No. 120 – ON CHIRON, PART 5: COPULATION by Erica Peterson (June 29, 2015), 5 pages. On the importance of the yellow stage of alchemy for realizing the potential of one’s Chiron. The paper details how male and female magicians must pursue this process differently. (ESSAYS 5, p. 169)

No. 121 – ON CHIRON, PART 8: THE KEY, BEING A COMMENTARY ON AL III:47 by Erica Peterson (July 3, 2015), 7 pages. An extended meditation on the Thelemic lifetime as a Holy Book. (ESSAYS 5, p. 192)

No. 122 – ON CHIRON, PART 9: THROUGH THE HOUSES by Erica Peterson (July 4, 2015), 6 pages. One magician’s take on interpreting Chiron in each of the astrological Houses. (ESSAYS 5, p. 199)

No. 123 – ON THE AQUARIAN CURRENT By Erica Peterson (July 30, 2015), 9 pages. In the Aquarian Aeon it is no longer God versus Man, nor can we look to an external god for order. Now, God is Man, and “There is no god but man.” Each one must Know the Universal within Self. Such self-knowledge does not equate to the inflation of one’s particular characteristics to god-like status. Rather it involves turning one’s particular characteristics into the building blocks of God’s Temple. (ESSAYS 5, p. 213)

No. 124 – ON CHIRON PART 7: THE CIRCLE SQUARED by Erica Peterson (August 9th, 2015), 15 pages. The Empress and Chiron have emerged as key symbols in the Aquarian Aeon, for they teach present-day humans how to build the New Jerusalem, squaring the circle within their own bodies. In this time of pursuing the four-fold alchemical process in the flesh, the formula of BABALON comes to the fore. This essay includes a magically-oriented discussion of Plato’s Timaeus and the symbol of the Vesica Piscis. (ESSAYS 5, p. 176)

No. 125 – ON LOT OF FORTUNE IN THE 2ND HOUSE by Erica Peterson (August 1, 2015), 6 pages. The Lot of Fortune signifies the True Will in the natal astrology chart. But how to interpret it? In this paper, the author interprets a female magician’s 2nd House Lot of Fortune.


No. 127 – ON RICARDO FLORES aka KOYOTE AND HIS UNTIMELY DEMISE (October 16th, 2015), 49 pages. This being an in-depth essay on what we have learned about his fall from grace from once being a promising student to becoming a Black Brother; using emails, IMs, Facebook postings and student’s diaries. This is a psychological study on a ‘Cult of Personality’ and its need for slaves.

No. 128 – ON THE MAKING OF A IX° PROPER (October 1st, 2015), 4 pages. The author details how O.T.O. IXth Degrees were made under Aleister Crowley and Grady McMurtry, including the magickal theory behind why men and women IXth Degrees were made differently. He goes on to note the degradation of the IXth Degree after Grady’s death.

No. 129 – ON A MAN WITH CHIRON IN THE 11TH HOUSE by Erica Peterson (August 18th, 2015), 6 pages. A case study on how astrological Chiron plays out in a particular lifetime.

No. 130 – ON CHIRON, PART 6 by Erica Peterson (August 15, 2015), 2 pages. Astrological Chiron resonates with the central symbolism of Minerval degree O.T.O. (ESSAYS 5, p. 174)

No. 131 – ON USING THE ASTROLOGY CHART TO GO WITHIN by Erica Peterson (August 2, 2015), 2 pages. Magicians use their astrology charts to learn how to face their phantoms and how to grasp Will. They use it to look inward rather than outward.

No. 132 – ON EMBRACING THE DEMONIC (August 2nd, 2015), 7 pages. In the new Age of Aquarius those individuals who have put their outer egos under control in regards to their personal ‘Wants’, and have conquered their Shadows, shall become as Christ was, a Son of God. This is not a given nor, by merely saying that you have achieved this goal, should anyone accept it as so. We have entered a scientific aeon; success is your proof.’… I really love how this essay seamlessly combines Qabalistic, Thelemic, and psychological insights to clarify how this is the time to face and unite with one’s shadow. (ESSAYS 5, p. 204)

No. 133 – ON MY THOUGHTS OF THE ANGEL (October 13th, 2015), 1 page. Can an Adept communicate with the Angel below the Abyss? The author clarifies the nature of the Angel in contrast with the Daemon that allows with us to commune with Him. Further, he addresses what happens to the Daemon when an Adept Crosses the Abyss.

No. 134 – ON THE WAYS OF CHORONZON IN SOCIAL MEDIA (October 13th, 2015), 1 page. Many people do not realize that Choronzon, the archdemon of the Abyss, casts a shadow upon every Sphere on the Tree of Life. His signature can be recognized even on social media, if you know what to look for. The Vision and the Voice also tells us how to defeat him. (ESSAYS 4, p. 299)

No. 135 – ON OVERCOMING SELF-JUSTIFICATION by Frater Hortulanus (September 15, 2015), 8 pages. Every Adept stumbles on the rock of ego at least once on his way up the Mountain. The Holy Fool then faces a choice. Either he admits his folly, corrects course, and continues upon the path in momentary safety or, convinced that he is right, he marches straight off the cliff. Unfortunately, he confronts a terrible barrier: self-justification. Self-justification is the common psychological defense mechanism of convincing oneself that one is right despite all evidence to the contrary. In those moments when his ego feels threatened, it is all-too-easy for the Adept to ignore helpful advice from an objective observer with superior attainments and experience.

No. 136 – ON PAN (November 5th, 2015), 10 pages. Women who associate with Pan, who desire his cock, who lust for the moment to touch it, to fondle it and to arouse within themselves a passion are called nymphs. At the Sabbath of the Adepts, a sex magick ritual in Netzach, Pan and nymphs unite Mind and Body through their prolonged frivolity. The essay details how to work the chakras correctly during the Sabbath, so that Pan may spawn Genius and a nymph may summon power for her own benefit.

No. 137 – ON THE PROPER USE OF THE CLERK HOUSE – Updated (November 17th, 2014), 6 pages. The Book of the Law tells us to establish a clerk-house at our Kaaba. But what does this mean? We tend to forget that both men and women were made in the image of God and therefore, in order to find God, we must first make ourselves his double on Earth and live as God. Realizing that the Kaaba is our body as a spiritual vehicle makes understanding a Clerk House much easier. The author explains the meaning and proper use of the Clerk House.

No. 138 – ON LOVE AT THE WINTER SOLSTICE: DEATH RITES AND THE WORLD TO COME by Erica M Cornelius (November 6, 2015), 8 pages. The myth of Baldur’s death informs of the higher Love, Agape. Through Death in Love under Will, the ego is refashioned as a vessel of its Star. (ESSAYS 5, p. 244)

No. 139 – ON LOVE AND THE WELL OF WYRD by Erica M Cornelius (November 10, 2015), 7 pages. Agape, the love of the dove, is the key to all true magick. By directing arousal to one’s inmost self, one lives out one’s divinely appointed destiny. (ESSAYS 5, p. 235)

No. 140 – ON PHALLIC WORSHIP AT THE SABBATH: THE MATING OF KING AND QUEEN (November 10th, 2015), 4 pages. A sexually explicit treatise on oral phallic worship, this essay may leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths. It details the mating of the solar and lunar principles, to the benefit of each individual involved. (ESSAYS 5, p. 222)

No. 141 – ON THE NEW MOON THE FIRST OF THREE FOUNDATIONAL STONES TOWARD THE GREEN CIRCLE (November 13th, 2015), 3 pages. In order to gain the ability to work the formula of N-156 in Netzach, a Woman must first learn to work her New Moon phase correctly. That is, she must learn to use her body, sexuality, and image to her own advantage, carefully reflecting on the past in order to determine what must now be shed. A relevant ritual is presented for the reader’s use.


No. 143 – ON WOMEN’S PATHS, HOW WOMEN WORK THE FOUR WORLDS by Erica M Cornelius (November 14, 2015), 7 pages. The four Tarot Paths connected to Netzach—other than the quintessential Tower—inform a Woman how to work each of the Qabalistic four worlds in order to attain Love under Will. (ESSAYS 5, p. 227)

No. 144 – ON THE ART OF DRESSING SEXILY by Erica M Cornelius (November 15, 2015), 3 pages. Through wielding her sexuality as a magickal weapon to draw men’s thought, a woman feeds her etheric current on vital solar fire. Dressing sexily is an indispensable part of exciting men’s imaginations in her direction.

No. 145 – ON WOMEN’S POWER by Erica M Cornelius (November 15, 2015), 3 pages. A sexually-alive woman who keeps Silence can manifest anything she desires through mere intent.

No. 146 – ON THE PRACTICUS, Part II by J. Edward Cornelius (December 4, 2015), 13 pages. In this expansion of his earlier paper ON THE PRACTICUS, Cornelius provides a nuanced exposition of the Adept’s tasks in Hod. Through an examination of Hod in the four Qabalistic worlds, as well as a discussion of the Svadhisthana chakra, he gives the reader a clear idea of what Grady Louis McMurtry meant by saying that the Practicus must “establish a bullshit meter”. (ESSAYS 5, p. 271)

No. 147 – ON THE ROLE OF THE ADEPTUS MINOR, ‘In The Palace of the King’ by J. Edward Cornelius (December 13th, 2015), 13 pages. The Adept in Tiphareth works to attain The Guidance of the Holy Guardian Angel (NOT the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, which occurs only Above the Abyss). He does this by establishing the ‘wires’ between the Outer and Inner Adept, with the first comprising tasks associated with the lowest two Qabalistic worlds and the second comprising tasks associated with the highest two Qabalistic worlds. The Adeptus Minor must recognize and carefully control the phantoms he continues to create in virtue of being incarnated upon Malkuth—with the final phantom being to egotistical urge to jump into the Abyss before he is ‘called’ from Above to do so. (ESSAYS 4, p. 84)

No. 148 – ON THE 7TH HOUSE CHIRON OF ERICA M CORNELIUS by Erica M Cornelius (August 9th, 2015), 17 pages. A female Adept’s detailed, autobiographical account of her own troubled, though ultimately productive, relationship with Animus. This candid piece focuses on her childhood and teenage years, externally and internally, providing a rich case study of how an Adept works with a Chironic Wound lying in the house of intimate relationship.

No. 149 – ON THE ZELATOR by Erica M Cornelius (December 17, 2015), 9 pages. In Yesod, the Adept must control the square of his libido, which comprises the foundation of his Temple. Each side of the square corresponds to one of the four Qabalistic worlds, the study of which reveals the virtues that the Zelator must acquire. Correlations between each of the four worlds, the four phases of the Moon, and the four Pranic or Solar Tides connected with in the practice of Resh reveal the significance behind the Zelator’s obligation to acquire facility in Asana and Pranayama. (ESSAYS 4, p. 274)

No. 150 – ON THE 9TH HOUSE CHIRON OF J. EDWARD CORNELIUS by Erica M Cornelius (August 23th, 2015), 7 pages. Through a study of J. Edward Cornelius’ childhood, the author illustrates how Chiron’s Wound inevitably led him in the direction of his True Will. This is how everyone’s Chiron operates. The difference between Cornelius and most other people is that he later did the required work to face his childhood wounds and to re-imagine them in their duality. Thus he was able to realize the Wound’s positive potential as a foundation for expressing his archetypes through his art, writing, and teaching.

No. 151 – ON MANIFESTING ONE’S THOUGHTS PROPERLY by J. Edward Cornelius (December 7th, 2014), 2 pages. On the attainment of the four powers of the Sphinx.

No. 152 – ON THE NEOPHYTE by Erica M Cornelius (December 26th, 2015), 12 pages. The Neophyte leaves behind childhood and begins a grand, lifelong journey up Mount Abiegnus. She is armed with nothing more than her aspiration. Studying and embracing her own Law, she discerns what it is to be true to herself. If successful, she enters the first stages of the Death of Illumination and becomes as simple and unaffected as an earthenware bowl. (ESSAYS 5, p. 255)

No. 153 – ON EATING HUSKS AND FEEDING THEM TO OTHERS by Erica M Cornelius (December 29th, 2015), 2 pages. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writes, “True knowledge is the flour, false learning is the husk. Most spiritual aspirants are content to eat of her peoples’ husks. In this short essay, the author explores the various results of eating and feeding image-husks, as opposed to eating bread
made from one’s own flour.

No. 154 – ON THE STIMULATION OF THE MULADHARA CHAKRA by J. Edward Cornelius (Originally written on June 28th, 2014, edited February 9th 2016), 7 pages. In this essay we discuss how the practice of yoga, or union of Mind and Body, begins with awakening the Kundalini into the Muladhara Chakra and continues by raising the Kundalini in a controlled fashion through a combination of mental focus and proper use of sexual energy. In this essay, the author outlines this process in relation to A.’.A.’. grades and their corresponding Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. (ESSAYS 7, p. 289)

No. 155 – ON THE CONSUMMATION OF THE ELEMENTS, being the ‘Lesser Mass of Peh’ by J. Edward Cornelius (January 18th, 2004), 2 pages. A mass for the communication of the Elements.

No. 156 – ON FURTHER THOUGHTS REGARDING THE PHALLUS, Part II by J. Edward Cornelius (January 17th, 2004), 2 pages. Further mysteries of the proper worship of Baphomet.

No. 157 – ON BEASTLY LIMERICKS by J. Edward Cornelius, 56 pages

No. 158 – ON MARCHESA CASATI, A BIOGRAPHY by J. Edward Cornelius, 3 pages (ESSAYS 5, p. 315)

No.159 – ON ART (The Tarot Card) by J. Edward Cornelius, 26 pages.

No. 160 – ON CAN YOU BE THROWN OUT OF THE A.’.A.’.? by J. Edward Cornelius, 2 pages. In a word, yes. The author discusses a relevant historical precedent and explains why it makes sense that people below a certain level can be thrown out of the A.’.A.’. (ESSAYS 4, p. 305)

No. 161 – ON GETTING A BULLSHIT METER: Or, “If I Remember Lemuria, Will You Pay Me $100 a Year?” by Erica M Cornelius, (June 14th, 2016), 115 pages. This essay is as much an example of a critical piece of one Adept’s Adeptus Minor (Outer) work as it is a description of it. In essence, getting a Bullshit Meter is an internal process of tracing back, testing, and making a decision regarding each of one’s beliefs. Which ones are supported by objective evidence and which ones are not? The Adept who has made the survey must decide which to keep and which to discard. But in all cases, the Adept takes responsibility for each belief retained. Without performing the critical task of getting a Bullshit Meter, the Adept can never rise beyond Outer Tiphareth.

No. 162 – ON THE BEAUTIFUL PATH by Erica M Cornelius, (August 19th, 2016), 110 pages. This is an essay on the central and all-important sphere of Tiphareth. Tiphareth is approached from multiple angles including philosophical; Qabalistic; and in regard to daemonic guidance, the magickal grades, and the female formula of BABALON. Included is a clear breakdown of why getting a Bullshit Meter is critical for ascending beyond Tiphareth, as well as a detailed section on the history and symbolism of II° OTO. (ESSAYS 4, p. 103)

No. 163 – ON THE NEW DAUGHTER: Practical Consequences of the New-Aeonic Change in the Tetragrammaton by Erica M Cornelius, (December 17th, 2016), 17 pages. In the Thelemic aeon the second Heh, or Daughter, of the Tetragrammaton formula has changed compared to previous aeons. This change has practical repercussions for how both men and women do magick now. Crowley summarizes the change by saying that the Daughter may now be raised onto the Throne of her Mother and awaken the Eld of the All-Father. The author explains what this means and gives some practical hints for working the new formula in a male versus a female body. (ESSAYS 7, p. 249)

No. 164 – ON LUST (The Tarot Card) by J. Edward Cornelius (ESSAYS 4, p.18)

No. 165 – ON THE HERMIT (The Tarot Card) by J. Edward Cornelius (ESSAYS 4, p. 50)

No. 166 – ON JUSTICE (The Tarot Card) by J. Edward Cornelius (ESSAYS 4, p. 66)

No. 167 – ON SEX AND CROWLEY’S WOMEN by J. Edward Cornelius, (December 12th, 2016), 2pages. (ESSAYS 5, p. 80)

No. 168 – ON THE SEPTILE by Erica M Cornelius, (February 23rd, 2017), 13pages. Each point of BABALON’s seven-pointed star lies 51.4285714285714…° from the two points on either side of it, so the BABALON symbol is composed of seven septiles. Thus, when we look at the septile through BABALON’s symbolism, we get a clearer and richer understanding of the septile than ever before—and, conversely, meditating on the septile helps us understand BABALON.

No. 169 – ON THE HANGED MAN (The Tarot Card) by J. Edward Cornelius (ESSAYS 5, p. 84)

No. 170 – ON THE DEVIL (The Tarot Card) by J. Edward Cornelius (ESSAYS 5, p. 110)

No. 171 – AN IDEALISTIC WORLD by J. Edward Cornelius (From Red Flame, A Thelemic Research Journal No. 7 The Magical Essence of Aleister Crowley 1999, p. 168), 1 pg. (ESSAYS 5, p. 9)

No. 172 – ON THE A.’.A.’. PRAEMONSTRATOR AND THE WORK OF THE INNER ADEPT by Erica M Cornelius (January 16, 2017), 12 pages. The author examines the role of one of those Three Chiefs—the Praemonstrator—for what it reveals about the work of the Inner Adept out of upper Tiphareth. In order to do so, she recapitulates the relevant history of the evolving structure of the A.’.A.’. in the New Aeon. In doing so, she discusses the thought of the founders of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and George Cecil Jones, Grady Louis McMurtry, and J. Edward Cornelius.

No. 173 – ON THE GLORY OF THE STARS by Jay Lehman (October 1st, 2015), 5 pages.

No. 174 – ON THE SCARLET WOMAN by J. Edward Cornelius (December 6th, 2016), 41 pages. Being Part I, Sections I-X

No. 175 – ON TRANSFORMATION by Erica M Cornelius(January 7th, 2017), 5 pages. The path of the Universe is attributed to Saturn, as is Binah above the Abyss. As such, this path discloses the secret of Divine Creation upon Earth. A commentary on and explanation of
Crowley’s chapter on The Universe in The Book of Thoth.

No. 176 – ON CROSSING THE PLANES, Confusing the macrocosmic Tree of Life for the microcosmic by J. Edward Cornelius, (June 4th, 2016), 3 pages. Confusion often begins in the A.’.A.’. where initiates work out of Yesod (יסוד) and Malkuth (מלכות). Here they fail to remember that there are at least two Trees. One Tree of Life is macrocosmic, the other microcosmic and while in the man of Earth grade these Trees are worked simultaneously. If an initiate learns the lesson of Life, as taught in such degrees as Second Degree O.T.O., they would have learned the Laws which state that everything must be in its proper place, perfectly Balanced. (ESSAYS 7, p.319)

There are well over a hundred essays
yet to be added to this list.

Love is the law, love under will.  -AL I:57