Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law –AL I:40

Beginning on Saturday, August 1st, 2009 I posted the following on my blog – “Here is the new challenge to my students and readers. Over the next week or so I want you all to send me your interpretations and thoughts on the ‘Circle Squared’ in Malkuth (1=10) and Yesod (2=9). Tell me how you think these should be accomplished and what they mean to you. It’s time to focus on Magick 101 for awhile. …. I’ll give you all a clue, if you’re too intellectual with telling me examples, facts etc. of how the formula ‘should’ work on the Tree of Life then you’ve tipped the scales toward the square. Keep your emails balanced. What does this mean? I suppose this will be something that is revealed (hopefully) over the next week, or so.” …. Here is what was received:

Sunday, August 2nd,  2009 – 2:20 pm Ricky writes a very interesting email about the ‘Circle Squared’ :

Jerry 93!
This is an interesting concept and admittedly I’ve never really given much thought as to why the grades were labeled this way. The first thing that comes to mind with the Neophyte 1=10 equation is “Malkuth is in Kether and Kether is in Malkuth, but after another, manner.” But I think we must work up to this axiom especially when viewing it from Malkuth.

You’ve said that the square refers to the energy the magician is experiencing or where he stands on the Sacred mountain and the circle on the other hand is where control is possible or where we must strive to let our Spirit guide us from.

In the Neophyte stage we are charged to ‘get a hold on Malkuth’ or become comfortable in our physical vehicle. So the obvious square in this stage is the ‘outer’ and this is what we must control. If we look at AC’s layout for what the 1=10 was supposed to accomplish it is clear that asana and the ‘perfect control of the Astral plane’ is meant to establish or at least allow the free flow of energy from above.

The circle on the other hand seems not so simple. Here we are charged to let our spirit guide us in the Nature of Kether??? The first step to this as you have pointed out is to get the square 100% under control so that we may obtain a foundation to ‘receive’ the blessings of our circle. Maybe this is what is meant by column XLV in 777. The ‘Magical Power’ associated with Malkuth the 1=10 grade is the vision of the HGA or of Adonai. Could this be squaring the circle in Malkuth? Seeing that this Vision is the first inkling that the magician gets into his own Spirit?? But maybe we are supposed to look within to the ‘core’ of our being Hadit. Since Hadit is both Kether and Malkuth the idea could be to, in a sense, level these on their own respective planes??
Also there seems to be a certain polar opposite with these degrees. On one hand Malkuth could be seen as the lowest octave of Kether being that they both contain the whole of the Tree in themselves. It is interesting to look at the 2=9 grade in this light to. Here we see that Yesod is the sphere of the Moon with all her illusory attributions and Chokmah’s attribution to Maya who speaks Truth but sends forth illusion.

93 93/93

Reply: Very good; the first stone has been laid in the discussion. Anyone want to take it from here and elaborate?

2:40pm And Jay sent in a good piece on the Circle Squared. He writes:

93 Jerry,
Well my first thoughts on the circle and the square are along the lines of an overview. Of course, at the grade of 1 = 10 we’re putting our faith in Kether (1) while putting Malkuth under control (10); at 9 =2 we’re putting our faith in Chokmah (2) while putting Yesod (9) under control and so forth. The process of forming the squares from sphere to to sphere as we work up the Tree is the process of building our pyramid brick by brick; at the same time we’re bringing spirit down from Kether sphere by sphere until it comes to dwell within our pyramid. This seems to happen at the grade of 6 = 5 where the magician is forming a square in Geburah while receiving spirit internally from Tipareth. I’m also thinking that this process is represented in part by the symbol of Baphomet: the right hand, which usually earths out in Malkuth, is pointed up, bringing the practical four-elemental nature into the higher spheres while the left hand, usually taking energy upward into the Macrocosm, is now bringing spirit down into the temple.

So what does all this amount to in practical terms? The sphere that we’re squaring should be where we’re currently residing. The square indicates a Malkuthian four-elemental quality. So when we’re squaring a sphere we’re studying it, bringing into our consciousness the affect that it has on us so we can learn to put it under control. In a sense we need to bring it out onto this plane, into the light of day so we can see it clearly. Otherwise it’s stirring about in the unconscious and affecting us in a manner in which we aren’t fully cognizant. The sphere in which the circle resides is where we need to learn to be receptive. This is where the spiritual subtleties enter in. How exactly do we allow Kether or Chokmah etc. to move through us? I think this is where Chastity and the True Will enter in. One you control, the other controls you. Being receptive is learning not to argue with the gods. This is learning to collect those dewdrops; once they come below the Abyss they represent nothing less than your individual Will (above the Abyss they are the Universal Will). Will and personality may be seemingly at odds– that is, if by personality we mean the ego that intellectualizes our wants claiming them to be our Will. We must receive gnosis from the sphere we’re circling and do our Will accordingly. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.

Love, Jay
93 93/93

Reply: I like it when students pay attention to my lectures. We’ll folks, we got two great foundational pieces sent in today so far … let’s keep the ball rolling.


Monday, August 3rd, 2009 – 6:00 am Regarding the Circle Squared, Jerri from Sacramento sent us these ideas:

93 Jerry,
Ok…so here are a few of my thoughts so far on the circle and the square…I’m leaping a bit and it’s still kind of fuzzy…tell me where I’m going wrong in some of my assumptions…they feel right though…close anyway…

The Veil of Paroketh is like a veil of illusion between the Sun and the Shadow. It is the veil which I understand to be almost like the representation of our drinking from the River of Forgetfulness. Where Ego believes itself to be its ultimate and sole identity. When the Soul, the little speck of Spirit which is our individual perspective, begins to experience the pull of its Divinity rather than the pull of the Ego, the individual begins to rise on the planes…

This, from the perspective of below the Sun is the goal of the circle and the square and the method in which to rise. Below the veil as Men of Earth we manifest as males which are active in Malkuth or as females which are active in Yesod. Will manifests upon the Earth. Love manifests in Yesod. Perhaps this concept becomes more obvious in Hod and Netzach?

My Reply: Actually, it is below the Abyss that we all, both men and women, manifest as ‘male’ or positive manifested energy due to Malkuth or our bodies; see The Book of Lies, last line to “The Oyster.” … Also, you should have clarified what is meant by “perspective of below the Sun” as to why this important. I would have added how the numbers by the circle and the square have yet to reverse where the circle becomes the higher number than the square; below Tiphereth the number by the circle is always less than the square. Ah, Mysteries.

Jerri: Men generally are working out of Malkuth as bodily, intellectual type will. That is 10, the square. To conquer it to climb up the tree or to rise vertically upon the planes, they must put their faith in Kether or 1, the circle, the Crown, the All. Women, who are working out of Yesod as emotion and love (9) must put their faith in 2-Chokmah-Will. As Men of Earth though, we must conquer both the spheres, Malkuth and Yesod. Both the sexes have the entire tree within at all times, but our bodies which are our individual perspectives, manifest as either male or female, thus our perspectives (microcosms) are “opposite” one another. We are active and passive on different planes (at least down here…), while still existing on them all.

My Reply: I understand what you are trying to say but admittedly I fear other students are going to read this and will either be confused or take it out of context. It could be clearer. It is important to add that both sexes must function out of Malkuth-10 and Yesod-9 all times, or die … but where the man’s ‘positive’ is Malkuth; his ‘negative’ is Yesod; this polarity of the Tao reverses in the woman. In some ways, what you are referring to is the point of view from the Ruach; which will confuse the Hell out of people who are still functioning 100% out of the man of Earth grade where the slaves shall serve or at least until they assume the role of a King whereby we’ll move them into the Lovers grade.

Jerri: One number you put your faith in (circle), while you must conquer the other (square). Always a quest for opposites. There is nothing but this drive to unite opposites. It is the Libido, which operates on a horizontal and vertical level. This concept translates to every single plane. To focus on the square (or the plane upon which you reside) is horizontal. But to focus upon the circle, which the quest for our opposite within (the Great Work), is to rise vertically. It is the Libido which is the fuel, the creative spark, the Daemon and the Kundalini.

My Reply: Very good, you’ve been paying attention. I would like you to elaborate on what you mean by ‘faith’ and ‘focus upon the circle’ … how do you do this? Most individuals in the man of Earth grade are often oblivious to the actual needs or requirements of the circle and although they know ‘what’ to do, they often lack ‘how.’ You should think about this during the week. And then I would like to add another question; what role does the Square play in receiving the energies of the ‘circle’ ? Is not the square four-fold, elemental, almost a symbolic building block in the Pyramid from the point-of-view of Malkuth. And is not the square a foundation stone in the Sacred Temple … and is not the Temple the human body? How does the circle and square then relate?

Jerri: I watched a snippet of a Joseph Campbell lecture the other night and I started tripping out at his description of the Libido. He called it: “Libido as the experience of object.” Hmm…just when I thought that it was Love that was the glue…I think it’s our Libido, rather. It is the force that drives us toward our opposite, horizontally and vertically. Always, always, always. Perhaps we could even call it the = portion of the circle/square, the unifying point? It represents that unquenchable drive to unite ‘subject’ (the Microcosm) and ‘object’ (Macrocosm).
93 93/93

Reply: I like the idea of the “Libido as the experience of object.” We know that our libido is rooted in Yesod (Muladhara chakra) which is our Soul. Yesod also refers to the animalistic nature which we require in order for our Spirit to gain an ‘experience’ while in this incarnation. Sexuality is the ‘glue’ but whether or not we ‘sell our Soul’ for a piece of ass driven by Malkuthian or bodily desires depends upon the control we learn in Malkuth (which is our body). As you know, men more often than not, will lose it before the woman. There is a reason for this … otherwise the species dies out. We tend to forget that humans are still driven by ‘instinct’ and like other species, when the man gets a hard-on, he becomes blinded, driven by the need to get laid and he will throw out his spirituality in a heartbeat. Study history. It’s filled with men who screw up while on spiritual quests and then try to dance and defend their ego as to why they didn’t. As for woman’s screw-ups, its the opposite. … Remember what I previously wrote you:

A woman’s biggest danger is a man. Simply through the formula of ON; man is the phallic WILL and woman LOVE. Now don’t mistake what I’m saying to think that either sex is devoid of its opposite because we both have Will & Love in our constitution but one is always more dynamic than the other and it is reversed in the sexes.
When the scales of Will/Love are tipped in either sex we have our magickal blow-outs and by their ‘words and actions’ a good teacher will know how.

Men, more often than not, because they are functioning on the Left-Hand ‘descending’ Pillar which takes energy ‘downward’ and they will resort to psycho-babble in a pit of Because as their Will becomes an obstinate driving factor to ‘prove’ a defensive ego.
Woman, because they function on the Right-Hand Pillar which is an ascending current, tend to go within or crazy, mad and psycho and again, by their ‘words and actions’ a good teacher will recognize the dangers. Where men lose it with Will, women lose it in Love. … Understand? If you tip the scales in Love your Will became subservient. Remember – “Love is the law, love under will.” Contrary to what magickal idiots want us to believe; this does NOT mean that women are to subservient to men, it simply is informing us a clue to each of our own constitutions. Read that whole verse: AL I:57.

Do you remember all the paths in the Formula of ON? … Men have a downward connection to Malkuth via the Formula of O-418. It is through the path of Shin, or Judgment which contains the Fires that consume them in Judgment. It forces the man to put up or shut up and it often ‘earths them out’ in times of trouble. But where in the woman’s Formula of N-156 is there a connection to Yesod and Malkuth? There isn’t any. You should ponder upon that or why you work solely out of the Ruach.

Jerri, all in All, what you wrote is a very good start. As with my other students, I’ll tell you to continue to think on this subject and throw any and all tidbits my way as you think upon them.

Tuesday, August 4th,  2009 – 5:30am Ricardo Flores writes this gem on the Circle Squared. You can always tell who the ‘teachers’ are in Grady’s A.’.A.’. lineage; they articulate infinity in such a way that it becomes understandable to many. Anyway, he writes:

Jerry, 93! I’ve found it useful to remember in the past that, when working in a vertical school, we are not only looking at the external when discussing magical principles. There might be a tendency to understand Malkuth as only the external physical world. While it is certainly that as well, we might overlook an important point about Malkuth: that it is also the point of union of the four elements. Therefore, the square in this level indicates more than the control over the physical reality, it also tells us that this control is over the four elements. Now, the circle being in Kether is also pointing to how this control is to take place. For example, the world “control” can mean many things, and the fact that Kether is the Crown, Sahasrara, the undivided ontological principle that is the seed before any manifestation has taken place, points to the type of control over Malkuth. It is not, for example, saying that we must be tyrants, king of the hill, or “anal retentive” dictators of our surrounding. On the contrary, the circle suggests a type of influence that comes from a place of our highest aspiration that we don’t yet grasp or realize, but stands nonetheless as the source above our highest level of understanding, an ephemeral and non-phenomenal pull from above. With this non-phenomenal influence from above we can proceed to exercise a type of “control” over the four elements that manifests itself more as “balance;” a balance and equilibrium that has nothing to do with the need to force one’s way (over body or external reality) and everything to do with striving for balance and equanimity. Let’s remember too that Kether holds the Aces of the Tarot, the unmanifested seeds of creation that come full circle in the next octave of creation as the 10’s.
Now, Yesod as the Moon is the basis for the dreaming and our desire nature. It is the Foundation. However, the term “foundation” can be seen as the platform over which our ascent is initiated, or the foundation of the manifestation of our seeds in Malkuth. In either case, left without any control, these forces will easily earth out and manifest in our reality all kinds of impulses, wants, and sprouts of the karmic seeds coming from our sexual wants and the fantasies of our mind (hence creating more chaos and imbalance in Malkuth). The circle in Chokmah reminds us of the application of Will to the foundation of our Work. To have Will direct the forces of our desire nature is important (taking into account that the desire nature is a lower octave of pure Will). One example in how this way of looking at the relation between the circle and the square is to think about the Kundry. She is a lower manifestation of Binah (a malkuthian manifestation of elemental pull) that comes to a Neophyte whenever he or she fails to direct the magical aspiration of higher love towards Babalon (the Goddess, the Queen). Now, Binah is of course in 3, not 2. However, 2 is the highest octave of the Male, the Father whose divine creative seed is given in an act of Love to the Mother Binah. In other words, the creative impulse as a manifestation of higher love is an important component when controlling the forces of Yesod. It is not enough to exercise a purely mental, barren will over our desire nature and our dreaming nature. We must exercise Will as an application of creativity. This can be simply manifested as the exercise of an art form that directs the sexual and subconscious impulses. Remember, too, that creativity in art requires that the artist does not simply plaster anything that crosses the mind, but that the creative impulse is directed and channeled with discipline, awareness, and will.

Ricardo, 93 93/93

Reply: I replied – “Ricardo 93. I really enjoyed what you wrote. I am hoping over time that all my readers will realize that the lack of spirituality (Kether) is the single most reason for initial failure in most magicians working out of Malkuth and, whether or not they see that the ‘circle squared’ guides us to fulfilling such in the body only time will tell. Always remember, each ‘Square’ that is obtained from each Sephiroth as you climb the Tree of Life is a building block in the Sacred Temple of God which we mortals call our body. Failure to keep balanced the circle-squared builds a Temple which not only will not last, but also one in which no God will dwell.

Grady used to tell me that it is better to focus solely on our spirituality (Circle) and forget the Temple (Square) in each magickal degree than the other way around. Too often I see magicians on Malkuth trying to ‘look’ and ‘study’ the role hoping that someday a Light will shine from above. They forget that the formula is NOT a square then the circle, it’s the circle FIRST, then the square!
I wish more people would write as equally balanced with facts and Heart as you do.

Deepest respect … 93 93/93 Jerry

6:30 am It is time that I offered some of my own food for thought into this blog. To accomplish Malkuth (מלכות) or 1 (circle) = 10 (square), is so simple that most fail at it. Malkuth is simply our body (microcosm) and our surroundings (macrocosm) and the realization that there is no part of you that is not of God. Live it … identify and put under control all earthly ‘Wants’. … The first great challenge comes in Yesod (יסוד), the seat of our animalistic desires, or libido. The magickal formula here is 2 (circle) = 9 (square). This tells us that bringing down our spirituality from Chochmah (2nd Sephiroth) will ‘equal’ a sound building block in Yesod (9th Sephiroth). As a clue how Crowley tried to unconsciously prepare ‘horizontal’ students in Ordo Templi Orientis to fulfill this senerio is seen within the Minerval initiation which is named after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom or Minerva. This initiation occurs in the 2nd Qabalistic sphere on the Tree of Life called Chockmah (חכםה); which means Wisdom. In this initiation, according to Aleister Crowley, both the Muladhara Chakra and Anja are activated simultaneously in order to prepare our Spirit to descend into Flesh.

The Anja Chakra is Chockmah-2, the Muladhara is Yesod-9, … thus 2=9.

Often you’ll read in Tantric writings that above, in the Infinity before creation, the Goddess Sakti split Herself into ‘two states’ which are often referred to as ‘mind and body’ … Her mind (Spirit) remains above the Abyss (in the Anja) while her body (as Kundalini-Sakti) inevitably becomes at rest coiled in the Earth chakra or Muladhara (in Yesod). True magick begins by blending together ‘mind and body’ as an integral part of each other and in doing so it understands the relationship between what yoga refers to as the Anja and the Muladhara Chakras; this being a concept that Carl Jung was beginning to understand [about the importance of these two particular chakras working together] as far back as 1932. [See The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1932 by C. G. Jung, Edited by Sonu Shamdasani Princeton University Press, Bollingen Series XCIX 1996.]


8:45 am I received an interesting email today from a student about the ‘circle squared’ wherein he argues, in regards to a previous statement where I doubted that he’s been guided by his Angel since childhood as he claims. But the words in his latest email, and his life in general, proves otherwise … still he denies this adamantly. He IS guided! … Personally, if his ‘life’ portrays guidance rather than a defensive ego babbling out of the Pit of Because, I think he needs to fire the lazy bastard of an Angel. … However, more likely than not, this student has forgotten that the daimon is dual in nature. Our daimon guides us in both our Will and our Wants as an Angel and a Demon. A true magician cannot, for one single second, drop his guard and think that all ‘guidance’ is always from the Angelic side. Angelic guidance is always toward our spirituality; if you are deceitful, dishonest and hiding things under the pretenses that your ‘Angel’ told you to do this on Malkuth … you’re being fooled; you’re functioning horizontally. If this is where you want to wallow, there is no Law beyond do what thou wilt, but if you’re claiming to be functioning vertically in A.’.A.’. … well, grasshopper, success is your proof. Who am I to argue? … Another clue: the circle (Above) = our Angel … and the square (Below) = our Demon. … How can this be so you might ask? … In ancient grimoires like that of The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage we clearly learn that it is the ‘demons’ under the guidance of the ‘Angels’ who are the true creators of Earth and all things on this plane; not God. … So be careful with what you are building on Malkuth, the ‘square’ or building block of your Pyramid [i.e. Life] could easily collapse if it is not guided correctly from Above.


Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 – 6:05 am Ah, the ‘Circle Squared’ … anyone want to comment on this in regard to The City of Revelations?

Verse 16 – And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

Verse 17 – And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred forty four cubits, the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.
The Book of Revelations Chapter 21

Hint: verse 16 = Square, verse 17 the Circle.

8:00am Last night at Manny’s, discussing the circle squared over a few pitchers of beer, Matt Marcus asked a very good question. “What does 0=0 imply?” Or basically: 0 (circle) = 0 (square); what do we control and what controls us in this formula?

To understand you must remember that in magick the adorations to the Sun begin in the east in the morning which implies toward the rising Sun as if to imply birth. With the second adoration one faces south at noon, at the zenith of the Sun’s life. The third adoration is performed toward the west at Sunset, as if to imply death as the Sun sets beneath the horizon. The final adoration always occurs at midnight facing the north which is said to be the realm of the dead.

In many ways the travels of the Sun mimics the warrior named Er’s journey in the afterlife (see Plato’s The Republic). In the myth, while in the land of the dead (North), Er is inevitably brought before Lachesis (who resides in the East), and it is she who teaches Er ‘what has been’ in regards to his past life and helps him chose a new Birth.

After choosing his new incarnation he is brought before Klotho (in the South) who shows him ‘what is’ and ratifies the Life so chosen and finally, and in completing the cycle Er is then brought before Atropos (West) who unfolds ‘what shall be’ while also representing our Death.

We can say that Er’s journey in the afterlife is part of our collective unconscious, which is also known as a reservoir of the experiences of our species. In this myth, like those told around the world, it forces us to reflect upon our past, present and future while teaching us the process of birth, life and death and inevitably rebirth. Within our A.’.A.’. 0=0 implies the north or the stage ‘below’ the Earth on The Tree of Life which is where we prepare for our new incarnation as a Neophyte (1=10). With that in mind, without a body (Malkuth) as yet, there is nothing to work on as far a place where our Spirit will dwell. Our Spirit is simply a ‘seed’ of all possibilities. … Study the Thoth card The Fool and its relationship to being number ‘0’.


1:30 pm Jay sent an email regarding his thoughts on the ‘circle squared’ under the email subject title: “All Lie Alongside Ally.” … He writes – “93 Jerry, I’ve been thinking about that rather nebulous concept, faith. My thoughts turn to The Book of the Law, I:58: “I give unimaginable joys on earth: certainty, not faith, while in life, upon death.” I’m going to start by treating faith as belief. Belief must precede all spiritual and magickal work; but magick, unlike religion which demands faith and offers nothing in return, will ultimately yield certainty through the experience of the magician. The fact that this passage is in the first chapter and refers to “unimaginable joys on earth” indicates to me that even the Man of Earth is capable of achieving some degree of certainty. One definition of faith offered by the Oxford English Dictionary is “The duty of fulfilling a trust or promise; allegiance.” As initiates of the White Light, what have we allied ourselves with but godhead. Who do we claim to work for? For myself personally, the matter is pretty simple. To me the very existence of the Tree is its validity. How could we formulate a concept like Malkuth, Yesod, like Chokmah or Binah without some experience of it? How could we draw a map of somewhere we’ve never been? for even a fictional map (that is, not locatable in time-space on this plane) indicates an experience congruous with the map itself.

Of Kether, of course, it is very hard to speak, for it is the Hidden Intelligence. But it seems to me that faith in Kether is the recognition that all of existence is bathed in the Light of God. In allegiance to Kether, it is an aspiration to the godhead that resides in each one of us. There is no part of me that is not of the gods. If we are to make ourselves a proper vehicle for godhead, if we are to allow the Universal Will to move through us, certainly we must first recognize that god resides in us to begin with.

Of Chokmah, I feel I could write tomes, for I’ve long been enamored by the mysteries of the Word. Here I feel I must quote Terence McKenna when he said “the Universe is composed of language.” Certainly it is the first thing we see in regards to the formulation of the Universe, for it is the Illuminating Intelligence. And yet, how does the Word create a Universe? This is where the eternal mystery of the Word lies, for even in the microcosm we find it impossible to get to the bottom of hos words convey meaning. Without invoking a Wittgenstein or a Derrida in detail, it will suffice to say that philosophers, artists, linguists and pranksters alike have bobbed and weaved around the issue always punching new holes in the precarious Theory of Language, always leaving the same miracle: that a seemingly arbitrary set of sounds (or marks on a page) can contain meaning. This is where faith in Chokmah comes in. As a Qabalist I think we must conclude that the mystery of meaning is the Breath of Life that Chokmah received from Kether. Thus we see how faith in one sphere necessitates faith in the previous sphere (I have my thoughts on Binah, Chesed and Geburah, but will spare you…. this time!).

Also, of the square I wanted to elaborate on Ricardo’s thoughts about the convergence of the four elements. Here my thoughts turn to Liber AL I:51: “Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates.” Certainly, the elements exist everywhere along the Tree and not just in Malkuth. I take this passage to be a reference to Liber Resh vel Helios. Whether the magician is Malkuth, in Yesod or in Kether he will always further benefit from the practice of Liber Resh, controlling and converging the elements within the sphere in which he resides. In other words, I think that Resh is a major factor in squaring the circle.

One last thought. It occurs to me that one must never square Daath. For Daath, being 11, is complete in itself and has no corresponding sphere. It is a result of the circle squared. The rest of the spheres need to be completed to 11 (in 1 = 10, 1 + 10 = 11, in 2 =9, 2 +9 = 11 and so forth). It’s when the magician attempts to square Daath, bringing out on this plane as proof of his attainment or superiority, that it becomes the false crown. Daath is the magician’s certainty. He can’t convey it to anyone else for each magician must find it for his/herself.

Okay. Hopefully that’s enough for now…
Jay 93 93/93

Reply: I greatly enjoyed your thoughts; lots of tidbits to ponder or angles that I had not considered. I like it when I’m inspired to think by our students but I also believe that you’re going off too much into odd areas of thought. Let me rope you in to focus on the obvious. … Jerri sent me a great email discussing magickal theory; this being a subject which we’ve been discussing in private from a long time. Part of what I sent back to her today in an email might be of interest in regards to the ‘circle squared.’ I wrote:

Both men and women have an internal side to compliment their outer. Both sexes utilize their full Tree of Life. Remember, the female is ‘negative’ in the outer while the male is ‘positive’; thus the Yin and Yang. This polarity reverses within. However, in both sexes, the formula of ON must be Balanced. For either the man or woman to study only their particular ‘charge’ or energy while ignoring the other half of the equation will inevitably create failure.

The reason that I wanted to discuss the ‘circle squared’ on the blog is because it guides us as to the nature of how our Spirit descends and the type of Temple required for it to dwell. But what exactly is the magickal formula for us to achieve such? Yes, as a Neophyte whose particular magickal formula is 1=10, we can say that you are required to put your faith in the circle (1-Kether) while you learn to control the square (10=Malkuth) but what does this mean, how are we to achieve this?

The Formula of ON teaches us this …. as an example; we know that according to Crowley the Left ‘descending’ Side of the Tree of Life is Cheth, Mem, Shin and Ayin which adds to 418 … while the Right ‘ascending’ Side of Vau, Kaph, Nun and Phe adds to 156. If I were to tell you that the ‘Square’ always requires the formula taught by O regardless which Sephiroth (Chakra) that you’re working out of, it might puzzle you at first but simply put I’m saying that the Formula of O teaches us how to form a proper ‘Square’ or building block in our Temple; i.e. Body. If this is understood we obtain the descending Tongue of Grace as a Red Triangle. (The Book of Lies Chapter 69). To fully understand how to create this proper building block or ‘Square’ you need to study the opposite Thoth card of The Devil (Wants, Bondage, Illusions or Maya), which is the card of the Chariot (True Will, Spirit residing in a perfect vehicle) … Both cards are also a path located in the Formula of O. Astrologically they also rule signs opposite each other: Capricorn and Cancer.

The Right-Hand Pillar, on the other hand, with the Formula of N, teaches us how to form a proper ‘Circle’ wherein we, as mortals, must learn the ‘ascending Tongue of Prayer as a Blue Triangle. To fully understand how to create a proper spiritual mode within our Temple (i.e. body) in order to ‘Hear’ our Angel you’ll need to look at the opposite card of Death which is the card of The Hierophant; which is also a path located in the Formula of N. Astrologically they rule signs that are opposite each other: Scorpio and Taurus.

The location of both The Devil and Death are mirrored on the Tree of Life as are the paths of The Chariot and The Hierophant. This is not a coincidence.

With this in mind we can say that the lessons of the Square on Malkuth implies the very essence of the Formula of O, while the Circle that of N. Together, as ON, the Light of Tiphereth descends (via Temperance). The mysteries behind the word ON begin to unfold in the Minerval Initiation of OTO when Saladin asks the Black Guard why the candidate, who has been brought into his Tent, is traveling in the land of Egypt. The Black Guard informs Saladin that the ‘prisoner’ claims he is traveling to Heliopolis, the City of the Sun. Historically, Heliopolis is the Greek name for the Egyptian city of the Sun which is also called Annu or simply An. This city was originally founded on the right bank of the Nile just north of present day Cairo around 2443BC by Pharaoh Usertsen the Ist. It was the center of worship of RA, the Sun God. According to The Holy Bible, the Hebrews had their own name for this Solar community. They called the city ON (Genesis xli, 45, 50 and xlvi, 20).

Thus the formula of ON is manifesting the City of the Sun on Earth; or in your body. This is part of the reason why both paths, Ayin and Nun, are connected to Tiphereth, the Sun.


Thursday, August 6th, 2009 – 7:00 am Ah, The City of Revelation and the ‘Circle Squared’ ! Not one person took the bait and ran with the topic in regards to Wednesday’s posting at 6:05 am. The ‘circle’ and ‘square’ shown in A.’.A.’. degrees is turning out to be more difficult than I guess all of you might have suspected. Doesn’t anyone ever do serious research anymore, or do you all think that by simply assuming a particular ‘degree’ it automatically warrants the reception of its secrets through osmosis? … Anyway, here are the verses from The Book of Revelation Chaper 21 which detail The City of Revelation, or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Verse 16 – And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

Verse 17 – And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred forty four cubits, the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

The primary thing to consider first is the measurement of a furlong and a cubit; both of which vary depending upon which ancient culture was doing the measuring. At the time and supposed place where The Book of Revelation was written a furlong was approx 606 Ft (1/8th mile), while a cubit was a little over a foot, or 1.728 to be exact.

Now, if “the city lieth foursquare” as “twelve thousand furlongs” ancient Greek Qabalah equates this formula as 12 x 660 which equals 7,920. This ratio was used in varying degrees in ancient Temple building, and what is interesting is that the diameter of the planet Earth is approximately 7,920 miles. How did they know? … ah, foursquare. THIS IS THE SQUARE.

Also, if you take the diameter of any square, like 7,920, and multiply it by Pi (3.1416) you’ll get the circumference of the largest circle that is placed within its walls, which in this case is 24,861.

As for the walls of this circle, a “hundred forty four cubits, the measure of a man, that is, of the angel” … the math would reflect 144 x 1.728 (cubit) which equals 24,883 … which, maybe just by coincidence, but this is the approximate circumference of the planet Earth. THIS IS THE CIRCLE.

Hence the ‘circle squared’ … which implies that the Earth will become the City of Revelation. But magick teaches us that the Great Work is the blending of the microcosm with the macrocosm which are identical or mirror images of each other. It is believed that God used the exact same blueprint to create everything from the most exalted to the infinitesimal and to study any part thereof on one will reveal, simply by analogy, an identical principle on the other; thus the fundamental Laws of all magick — As Above, So Below. And with that in mind, The City of Revelation is also within each and every one of us.

As a side note, here are some other things to further consider in Greek Qabalah and the Universe:

The number of an Angel = 144 x 12 Zodiac possibilities = 864 which reflects the Sun’s diameter of 864900 miles which is 93 million miles from Earth.

Also, the Moon’s diameter is 2,160 miles. The duality of the human spirit, or Holy Ghost, once drawn below the Abyss is well documented in Qabalah and the phrase ‘Holy Ghost’ when written out in Greek, then using Greek Qabalah, adds to 1080. … 1080 x 2 = 2160.

We tend to think that because Jesus was Jewish, born in Israel, that the New Testament was written in Hebrew but this is not true; most of the books were written in ancient Greek and it is this language that much of the Greek Qabalah conceals its mysteries. For instance, consider this quote from The Book of Mark, Chapter Four = “And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth:” ….. In Ancient Greek the phrase ‘Mustard Seed’ adds numerically to 1746. This was taken to be the union of Sun and Moon; 666 (Sun) and 1080 (Moon) = 1746.

I could easily go on and on with these mathematical ramblings, but I think you all get the picture. Still, the question we must ask ourselves is whether or not the ancients were all that smart by knowing the mathematical measurements of Sun, Moon and Earth or was it all mere coincidence? To a magician, there is no coincidence.

As magicians we have the ability to ‘learn’ things and draw down Gnosis (or Knowledge) if we build our Temple correctly and if so, the Holy Spirit will dwell therein; guide and teach us. But does this mean that we all will understand the knowledge that is coming down through us? In most cases, NO. Often what we ‘wrestle from the hands of our Angel’ will be beyond us. … An example of this would be Liber AL vel Legis; yes, Crowley wrote it with pen in hand but he’s not the author … it came through him. He would spend his whole life trying to figure it out, and what distinguishes this as divine writing rather than the ramblings of a mad man is that Liber AL vel Legis contains mysteries that were beyond Crowley’s understanding at the time of the books reception.

The ancients were also obtaining ‘Gnosis’ which, in many cases, they were oblivious. Future generations took their Holy Books, studied them and slowly unraveled the Mysteries …. like the Mysteries of the ‘Circle Squared.’

2:10 pm Ah, on the ‘circle squared’ in the magickal symbols of each A.’.A.’. degree; here is a quote by James A. Eshelman from his classic book The Mystical & Magical System of the A.’.A.’. (The College of Thelema 2000, pg. 8). He writes – “After each number, in these equations, is a special symbol. Following the first number is a small circle; following the second, a small square. The circle is not a degree symbol, as often thought, but rather, an emblem of eternity, of that which has neither beginning nor end. In contrast, the square symbolizes the temporal, material, and mundane. These figures refer to esoteric mysteries of “squaring the circle,” a phrase that has many interpretations, all of which pertain, ultimately, to the spiritual and alchemical (transmutative) process called the Great Work, the quest for spiritual attainment. Each represents an aspect of the union of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, or of “heaven” and “earth.” ….. Anybody want to send me any other quotes on this subject, no need to comment on them, just send me the quote.


Saturday, August 8th, 2009 – 6:15 am Under the Subject: “On the Circle and the Square of 1=10.”, Xhris writes this gem:

93! Jerry.
I had no idea about the implications of these numbers before and in reading everyone’s posts and your comments, it has definitely made me realize that they weren’t the mere signposts I thought they were.

The 1=10 resides in Malkuth and is responsible to take control of its demands upon our time and get these basics of survival in order. This then frees us to cultivate a spiritual practice so we may then open ourselves to the inspiration of the spirit. This can be seen in the symbolism of the magickal Circle as the fortification and channel that allows us to have a means to obtain the influence of the Crown, which is the final stage in our ascent of the Mountain (the journey of 1000 steps-the 1001 petals of the Sahasrara, begins with 1 step). In order to rule our Kingdom we must wear a Crown. We must discover that seed of the spirit deep in the darkness of the earth, and tend to its growth. I always think of it as the carrot dangled in front of the ass, using its appetites to drive it onwards and upwards.

By the cultivation and growth of the spirit are we are building our temple, the pyramid, which is essentially the triangle. The foundation of this structure must be broad enough to support a summit that has its lofty apex in the starry blue, and so all things in life must be chiseled to reach this goal, no matter how seemingly small and mundane. It is here where I see the concept of Chastity come into play as we must keep our heart and mind fixed upon this work, devoting everything through love to the Crown. If not, the ass will wander as the carrot sways to and fro in our distractions.

In the painting called ‘The Universe’ by the zen monk Sengai, depicts the three primal shapes: Circle, Triangle and Square. This shows the process of Manifestation (circle to square), and of Aspiration (square to circle). This idea is also seen in the engraving by Michael Maier called ‘The Squaring of the Circle’. This image shows an old square brick wall on which the alchemist has drawn a great circle, in which he has made a triangle. Within this is a square and this in turn contains another small circle. This innermost circle depicts a naked man (gesturing to his phallus) and a woman; ‘O’ and ‘N’ respectively. Our inner spirit (circle) is thus comprised of both forces and their union awakens us to come to know the infinite.

So the Work of the 1=10 I see as summed in the action of the triangle, the bridge between the two, which in 1=10 is the ‘=’. To cultivate this balanced duality of the spirit and through devotion and aspiration (Chastity) to the highest, brings us ever closer to the apex of the Pyramid, the Crown which is truly a Circle;
“45. The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay, are none!” The 2 pure forces unite and become 1 in Kether and so realize or Know 0, Not. Becoming Hadit as the Knower of Nuit.
-Xris. 93 93/93!

p.s.: I was reading through the blog entry you made on Aug. 5th in reply to Jay, how ‘O’ is the formula of the square and the ‘N’ of the circle. I noticed that the shape of the Latin letters shows that each then contains its opposite, just as the point of yin within yang and vice versa that forms the circular Tai-Chi.

Reply: Very good. I like it when I learn things. Great info on the Zen monk Gibon Sengai (1750-1837).


His three primal shapes: Circle, Triangle and Square could also easily reflect the Hermit, the Lover and the man of Earth; especially considering how the ‘Lover Grade’ often uses a ‘triangle’ as its sacred symbol. … Ah, yes, we can read so much into the Universe. … I’m glad that these posting on the blog about the circle squared have helped you and others realize how intricate the seemingly simple symbol of the magickal degrees really is. This is one area of study which magicians must never stop reflecting upon in their pursuit of higher branches on the Tree.


3:40 pm Andy West sent in this email regarding “The Circle and Square.” He writes – “Jerry 93! On thinking about the Circle and the Square “Love under Will” leaped out at me as the key to understanding this process. One submits to the Circle as the Love to its Will. The part that submits in Love under Will is the Square. The Will is the Circle. In conjunction with what you said about even focusing on the circle exclusively will cause the square to come under control set this epiphany off for me and gave me a deeper understanding as to the how and why of the phrase “Love is the Law, Love under Will”. Love is given the immediacy of “is the Law” (compared to Do what thou wilt’s “shall be the whole of the Law”) because when directed vertically, Love brings one under the True Will. Once you’ve submitted to the True Will in Love then “There is no law beyond do what thou wilt.” Until you’ve done that though you’re probably just wallowing in intellectually justified Wants. Love also seems to be important to the process of balancing and uniting the Spheres because “there is no bond that can unite the divided but love”. Ultimately it seems that the personality will be transcended by this process in a kind of Samadhi where (using 1=10 as our example) Kether as Will and Malkuth as Love unite until there is no difference (they equal each other). Love and Will do both equal 93. It’s one way to get 1 to equal 10. 93, 93/93 -Andy.”


Thursday, September 17th, 2009 – 8:05 am – “93 Jerry, This may actually confuse the matter since he’s talking about alchemy, but I found a rather interesting reference to the circle squared, not from a magician, but from Herr Jung: “Presumably the leftward circumambulation of the square indicates that the squaring of the circle is a stage on the way to the unconscious, a point of transition leading to a goal as yet unformulated beyond it. It is one of those paths to the centre of the non-ego which were also trodden by the medieval investigators when producing the lapis. The Rosarium says: ‘Out of man and woman make a round circle and extract the quadrangle from this and from the quadrangle the triangle. Make a round circle and you will have the philosophers’ stone.'” (Psychology and Alchemy p. 127-8). Love, Jay 93 93/93.” …….

Reply: Thanks for sharing it. Great quote.


Love is the law, love under will. –AL I:57