or “Hymenaeus my ass, he’s acting more like a Hymaniac!”  –Kalil


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. –AL I:40

It has been almost ten years since issues arose within Ordo Templi Orientis where one particular A.’.A.’. lineage denied the existence of all others claiming that it, and it alone, was the ‘true’ A.’.A.’. This Epistle was begun in the summer of 2000 and details the saga of how this arrogance unfolded and ended. It was presumed lost, along with its follow-up Epistle, when our old A.’.A.’. website known as Red Flame was deliberately attacked in 2006 and parts destroyed by a newly made Sixth Degree OTO Initiate. Just recently it was located on an old computer disk and we are proud once again to offer our readers the opportunity to explore this soap opera. I know that there will be some individuals who might get mad or irritated that old wounds are scratched but they might want to remember those classic words – “Those who do not study history, are doomed to repeat it.” Although, so often rewritten or misquote, those words were originally written by George Santayana (1863–1952) as “Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.” … In both cases they still hold profound truth.

Equally important, maybe not to some but definitely to members of Grady McMurtry’s A.’.A.’., is this story of the struggle that we endured to preserve this noble man’s A.’.A.’. lineage. Had I not stood my ground, along with the late Phyllis Seckler and others, the A.’.A.’. today would be owned solely by ex-members of Marcello Motta’s A.’.A.’. and anyone wishing to quote, write or republish anything related to Aleister Crowley’s A.’.A.’. would have to ask for copyright permission. Thanks to me standing my ground and challenging the authority within OTO, all A.’.A.’. material is now as our Prophet wanted — FREE to humanity.

This is an important historical legacy for Grady McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. and one our lineage should be proud of …

Love is the law, love under will. –AL I:57
Frater Achad Osher
November 2008


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. –AL I:40


Some might be wondering why I’ve bothered to write such a lengthy volume about my felonious expulsion. It’s because twenty three years, or almost half of my entire life, has been dedicated to the service of the Ordo Templi Orientis and I think such deserves an explanation as to why it’s all suddenly bathing in such tragic circumstances. In truth, you may not be inclined to even care about what you’re reading and I accept this with no animosity or snobbery. I’ve actually written this piece more for myself as a form of a cleansing or catharsis, a purging in order to make sense out of the events, that I might close a chapter on with my life and move on.

I wish to begin this Epistle by telling you a little about myself. I am almost fifty, my name is Jerry Edward Cornelius, fraternally known to the Ordo Templi Orientis as Frater Achad Osher. I have had a strong interest in Aleister Crowley since the late 1960s. In the mid-seventies I began corresponding with Grady Louis McMurtry (1918–1985), or Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777, the past world leader of Aleister Crowley’s OTO. Shortly thereafter I joined the Order. I considered Grady a good friend and personal mentor. In fact, Grady spent time at my house in Connecticut on several occasions. I have always been directly involved in writing, teaching, publishing, or a political capacity since the beginning and have given literally hundreds of lectures within the OTO over the years. I am an historian. I love preserving things for posterity. Thus I write out my story.

In 1977 I was Chartered by Grady Louis McMurtry to run The Frater Achad Chapter OTO which brought Crowley’s OTO to the state of Connecticut for the first time. The Chapter was elevated to full Lodge status on April 23rd, 1978 assuming the name Brocken Mountain Lodge. My Lodge was No.4 on the National Registry. I was also involved in founding Brocken Publications which ran for six years and distributed Crowleyanity world wide. I published the Lodge newsletter, Hellspawned, A Newsletter of Brocken Spectres. In 1978 Grady personally initiated me into VIIth Degree OTO and the following year I joined his lineage of the A.’.A.’. and rose steadily within the ranks. In August of 1981 I assumed the motto of Frater Achad Osher. On April 22nd, 1984 I took both the VIIIth Degree OTO and 8=3 in the A.’.A.’. from Grady McMurtry in Syracuse New York. Sadly, Grady McMurtry died in July of 1985.

On June 21st, 1986 I was Chartered to run a Rose Croix Chapter of the BML. I remained Lodge Master and in charge of these bodies for over ten years which is one of the longest terms of leadership for any single body in OTO history. In February of 1987 I established the first Clerk House in my branch of the A.’.A.’. and later that year I stepped down as an OTO Lodge Master in favor of running the affairs of the Clerk House full time. In 1987 I moved to New Orleans where I rented a room at Kalili Oasis of the OTO which was Sallie Glassman’s house. Years earlier I had acted as her Saladin and had initiated her into the Minerval Degree. In late August of 1989 I moved to Berkeley California where I now reside. In 1991 I was again offered the position of a Lodge Master. This time I became the sixth Lodge Master of the oldest continually operating Lodge in the world, Thelema Lodge OTO, a Lodge which Grady McMurtry personally founded. I held this position between 1991 & 1993 and I was also placed in charge of Neb-Het Chapter of the Rose Croix of TL. After retiring from these positions I worked closely with Pangenetor Lodge OTO, whose Lodge Master was my wife, Marlene Elizabeth Cornelius. Originally from New Orleans, Marlene worked very closely with the OTO in that area being instrumental in the development of Kalili Camp through its elevation to Kali Lodge. She and I both published and distributed Crowleyanity under the name Pangenetor Publications. In 1993 we began formulating plans for a larger format publication of 220 pages entitled Red Flame, A Thelemic Research Journal. The following year we released the first issue, The Poetry of Grady Louis McMurtry, to rave reviews. We are currently in the process of producing our eighth issue of this journal. In 1995 I declined a position being offered to me to be in charge of yet another Rose Croix Chapter here in the Bay Area. Shortly afterwards my wife stepped down as Lodge Master and closed Pangenetor Lodge. Since 1996 both myself and my wife became semi-retired from running any outward affairs of the Ordo Templi Orientis. We’ve primarily devoted most of our time to lecturing, writing and publishing Red Flame and other related materials within our branch of A.’.A.’.

What Bill Breeze did not realize when he threatened me with expulsion is that I smiled, knowing it could only be a hollow victory. I had withdrawn my support years earlier. At the time my wife had given birth to a beautiful son, we had just bought a house and life was great. I was totally disgusted with the constant lies and deceit. Especially here in the Bay Area. The spinning of tales, the cover-ups and the infamous ‘damage control’, all so the lower degrees or outsiders never hear the full Truth. I know about this because as an upper degree I was personally involved in doing it for what I believed was for the sake of the Order. With time I began to feel dirty, almost sadden by what I was doing. I wasn’t belonging to a fraternity whose aspirations were dedicated for the future of humanity or the spreading of Thelema. It was all a farce. I got so tired of it all and five years later it seems like it’s still happening if not at a more unrelenting and ruthless pace. Anyone who comes forward to question or speak out against what they feel are injustices have their claims loudly disputed and are often called liars. Let’s hear it for Frater Hymenaeus Beta’s ‘fraternal methods of dealing with problems’ but, then again, he believes that if you don’t follow him, his policies and his interpretation on ‘everything’ then you’re (quote) “an enemy of the Order.” Therefore he has the undisputed right to besmirch your reputation if not out right slander you in order to make it seem like you’re the ‘real’ problem and not himself. This is not what I had joined years earlier, when being in a Fraternity meant what it implied.

So, I stopped paying my dues, walked out on the political bull and simply got on with my life. I went into ‘hiding’ and it’s been a great! I didn’t officially quit because I still had optimism, possibly silly I admit now in retrospect but deep down inside I wanted to believe that someday the Order might change its destructive ways. Still, I remembered what Charles Stansfeld Jones had written when he walked out on the Order in 1918, “Quite recently I was impressed to resign from the O.T.O. and to withdraw my help in that direction, and having done so, I felt a wonderful calm, and a realization of entering into the Tao.” I can attest to feeling this calm. It helped free me to write and all my efforts were thrown into publishing Red Flame, A Thelemic Research Journal. It is fair for you, the reader of this Epistle, to wonder what brought me out swinging if I had already disassociated myself with the Ordo Templi Orientis. What aggravated me and got my blood boiling was not that I was being expelled but how it was being handled. What I wrote in Red Flame No.7, The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley, which pissed off Frater HB was up front, open and honest. I never hid in the shadows and threw rocks. His reaction was bathed in slander, lies and deceit. This was then followed by a blatant cover-up, if not a twisting of the facts, so that he could be unblemished while he trashed my name as an enemy of the Order on totally different accusations. No one should have to go through with what I had to endure by a reputed spiritual leader.


It has been wisely said that he who hasn’t accumulate enemies, hasn’t truly lived or accomplished much in their lifetime. I wish this wasn’t true but it does seem to be the case. Red Flame No.7, The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley, was met with phenomenal reviews worldwide and sold out within a month. The majority of the letters I received said that although they couldn’t agree with some of the material it was refreshing to see new thought in a stagnating Thelemic world. However, there was a tiny bit of negativity thrown my way. You could count all the complaints on one hand with four fingers remaining. It’s easy to tell where the foot stomping, crying and petty whining came from or rather who was the disgruntled. He belonged to one particular lineage of the A.’.A.’., Marcelo Motta’s and his name is Frater Hymenaeus Beta or rather William Breeze. It seems that I perturbed his reasoning by daring to discuss a certain sensitive issue in an open forum which he wanted concealed or kept secret from everyone. I let the world know that there are other branches of the A.’.A.’. besides his own. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxmis culpa, may the Gods forgive me for this ultimate sin of honesty and Truth. Yes, I made it very clear that just because he can put an ad in the back of an Aleister Crowley book it doesn’t mean that his is the only A.’.A.’. However, for the record, I never once attacked his or anyone else’s right to exist, as he has repeatedly done in regards to myself and many others. I simply expressed that, contrary to what he would like the world to believe, he is not the only A.’.A.’.

The first grumbling began soon after I released Red Flame No.7 around October of 1999 but it never really amounted to much, or so I thought. However, friends who were close to Bill Breeze started hearing outright slander upon me and my lineage. Even though they were his friends they quickly informed me of what was being said. It was apparent that Breeze’s anger had little to do with OTO issues but remained centered around my discussing of A.’.A.’. lineages. This is a subject which he has repeatedly tried to dispute in order to proselytize his own obsession and be undisputed King of the Hill. In fact, in March of 1997 he made the following comment in an email to another person, and I quote, “We are trying to cure people of this unhealthy obsession with spiritual lineages.” At the time when I was sent this quote I did not assume that by ‘curing people’ he was implying plotting to eliminate, by any means possible, me and others, thereby leaving only his lineage remaining in charge of the OTO. Although most people are well aware of Breeze’s attacks on other groups and his lawsuits over copyrights, few realized that he has been quietly, behind the scenes, making war on the inner schools. Red Flame No.7 opened up this can of worms for the first time in a public forum. It exposed his under belly, his sensitive spot.

I started to hear through the grapevine that there was talk about expelling me from the Ordo Templi Orientis. I thought, “Over A.’.A.’. issues?” He can’t do that. It’s bad magick, it crosses the planes and it would inevitably be catastrophic on his behalf. Besides, twenty-three years in the Order had taught me not to get too emotionally attached to anything one hears unless you can substantiate it with facts. Take it all with a grain of salt. Weeks turned into months from when we had released Red Flame No.7 and still absolutely no one called or wrote to voice their concerns about any problems with my publication. I figured that I would ignore the occasional hearsay and believed with my heart that if my fellow brothers and sisters were upset they’d do the honorable thing and inform me of their grievance as a brother to a brother. I believed, that if I was really being expelled, they’d inform me of such in writing, listing those charges from A to Z which warranted my banishment. I believed that our fraternity would always let a person know of any serious infractions so that a person would be able to respond to formal charges and defend themselves with due process as set up by our Constitution. Yes, I once believed in a lot things regarding how fraternities work. But then again, the OTO of today is no fraternity in the fraternal sense. It borders on being a deceitful cult where everyone jumps to the tune of one man rather than following the Order’s stated ideals.

The comedy of errors which unfolded in regards to myself can only be summed up as being tragic. The official written agenda of the upcoming Areopagus meeting was dated March 22nd, 2000. It arrived at my house on the 31st. The day after I had posted portions of Red Flame No.7 on Peter Koenig’s web site. These were predominantly sections dealing with A.’.A.’. lineages and, contrary to what my suspension letter implies, they did not include quotations from the OTO’s initiation rituals. Still, being honest, I knew when I had given Peter permission to post the material that Breeze would not be a happy puppy. It was one thing publishing 156 copies of Red Flame with the information about A.’.A.’. lineages but it’s another to make the data widely available for all to read at their own discretion. Yet, silly me, I assumed that if Breeze had a real issue with these articles he would have called me back in October of 1999 when I released the issue of Red Flame. Posting the information on a web site five months later was simply a mute issue in my mind.

As for the agenda itself for the Areopagus meeting, although rumors had persisted that I was being expelled during this meeting, I was not listed anywhere. As far as the OTO Upper Degrees were concerned, I wasn’t even an issue. I assumed that this was why I had never been brought up on formal charges and why I never received anything in writing in regards to being expelled. It was all just rumors. With time I learned that I was mistaken. According to my diary entry on April 25, at 3:40pm I received a message on my answering machine. It began, “Hey Jerry 93! It’s Tony Iannotti …” I quickly picked up, in shock. After over ten years what brings him to call? I quickly learned that Breeze called Tony, left a message saying, “I wanted to talk to you about a real emotional issue so you don’t overreact.” Breeze then went into it, saying the issue is about my impending expulsion on Saturday over the last issue of Red Flame or No.7 & he also sited Koenig’s web page and the stuff I’ve posted on it. Tony also told me that “what Bill was saying did not make any sense as to an official reason.” Tony, besides being a IXth Degree OTO initiate is an very old friend whom I’ve know since the mid-seventies. He belonged to my OTO Lodge back in Connecticut, Brocken Mountain. The reason he called was his concern about what he heard from Breeze. He was shocked. However, his phone call was the very first ‘official’ communication from anyone in the upper degrees that I was in any sort of hot water with the OTO.

Two days later I received an email from Tony, saying, “I just wanted to drop you a quick note … Bill did call me yesterday morning about 6AM. We talked about the issue, and his demands are extreme: Pulling the Red Flame, the Koenig pages, and issuing an apology. I admitted that that did not seem likely. He admits that the main issue is A.’.A.’., but that it is an OTO issue because the two are entwined in the arguments. He also thinks the timing is suspicious, and does not like your association with Naylor and Koenig.” I thought about Breeze’s demands and later that day I replied, “Pulling the Red Flame, the Koenig pages, and issuing an apology. !?!?!? … All I can say is, he’s an idiot if he thinks that I’m going to do this. If I did, I’d be crawling the rest of my life.” I felt these “demands” were not an attempt, from a brother to a brother, to fraternally resolve an issue. They were loud, aggressive, if not obnoxious wall builders which a true Thelemite would never consider imposing upon another. They were also mandates which no Thelemite would ever agree upon unless desiring to be a slave. Even Tony admitted this. He responded rather quick to my comment on Breeze’s demands, writing, “I knew it was untenable when he told me and told him I doubted the likelihood of it. Maybe part of the plan is to request something that he knows will never happen.” His statement whispered the divine kernel of Truth about my expulsion. There was no chance for a solution, never was, never would be.

Upon receiving his email I quickly fired back a reply, “Yes, the charges are something which I can not defend myself against. If Bill says the majority issue is A.’.A.’. related, then how can I justify my actions in an OTO trial? This also shows why they haven’t issued any official charges in writing. It’s very sad that Bill wants to continue this attack on Grady’s lienage. It’s been brewing behind the scenes for awhile now and I knew it was only a matter of time before it exploded.” In regards to Tony telling me that Breeze admitted that the main issue is A.’.A.’., but that it is an OTO issue because the two are entwined in the arguments, I replied, “Yes, it’s been an A.’.A.’. issue all along but he can’t touch me here so he’s attacking me through the OTO. That is how it’s entwined.” As far Breeze thinking the release of Red Flame was suspicious, I replied, “It took seven, eight months to get Red Flame into the publisher. It was NOT something I planned on doing deliberately to coincide with Naylor/Koenig & others. It’s not a ‘BIG’ conspiracy. If Bill thinks otherwise, it’s his paranoia.” And as far as Koenig’s website, I told Tony, “… where is the ‘official policy’ written or published where it states OTO Initiates can not publish anything on Peter Koenig’s website or you’ll be expelled. … I’m being expelled for this, first, without every knowing it was an OTO crime which I could be charged with. This is the problem with Bill Breeze and his witch hunting in recent years. At a whim he accuses members of crimes which are not listed anywhere in OTO tenets. People are being blindsided after the fact. Then, they either have to become unThelemic by falling to knees and begging forgiveness in the hopes that they are not thrown out of the Order or they have to remember their IInd Degree Oaths via Liber OZ and stand up for their rights. Rights which are totally un-defendable in Bill’s eyes. It’s a no win situation.” What I was trying to tell Tony is that Bill Breeze never approached me for an harmonious solution over what he felt was an indiscretion on my part. He instantly made threatening if not degrading demands and then got extremely upset when I didn’t comply. What did he expect? I’ve known Breeze for over twenty years. If the shoe was on the other foot and someone issued those type of mandates to him, with an ‘or else’ attitude, he’d be as pissed as I was. The bottom line is that a wall instantaneously went up between us and it became a test of Wills to see who would budge first. What Breeze didn’t realize was that I had nothing to loose since I wasn’t emotionally tied to his OTO any longer.

Let me further elaborate upon Bill Breeze’s three demands. I believed his first demand was ludicrous. First of all, Red Flame is an independent publication with absolutely no ties to the OTO. His demands can be summed up by two words, censorship and restriction. He basically does not want anyone to publish anything which disagrees with his fostering mythos or discusses any A.’.A.’. other than his own. Months later Tony Iannotti said that he thinks there might have been a communication error when he said in an email that Breeze wanted RF closed down. He believes Breeze may have only wanted RF7 stopped not our publishing company as a whole. Perhaps, but I disagreed. If Breeze was saying this now it’s another classic example of him changing the story. I asked Tony, “Then why make such a fuss over an issue which has been out-of-print for six months?” How can I pull something long gone? It was technically ‘already stopped.’ It makes no sense to continue attacking me. No, I think Breeze’s Ego wanted our company closed down, not just the issue. He didn’t like No.6 The Foolish Issue, obviously he hated No.7 The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley and being a paranoid, he could only envision trouble with No.8.

Second, I learned that Breeze feels he is, quote, “at war” with those who do not support his views of world domination, like Peter Koenig. I learned that mere association with certain individuals on Breeze’s invisible ‘hate list’ now meant grounds for expulsion. But where is this list? How was I or any OTO membership suppose to know whom to avoid? I also learned that even if the person was your friend, no matter for how long, if Breeze said that he has now determined that said individual is a threat to the Order you must disassociate yourself with them immediately or else face the consequences. Does the membership of the Order realize what this implies? Instead of trying to determine if anything you’ve done with the person is actually dangerous Breeze is now spewing forth the blanket charge of he’s an “enemy of the OTO.” Which basically translates: “I am the Supreme God of the OTO. I am therefore OTO and whomever disagrees with me is my enemy, therefore, an enemy of the OTO.” I have watched Breeze’s seemingly Caligulian bouts of paranoia spiraling out of proportion over the years. Sadly though, in recent years, if he hates someone then you must hate that person as well and let the Gods forbid if you and the other person are getting together to talk about him and he knows that you are! If I remember correctly, didn’t Motta suffer from this dementia? I can only wonder if this is a dis-ease infecting Bill Breeze’s branch of the A.’.A.’. tree.

What is sadder still is that if Peter Koenig is an enemy of the Order and I am ‘collaborating’ with the enemy, then if I’m expelled I too am an enemy of the Order if I continue my contact with Peter. Therefore, any OTO member can be brought up on charges of collaborating with the enemy if they communicate with me even if they’ve been my friend for over twenty years. It’s called spiraling paranoia on Breeze’s behalf. But, if they’re not brought up on charges, then hypocrisy says, why couldn’t I have a friend like Koenig if OTO members can have a friend like me?

However, what the OTO membership is not being told is that the charge of me ‘publishing on Koenig’s web site’, although valid on some levels, is merely a smoke screen on others. Basically, I can not be accused of releasing A.’.A.’. information on Koenig’s web site in an OTO court. So Breeze decided to come up with “conspiring with the enemy” of the Order so that he could justify why he demanded the removal of all my material off Koenig’s web site. But, in truth, it was not Koenig’s web site that was the full issue but rather what I posted on the web site that was offensive. This was the material from Red Flame No.7 and the information about A.’.A.’. lineages. If I released the exact same material on another person’s web site would he still be upset? The answer came back through Tony Iannotti, after he talked with Breeze, that in regards to another site, (quote) “he was not happy, said there were no neutral sites.” Although, in all fairness, weeks later he responded that he would let me move all the material to another site if it could only be accessed by my students and no one else. Of course, I declined his gracious if not pompous offer because it was still an attempt to restrict or somewhat silence the Truth. Later, he would do more back peddling on this demand but I felt at that point I couldn’t trust him. Besides, Peter and I were friends, why should I be forced to give up a friendship if I wasn’t doing anything wrong?

Bill Breeze’s third demand, that I write an apology in regards to what I wrote about the A.’.A.’. in Red Flame, is even more ludicrous than his other demands. I won’t get into all the stupidity in regards to this but I said nothing which wasn’t 100% true and, besides, I was in a totally different lineage. He has absolutely no authority over me to “demand” anything and only a drooling, bug eyed, egotistical pompous ass would think otherwise. Anyway, there could be no compromise at this point because I had no intention of meeting his A.’.A.’. demands in the hope that I might graciously be allowed to remain a humble initiate in the outer school of the Ordo Templi Orientis. I felt that his solution was a self-centered regurgitation of megalomania based upon benefiting his A.’.A.’. lineage while silencing and restricting Grady McMurtry’s.

The Areopagus meeting was held on Saturday, April 29th, 2000 in New York. It took almost nine hours before concluding for the evening, over four of which were devoted specifically to charges against me and my claims of A.’.A.’. in regards to Grady McMurtry’s lineage and other lineages in general. Since I was never notified in advance, I could not give a fair rebuttal or even defend myself. Breeze would later claim [June 5th] that, (quote) “What actually prompted my late addition of the Cornelius issue to the Areopagus agenda, pursuant to the bylaws and with the consent of the members voting, was his collaboration with an open enemy of the OTO, which he engaged in after the agenda was prepared.” I wish to point out that yes, the agenda was sent out before my material was posted on Koenig’s web site. He is correct here. However, if Breeze was that concerned over my actions with Koenig why wasn’t I immediately notified by phone of my indiscretion? Why was I kept in the dark between the posting on March 31st and until a few days before the Areopagus Meeting of April 29th? It doesn’t make any sense unless Breeze had no intention of trying to resolve the issue or warn me of Peter Koenig.

Anyway, the Areopagus meeting began with Bill Breeze waltzing in with a loaded gun on A.’.A.’. issues hoping that the OTO would simply expel me with the wave of his hand. He gave a two hour history on his personal views of how the A.’.A.’. and the O.T.O. are entwined. He flatly denied that lineages exist. He explained how both of these Orders were once tightly connected or entwined in Aleister Crowley’s time but the connection became broken during Karl Germer’s life. The A.’.A.’. went its own way and was being run by one of Germer’s students named Marcelo Motta while the OTO, on the other hand, nearly slipped into obscurity. He explained that the Orders are now coming back together under his influence. I think this new version of the story can best be summed up by someone from my lineage who heard the above and replied, “Oh gag me please you blithering minstrel.” What Frater Hymenaeus Beta failed to point out is that Germer and Grady were both A.’.A.’. & OTO initiates. Therefore, common sense dictates how could either one of these gentleman loose the connection between the Orders unless they had split personalities? What Frater Hymenaeus Beta was simply attempting to do by using a ‘Broken Connection Theory’ was to sell his new and improved belief that the A.’.A.’. never ‘splintered’ into lineages, it just moved away from the OTO. It simply got a new address and didn’t write home for awhile. With this belief he tried to dispute the claims made in Red Flame No.7. Now I realize what Tony implied on the 27th when he wrote that Breeze admitted that the main issue with me “is A.’.A.’., but that it is an OTO issue because the two are entwined in the arguments.” All this was unfairly brought before the OTO. In the end, the over all jest of his remarks implies that the ‘Inner Order’ of his A.’.A.’. lineage decided for the good of the ‘Outer Order’ (Ordo Templi Orientis) that I had to be terminated from its ranks because I was considered a threat to their authority. I had become an ‘enemy from within’ when I openly acknowledged that besides Motta’s, Grady McMurtry’s lineage was also within the ranks of the Hermetic Triad of the OTO. Breeze always tolerated me because my lineage was quiet, never advertising or publishing. Red Flame No.7 changed all that.

Fortunately, members of the Areopagus dealt Breeze a bitter blow which must have really upset his feeble plans. It seems almost everyone present believed that the A.’.A.’. issue should not be dealt with by an OTO body. No matter how hard Breeze argued for the next two hours the majority did not agree. Breeze did manage to convince them that some OTO charges in relationship to Red Flame could be brought up and were serious enough to warrant concern. Still, what distressed the Areopagus was the lack of notice of formal complaint or specifics being made against me if they were going to determine any guilt. They were also worried that the majority of people who were voting by proxy were unable to apprise the issues appropriately in time to instruct an informed proxy vote. This issue has been the bane of the Areopagus in recent years. Bill Breeze waltzing in with ten, twelve or even more ‘blind proxies’ to do with as he sees fit. Almost padding the Areopagus so even if you disagree with him, he simply gets away with what he wants because of an abundance of votes.

The final resolution was that the Areopagus would recommend to the Supreme Council that it suspend me with proper notice for the duration of a full investigation by a Grand Tribunal Court of Inquiry. I was told that the A.’.A.’. issue would not be heard at my ‘trial’ and that I would only have to face OTO charges. However, I knew the A.’.A.’. issue needed to be addressed because this was 99% of my real transgression against Bill Breeze. If this wasn’t going to be allowed in my defense then what the OTO has effectively done was to allow him to spew forth his foul stench of accusations, slander and lies about me and my lineage for over four hours which goes down in the official records of the Order and then it allows his A.’.A.’. lineage to simply go back into hiding as an ‘Inner Order.’ However, at the Areopagus meeting, Breeze admitted that his A.’.A.’. undisputedly runs the OTO as a dictatorship and that both Orders are connected or ‘entwined’ as an ‘Inner and Outer’ school. He told everyone present that the view of ‘lineages’ was an outright lie and that his A.’.A.’. is the only true Order. I personally think he made a major blunder by bringing up this issue before a mundane organization as this meant that it could likewise be brought before the court of public opinion. He brought the issue to birth in the outer fraternities and now it’s an issue alive on Malkuth. From there it began to take on a life of it’s own which is beyond all of our control.

On May 30th, the day after the Areopagus meeting, Tony emailed me around 9:30am, saying “Well, it happened, and it took 9 hours, over 4 of which were devoted to you. They did accept your proxy to me, and I hope you don’t mind that I voted against the motion to add you to the agenda with your vote, as I expect you would have wished, but did vote for it with my own, as I thought that nothing should really be done without due process, and was betting on that becoming clear to others during the discussion, and it did wind up that way. The first 2 hours were a sort of history lection from HB on his perception of how A.’.A.’. and O.T.O. are related. (that they were in Crowley’s time, but the connection broke during Germer’s and it is coming back together now.) He expressed his concerns about your intent, possibly aiming at the head of the One True A.’.A.’., and I pointed out that your own writings express the opposite, you argue for peaceful co-existence, and don’t say that there is any One True A.’.A.’. above the others. Others agreed. Almost everyone agreed afterwards that the A.’.A.’. issues were not going to be dealt with by an OTO body anyway, but there were OTO issues that would be. However, the Areopagus does not do disciplinary actions, so none were taken despite many loud demands that ‘This body has to do something Right Now!’, mostly because there were others with me who were concerned with the lack of notice and lack of formal complaint or specifics, and most people voting by proxy were unable to be apprised of the issues in time to instruct an informed proxy vote. There were also others who were absolutely out for blood. The upshot is that a resolution was made to the effect that members of the Areopagus are not immune from disciplinary action, but since they are held to a higher standard, in cases of possible need of disciplinary action it is recommended to the Supreme Council that it suspend the member with proper notice for the duration of a full investigation, appointing a Grand Tribunal Court of Inquiry to that investigation. As of last night the SC had not yet met, so as far as I know you are not even suspended yet, I hope you are not disappointed! 😉 You should now at least receive proper notice if and when you are.”

Certain people immediately did not want to be on the Tribunal. Some were afraid of being, quote, “Assassinated.” I wondered, what prompted this? Tony told me, “That’s one of the things that got some people really upset. Koenig has pictures of HB’s house in Austin and Marcus’ house in Berlin posted on his website, and they have received death threats. I am not really sure of the details, but I got the impression they were ( omitted ) – related, if not directly from him. So posting on Koenig’s website made some see you as a collaborator, and they are taking a very militaristic stance. They see the lawsuit as war, and this related.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading and sadly I replied to Tony, “A ‘collaborator’ … the lawsuit as ‘a war’ … these are dangerous terms spawning fear and hatred. It’s a dangerous road which Bill is taking the OTO down through his paranoia. It reeks of the Black Brotherhood.” Tony would reply to this comment by saying, “It really was a little scary how much the OTO as military order came to the fore. I guess they would have shot Crowley during the Great War. ;-)”

I also replied to Breeze’s history lection by saying, “Basically this translates as Breeze’s (i.e. Motta’s) A.’.A.’. is FINALLY admitting control over the OTO.” Tony would reply, “Yes, I would say that is true.” I continued asking, “… where does that leave the rest of us? Let’s face it, the bottom line is that Breeze is upset that I’m not ‘accepting’ his claims and instead I’m pushing my own. At least he’s now openly admitting that only his A.’.A.’. claims will be tolerated within the OTO. It brings to mind what Sabazius recently said on the Fifth Degree E-List, how no one belonging to certain ‘other’ organizations will be allowed into Fifth Degree anymore unless they promise to quit the other organization. Those organizations are mainly undeclared, but the ones he did list claim other A.’.A.’. lineages. Now I’m not saying Bill Breeze is wrong with this. It’s his right to exclude other lineages.” What I was implying by my last remark is that if Breeze was open and honest about Motta’s lineage running OTO rather than back handedly trying to eliminate the competition, I’d understand better. Tony would disagree, commenting, “I don’t see how the OTO can legitimately exclude people based on their affiliations at all.” In some ways he is correct and I told Tony that I felt that the Universe was big enough for all of us. I did point out that I personally think Breeze’s claims are bogus from an historical point-of-view. However, I told him that I don’t dispute the possibility of Breeze and others could make an A.’.A.’. connection and carrying on a lineage. However, “I reject the notion that one day I woke up and found out I had new superiors who rule the Universe.” To this Tony replied, “That’s just it, you really don’t. New superior in OTO in 1985 yes, but any claims or attempts at taking over A.’.A.’. just don’t belong in OTO bodies. That became clear about 2 hours into it. ;-).” I laughed at his optimism, jokingly replying, “Publish this belief and you’ll find yourself in hot water too. Bill Breeze’s A.’.A.’. runs the OTO. Cut & dry. The OTO [now] dances to those beliefs spawned in Motta’s lineage. All the OTO is now basically saying is, Bill, do your dirty work and keep it quiet. On the other hand, we’ve been trying to force him into the Light, expose his shenanigans as to what is driving his actions.”

Many within the upper degrees of OTO have known for years that Breeze’s A.’.A.’. runs the OTO and dictates what the official Thelemic policies are for this outer Order. People have tried to deny this, especially the lower degrees in the OTO who think they know better. However, Breeze’s A.’.A.’. tells the upper degrees of OTO what everyone should learn and study. It dictates what they are allowed to publish and discuss. Breeze’s lineage believes strongly that no one can openly discuss The Book of the Law and, because of such, the OTO is not allowed to publish anything in this regards either. Breeze’s lineage also wants to be responsible for teaching magick, therefore, magick is taken away from the OTO and it is no longer openly endorsed within the fraternity. I could go on and on but, in Truth, I think the point is made. Motta’s A.’.A.’., according to Bill Breeze, runs the OTO.

Back to my problems. In regards to Bill Breeze appointing a Grand Tribunal I commented to Tony, “Sadly, even with a Grand Tribunal Court of Inquiry it’s already a done deal. It’s a kangaroo court. They’re going to ask if I accept [Motta’s lineage] as the Gods of all the A.’.A.’. and will I deny my own lineage, forsake all my students and get with the program. Effectively what they are trying to do is to eliminate Grady’s A.’.A.’. from the Order. I have no problem with that and I accept my fate as long as they’re honest with their policies. However, if I must reject my own lineage and bow down to acknowledge Bill’s claims or I’ll be expelled, what do you think my answer will be? Is this Grand Tribunal Court of Inquiry really needed?” Tony replied, “You would certainly not have to address his A.’.A.’. claims at all. The issue is OTO only, specifically the words in the essays. The stuff that is on Koenig’s site is only an issue because it is Koenig’s site. The whole universe of this discourse has focused down on OTO issues only, and they have to play by those rules or look really bad. I think if you proposed to distribute the essays only to members (OTO or otherwise, just not public sales) and put your introductory material somewhere else other than Koenig’s site, that might be an acceptable compromise to them.”

I continued, “I think I should make myself a little clearer on one point before leaving. I walked out ’emotionally’ on the OTO awhile ago. I came to the realization that it’s an old Aeonic and dead fraternity. I’m not against being a member for fraternity’s sake and camaraderie, friendship, etc. But I’m no longer deluding myself that the Order is trying to help humanity embrace the new Aeon & Thelema. In truth, it’s not. … What I’ve been bemoaning about of late is the lack of fraternal gesture, bordering on cowardism which the OTO has displayed with their treatment of me and its lack of honesty. HONESTY is the key issue. Up to less than a week ago they were denying that my expulsion had anything to do with the A.’.A.’.” Tony replied, “Yes, they are really scattered, and went way too fast with this with no attempt to talk with you openly. That became clear to the rest of the Areopagus during the meeting, and they are directing that this be handles in a fraternal way going forward. I don’t know how many chances you want to give them, this may just be the last straw of many, but I am encouraged to report that they are trying. (Much more than I expected.)” I would reply that “I am willing to try too, but not at the expense of my A.’.A.’. students worldwide. The last straw blew in the wind awhile ago. We must face the harsh reality that we are only going through the motions at this point. What is demanded of me is impossible. I will inevitably be expelled.” Sadly, Tony replied, “I suspect you are right”

Finally, I asked Tony if I was ‘officially suspended’ or if I’d be notified? He sent me an email saying that I should be notified soon that I was being suspended but, “As far as I know the S[upreme]C[ouncil] has not met, so you cannot yet be suspended.” I read this and chuckled, quickly replying, “I’m in Thelemic purgatory if there is such a thing. It’s like being stuck in Heidrick’s house for a whole weekend.”

On May 8th Tony sent me a lengthy email, of interest in it is when he tells me, “I got a message on my answering machine that said that the SC has met and voted for suspension during the inquiry. So you should get formal notice this time.”

Thinking upon all the events in play it’s easy for anyone to see that since Breeze failed in his attempt at the Areopagus to curb me and Red Flame he immediately began a campaign to bring me up upon OTO charges which could over shadow the A.’.A.’. issues. Let’s be honest. If it were just OTO issues which upset Breeze in regards to RF7, as people are being told, then I would most likely have gotten a phone call, been informed of my infractions in October of 1999 and told to cease & stop distributing the issue of Red Flame at once. This type of indiscretion has occurred before and it will in the future. After all, we’re only human, we all make mistakes and I’m not exempt from this folly. But in the past these types of mistakes were usually dealt with on a fraternal basis, as a brother to a brother. Open and honest. Talking, letting the person know that they’ve made a mistake and asking them for the sake of the Order if they’d do XYZ. Everyone would try to work out an amicable solution and only as a final resort, when no other means are available to the Order, bringing it all before a Grand Tribunal. This was never afforded to me. Breeze simply attacked me, made ludicrous demands and built a brick wall.

Still, typical of Breeze’s lying and spinning of yarns, he’s denying all of the above. He’s starting to tell a ‘new and improved version’ of the whole story to everyone who asks and it’s based on the final decisions of the Areopagus rather than what occurred at the beginning when he waltzed in angry over A.’.A.’. issues made public in Red Flame. As an example, to one person he wrote (June 5th) “As for Jerry Cornelius and the Areopagus’ handling of that, the facts are misstated. I overlooked Red Flame 7 largely because of its A.’.A.’. content. I initially resolved to tolerate it as a religious opinion, despite my grave objections to the disclosure of OTO degree-sensitive material and my skepticism concerning the timing of its release.” Did he really say that he over-looked and tried to tolerate the A.’.A.’. content in Red Flame No.7? Some people might say he’s deliberately trying to be misleading, others might say he’s simply having a memory lapse and still others would point out that, according to the facts, he’s out right lying. Of course, he’ll deny that he’s lying. He’s just creatively interpreting the day’s events as he wants them now portrayed. However, his words contradict his actions but what else is new? Finally, one last statement on this topic. If “facts are misstated” we know who’s spinning the yarn.


Over the next few weeks Tony Iannotti and I emailed back and forth quite a lot. I hadn’t heard from Tony in over ten years. It was great to renew an old friendship. We had much to catch up on but our emails seemed cluttered with the recent events surrounding my suspension. Since he was able to phone and email Bill Breeze he thought it might be to every one’s advantage if he could act as a go-between, hoping to deflate the whole issue before it totally blew up and get people talking. At the time I thought that was a good idea.

On May 11th I sent Tony an email regarding some further thoughts on this imaginary ‘war.’ I wrote, “… as I see it, There is NO WAR! This is pure illusion spawned by a paranoid megalomaniac who is THE person doing all the attacking, if he hasn’t noticed.” Tony replied to this comment saying, “There is a lawsuit. They are silly and dramatic calling it a WAR, but there certainly is a legal struggle going on.” I continued, “I was never notified, or read anywhere that Peter Koenig is an enemy whom the OTO is at war with. Peter and I have had a very enjoyable relationship talking mostly about history. I consider him a friend. Yes, in truth, I did hear that Bill Breeze has had problems with Peter, Bill has had problems with lots of people, but how was I to know it meant that I must severe MY relationship with Peter immediately’ or be brought up on charges of conspiring with the enemy? Where is this ‘fact’ known outside Bill’s circle?—Besides, as fraternal brother, if Bill Breeze, or Markus and others honestly believed Koenig is so treacherous shouldn’t they have immediately called the second they saw my stuff posted and warn me of this DANGER rather than being so quick to plot, lie and scheme behind my back to expel me as they are doing? — If I remember, didn’t we once learn at our Initiation, ‘should you ever at ant time encounter any brother in nakedness, poverty, danger, or affliction, and be instant to relieve or succour him.’ Should I go on quoting all the fraternal things these people have violated themselves? Should we throw mud at each other? Let’s face it, since the very beginning Bill has not and I stress NOT acted fraternally … NOW he’s making demands on ME to be fraternal. He’s got his fucking nerve. I’m so disgusted with him it’s unbelievable and you can tell him that.”

I continued, “Anyway, If I let Bill dictate as to whom I can and can not talk with, then who next? If Bill finds out I’m writing with Grant’s people, TOT or Hoor, will I be ordered to stop? Since I receive Newaeon magazine is this considered ‘conspiring with the enemy?’ Will this censorship forever be at the whim of whom Bill Breeze is upset with this week? I’d have to alienate myself from three quarters of the known Thelemites in the world to do this. I have to put my foot down and say that the Order doesn’t own me on this level. I am not going to sever friendships. And if they want to throw me out of the OTO for this, so be it.” Yes, emails flowed like water. I don’t remember what made me think about it, or why but I began to realize that Tony was telling Breeze my point of view. Breeze in return wasn’t listening but instead was putting a constant ‘spin’ on my comments in order to prove his case against me. I began to realize that I had been talking with a friend who optimistically thought he could resolve the whole issue by acting as a go-between. Instead, I found the whole thing one sided. So, with no disrespect to Tony, I sent him the following email on May 12th.

“Tony 93! Please, please do not take this wrong but I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to assist in my own execution. Any good lawyer would tell me to keep quiet. This is my last letter discussing issues of my expulsion. I know that you are acting in good faith but unfortunately Bill Breeze is not. You’re telling him my side but I’m getting absolutely nothing honest, open or fraternal on his behalf in return. All I’m doing is assisting in addressing false ‘allegations’, which would have been used against me if I had kept my mouth shut (which would prove I am being railroaded) and instead I’m helping him fine-tune other charges so he can ‘sell’ them to the OTO in order to expel me. There is no trying to ‘resolve’ the issue amicably on his part. So why am I talking to him? All in all, he should have contacted me at the very beginning, in a fraternal manner, months ago and asked these questions rather than acting in the back-stabbing, low-life, unfraternal manner which he has now engaged in order to expel me. History is going to judge him very cruelly for his betrayal of brotherhood. I hold him in contempt of the very Bylaws of the Ordo Templi Orientis, of which he is not exempt and I formally charge him of the violation of not notifying me in a timely fashion of any charges being brought against me. Obviously planned well in advance, he went into the Areopagus meeting of April 29th and spent over four hours discussing charges against me without ever notifying me in order that I could be present to defend myself. This is treachery, plain & simple. The meeting has been over for weeks now and still I am not formerly charged. Let’s be honest, I have been accused, slandered and attacked by Bill Breeze behind the scenes for almost SEVEN MONTHS since the release of Red Flame No.7 The Magickal Essence of Aleister Crowley and posting on Koenig’s web site. My good name was trashed before the Areopagus and I have still yet to receive anything in writing nor have I even gotten a simple phone call as a brother to a brother. This is unheard of within the fraternity’s history. I would have expected better of Bill Breeze but, in truth, I believe this portrays and exposes the real man for all to see. The fact is, Bill doesn’t have a case against me but our Bylaws are such that anyone can be charged with ‘something’ if somebody in a position of authority, like Breeze, pushes it. Isn’t this a clue that I’m being railroaded? Let’s face it, Bill’s anger and contempt is being fueled by A.’.A.’. issues and NOW, at the last moment, after seven months, with the OTO saying he can’t expel me on A.’.A.’. issues in their court, he’s trying to justify his anger by thinking up OTO charges, like the questions you asked me regarding what I might have given to Koenig. What is wrong with this picture? Accusing someone & then trying to figure out his crimes?”

In a previous email Tony wrote, “That’s why I am here. I am trying to beat back every false, silly, irrelevant and baseless accusation, so that the single real issue can be dealt with in as fraternal and clear-headed manner as possible, for the sake of both you and the OTO which will really look bad if they do what I agree that they are trying to do. You have a good argument against the one remaining OTO issue, and I think they should have to respond to it. If they expel on that, then history will reflect that.” In my email of the 12th I responded, “I fear, no offense, but you’re missing the point. By forcing only OTO charges you’re falling right into Bill Breeze’s hands. The real issues which are fueling his anger are A.’.A.’. related. If these can’t be addressed it merely implies that I’m being railroaded, plain and simple and that these A.’.A.’. charges are part of what needs to be “beat back” as part of some false, silly, irrelevant and baseless accusation. … I have decided that if I’m going to be charged with any offense I am immediately going to fire off a formal complaint that unless A.’.A.’. issues are allowed to be addressed I’m going to boycott my own Tribunal. Granted the OTO has no authority over matters A.’.A.’. but Bill Breeze has effectively trashed and slandered me, a fellow brother of the OTO, before his peers. Especially at a official OTO meeting where it is fully documents for all time. This is a serious offense. I am going to demand the satisfaction of hearing his PROOF to the allegations that his A.’.A.’. has got the authority (from where and how) to be the ‘only real’ A.’.A.’. and that I’m lying in regards to mine. I will demand this in order to clear my name in the official records in regards to the issue of A.’.A.’.

Remember, it was Bill Breeze who made A.’.A.’. charges against me in an official OTO meeting of the Areopagus, he opened up the flood gate in this forum, not me. I should have the right to address these charges in the same or similar forum. If not, I consider my trial a sham and merely Bill Breeze’s attempt to eliminate Grady McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. from the Ordo Templi Orientis because it is a ‘threat’ to his A.’.A.’.’s attempt at dictatorship within the Order.”

Two days later on May 14th I received an email response to my tome from Tony Iannotti. He wrote, “OK. Since this is painful I’ll make it short. You should know by now from the SC that there has been a Grand Tribunal appointed, consisting of Lon DuQuette, Jim Wasserman, and myself. If you wish to discuss it with us you can but we have to make a recommendation to the Supreme Council. You must know that I am your advocate, and what I have asked is simply to better arm myself in your behalf. But whatever issues you wish to raise are your choice, and responding to the A.’.A.’. issues is certainly open to you, especially since they were already brought up for so many hours. I had been mistaken in trying to brush them aside and apologize for my misreading of your strategy.” In truth, I knew that a Grand Tribunal was being formed but I did not know it had been established as yet and this was my first indication that it was. Finding out that Tony was a member gave me a sense of relief but with some misgivings.

I replied to Tony, “This is fair. I was a little harsh, I admit, with my last email when I said ‘This is my last letter discussing issues of my expulsion.’ I should have had more faith in you. How will the Tribunal be held? Will the three of you be asking all the questions? I want the ability to ‘read’ a statement, granted it might be verbose and a tome, but none the less I want to begin by making my argument as to the events as I see them. Similar to how Bill Breeze can strut in with his views. I promise not to exceed two hours. (Chuckle, chuckle) I will then give each member of the Tribunal a copy and, from there, we can proceed.”


On the morning of May 16th I went downtown to check my P.O. Box and I found a letter from Marcus Jungkurth, the OTO Secretary General in Germany waiting for me. It was my letter of suspension. It was dated May 5th, 2000. It began:

“I regret to inform you that the Supreme Council of OTO, acting on unanimous
directions from the recent meeting of the Areopagus, has suspended your membership in
O.T.O. effective May 5, 2000 EV.
The grounds are your flagrant violation of your oaths of secrecy and acts extremely
prejudicial to the welfare of our Order. The causes of your actions are your quotations from
our initiation rituals in your publication “Red Flame”, and the posting of such material to the
public website of P.-R. Koenig.
Immediate withdrawal of “Red Flame” and the removal of your articles from Koenig’s
website will help your case, and we here formally ask you to do so.
Should you not comply with this request, then pursuant to our constitutional literature
and Bylaws, and in consideration of your rank and years of service to the Order, the Frater
Superior will appoint a Grand Tribunal Court of Inquiry composed of three members of
your degree to investigate, give judgement and report to the Supreme Council and
Areopagus members. Your continuing membership in O.T.O. will be the focus of
We trust that you understand the gravity of your position.”

When I got home I sent Tony Iannotti an email. “Yes, I received my official notice in the mail this morning that I am officially suspended from the OTO. [As of May 5th] … Markus Jungkurrth [Secretary General] writes, ‘The grounds are your flagrant violation of your oaths of secrecy and acts extremely prejudicial to the welfare of our Order. The causes of action are your quotations from our initiation rituals in your publication Red Flame, and the posting of such material to the public website of P.R. Koenig.’ He continues by saying, ‘Immediate withdrawal of Red Flame and the removal of your articles from Koenig’s website will help your case, and we formally as you to do this.’ He then goes into telling me about my Tribunal who will investigate the situation and report to the Areopagus who will report to the Supreme Council where ‘Your continuing membership in O.T.O. will be the focus of discussion.’ My views, predictably so, are that the OTO can go take a flying leap off a short pier and I’m being polite. Their demands are ludicrous bordering on censorship, restriction and they reek of the Black Brotherhood.” Tony replied to my remarks by saying, “Yes their demands seem like censorship at their face, but may be satisfied with a compromise that would not limit your speech. We discussed the website move possibility, and only distributing the Red Flame privately could satisfy that issue. (Once a bookseller has them, the case is moot, they know you cannot do a general recall, so only current stock is at issue. But I understand that you don’t want to do that, so probably your best bet would be to write them a nice letter back, offering them the tour of the pier, and be done with it. Then you’ll be free to submit what you will to the Tribunal to go on record, the ending will be clear.”

After careful consideration of Tony’s comments I decided to offer the OTO a tour of the pier. I sent my reply to Marcus Jungkurth in a letter dated Wednesday, May 17th, 2000, The Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio. I signed it at 7:06am. It begins:

To all whom it may concern,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. –AL I:40

There is no Peace, little Tolerance and absolutely no Truth;
Salutations on All Points of the Triangle implies Death;
and there is little respect in the Order.

I stand humbly before the Ordo Templi Orientis, arms outstretched and accepting my
fate. Yes, I have dared to scream to the masses, “I am the Truth and in my Turban is
wrapped nothing but God.” Maybe I should be punished with whip & chain. Instead I am
being ruthlessly struck down for this transgression while never once being approach
fraternally by anyone in the last seven months to resolve the issue before it escalated. Now
you make ludicrous and Restrictive demands which no true Thelemite in his right mind
would agree to observe. This tells me that there is little hope that I’ll be raised by the Seven
Bonds of Brotherhood. The manner by which I have been treated is slanderous and back-
stabbing which shows me that the Order is not run by true brothers. It’s run by treacherous
assassins who throw rocks from the shadows rather than facing the accused as a brother to
a brother or even in the light of day. This is little more than cowardism and I hold you all in
contempt for violating your Oaths. There is no hope or even a desire for a resurrection of
my membership at this point and, in Truth, I will be thankful for freedom when at last you
give it to me. Of that freedom, I shall scream it to the world!

Love is the law, love under will. –AL I:57

As you can see, it sets the tone of how I truly feel. Of course many readers may wonder what the Hell am I talking about? Since people of lower degrees (or even outsiders) love to tell upper degrees how we should act and think, being authorities on our degrees, I believe it best to explain something up front. I took Eighth Degree OTO directly from Grady McMurtry. In one of his many talks with me, he said that being an Eighth Degree I should constantly reflect upon the fundamental principles behind the Order’s teachings, study its rituals in-depth and remember that my degree says that I am a Philosopher of our ways. I must continually attempt to understand the OTO’s actions in relationship to our most sacred volume, Liber AL vel Legis. Of course, since Frater HB took over he did away with this branch of the Order and reformatted it into something totally different. We are no longer allowed to study or use Liber AL vel Legis in our OTO decisions. Trying to philosophically understand anything in regards to our sacred books is not permissible in the upper degrees. My way of thinking has forever been the bane of the Order under Frater Hymenaeus Beta. But if you reflect upon my letter, rather than reacting emotionally from the wallows of the mundane, you’d realize that it implies that I knew right from the start that my expulsion was a done deal. That the OTO was only going through the motions in order to sell ‘something’ to the general membership as to why a twenty-three year veteran, the oldest and most senior Eighth Degree member was to be expelled. However, Breeze did not like the attitude of my letter. He had hoped that I would play along with his silly game, keep quiet and simply let the expulsion go through with little fanfare but I refused. I felt that it benefited no one but him.


We must thank Soror Agnes Oleander for stirring up my A.’.A.’. lineage on the Internet. In an email she posted on Thelema93 on April 17th titled ‘Clearing False Data” she responded to a previous issue by stating, “I’m dying to see what’s going to happen with the Fraternity aspect of the OTO. Will the Brethren stick together, in defense of Liberty, and fight as Brothers, or will they quietly allow their long-time brother Jerry Cornelius to be expelled without a fight?” It seems some people were interested in me but most didn’t know who I was. Over a week went by and on Wednesday, April 26th, Kalil, a member from my A.’.A.’. lineage, posted an update on Thelema93, calling it “Jerry Cornelius … expelled?!” Kalil thought, since people were asking about me, give them information. This issue took off and Kalil began posting numerous updates. Almost a month went by and things seemingly died down. Then someone from Europe posted a brief plea, “Can anyone send me information about the expulsion of Jerry Cornelius from cOTO?” Kalil responded on Monday, May 15th with a lengthy tirade about the injustices which I was incurring and for the first time the issues of A.’.A.’. lineages was publicly aired and Kalil even discussed at length what transpired at the Areopagus meeting with the shenanigans of Bill Breeze. I thought it was all fair. However, bringing up the issue of “lineages” in a public forum would piss off Bill Breeze even further.

In one of my previous emails I joked with Tony Iannotti how I’ve greatly enjoyed receiving his ‘letters’ because they “spark my verbosity much to Bill Breeze’s dismay no doubt.” I continued, joking how Breeze “hates having things put into writing which reflect badly upon himself.” When Tony finally responded to my comment on the 16th he said, “Yes, funny you mention that, someone quoted a letter from you where you repeated my description of the Areop. meeting, and the haggling we’ve been doing. That has really stirred up the pot.” In the same earlier email I had also hoped that the Tribunal would be, “Fair and honest choices” Tony replied, “It’s up to us and you to decide, but hopefully not until we’ve met in person. The recent tlemea93-l posting has Jim and Lon wanting to close this post haste.” Of course he was referring to Kalil’s posting. In his next email he continued this theme by saying, “I think that if you want to get your say in, you should see if your student’s student will be quiet for a while, as it’s making JW and LD so angry, they just want to ask questions, take the answers, deliberate on them, and that will be that.” I replied, “I can not do this. Nor do I ‘control’ my students. Unfortunately many of OTO’s demands are always unThelemic and against the rights of Liber OZ. I do not believe in restriction and if JW & LD wants to martyr me for what others are speaking out upon, then I accept my fate and I’ll hang upon the cross. I will not accept pieces of silver (i.e. the right to a fair hearing) to censor others. I will not do this in order to save myself. In other words, ‘If I want to get my say in’ … is little more than a threat. What you’re implying is that I must shut my students up or the Tribunal will ‘shut me up’ by not hearing my side of the story, correct? Is this fraternal? Or is it merely implying they’ll railroad me? Furthermore, if they don’t like what is on Thelema93 then don’t read it.” Tony replied to this by saying, “No, it’s not that they don’t like reading it, they just don’t like the meetings minutes described to the public.” Tony then adds in parenthesis, “(Apparently minutes are no longer public record as they were when I was secretary.)”

Also, in regards to giving Kalil the information about Bill Breeze’s discussion at the Areopagus, I wrote Tony saying, “I never keep anything secret from my students. I believe in an open book policy of truth and honesty. I do nothing behind their backs. Of course, what is going on due to the A.’.A.’. implications has some in my lineage concerned if not ‘beyond’ mad. You can understand why. Also, you have never stated our emails are ‘confidential’ and, in truth, keeping this affair quiet benefits only the OTO and not me. In other words, I’m keeping many in my lineage completely informed of the facts. One person in particular, who is on Thelema93, asked if they could ‘quote’ what I sent. I had no problem with this because ‘Mystery is the enemy of Truth.’ The only thing I asked is not to name the person whom was emailing to me, meaning yourself. They obliged. Is what I am doing wrong? Yes, again. I was never told to keep things quiet. I’m glad it stirred up the pot. The OTO doesn’t want the information out about my case because this way, [like they’ve done in the past with others] they can tell the ‘Truth’ as they see it and be the only one spinning the yarn. However, Bill had every intention of waltzing into the Areopagus with a loaded gun on A.’.A.’. issues and have the OTO expel me on the spot without a fair trail. So who’s playing fair? Anyway, the OTO wouldn’t buy Bill’s claims and so NOW he, Markus and others had to go back, re-think things and come up with charges against me which could stick and get me expelled rather than the A.’.A.’. issue. Should I keep quiet about it? I ask you, who does it benefit if I do? Bill’s A.’.A.’.?”

Tony would later reply to this comment by saying, “I gave you the blow-by-blow for your interest, and because I feel you have a right to know. I did not expect you to pass it along right away, but that is your choice. Of course, if you had not, it would not have been an issue, and there would be no request to cool it until after the meeting, or censor others as you put it. (It’s not a public trial) Once the issue is settled, then I think everyone has a right to know, but I am not sure that any external discussion will help, and given their response to the postings, obviously hurts. But I keep forgetting that you are not trying to stay.”

Also in my email I wrote, “Yes, I can see why the Thelema93 posting has some worried because people like Arild, Fernee and numerous others are getting outraged by the facts and the implications that only Bill’s A.’.A.’. will be tolerated for now on. I think he made a major blunder at the Areopagus by bringing this issue up before a mundane organization which means that it could likewise be brought before the court of public opinion. He brought it to Malkuth, now it’s alive on Malkuth. It was a bad move magickally on his part. I hope he’s enjoying the bed that he’s made? So, what do you think, good move on his part, or bad?” Tony jokingly replied, “I think good, but maybe not for him. It’s obviously a problem that’s been waiting to pop, and this seems to be the time for it. The idea that the OTO will decide which is a “real” A.’.A.’. makes me sick. What happened to my own freedom of choice? That’s the real issue with A.’.A.’. matters ever coming up in OTO meetings.”

I then told Tony, “Anyway, you wouldn’t believe what the private emails and letters are saying in regards to the postings on Thelema93 & elsewhere. I could fill an entire Red Flame with them. And in truth, I’ve got less than ‘ten’ which are pro-OTO. What does that tell?”

I ended my email saying, “Of course the OTO has to act ‘post haste’ and expel me quickly in the hopes to silence this issue. But it won’t.”

Later in the day I sent Tony another quick, very brief email saying, “Tony 93! I did send off to my most vocal students re: JW & LD’s requests. I had mixed responses. The best, to sum up the situation is an excerpt: “What is the difference between what you’re suggesting (of us) & what the OTO is suggesting of you?” Good question. I replied that yes, you’re right. I have no right to complain about the OTO trying to restrict me and take away my Thelemic rights to publish Red Flame and post where I want if I’m suggesting the same of my students. Boy, I’m between a rock & a hard place! 93 93/93 Jerry.”

After reviewing all of the above and much, much more. I noted one comment which Tony made, which I overlooked, which actually needed to be addressed. This is where he stated, “I keep forgetting that you are not trying to stay.” Meaning, that I was actually trying to get expelled from the OTO deliberately. I fired back a rather hot response on the 18th. It read, “Tony 93! I am very, very distressed over your most recent email. First of all, I never said that I didn’t want to stay in the OTO anymore. I love the Order passionately. If I hated it, I’d quit. Why do you think I’m fighting? I just believe that it’s futile to try to save me because Breeze has already made up his mind that Grady McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. must be eliminated for the sake of ‘his’ authority. In other words, my words are the cries of a cynic who simply won’t go away quietly and not of someone who wants out of the Order. Most irritating is that fact that since day one I thought our emails were between friends, a brother to a brother, sharing information. No where, in any of them, did you say keep this or that confidential and don’t tell anyone. Now I’m finding out, in a back handed kinda way, that everything we’ve been saying is considered minutes or ‘official’ and that because I’ve communicated such to my students, the OTO is claiming that I’m in violation of some bull-shit secrecy clause and that they’re getting upset. What are they doing ‘spinning’ more charges as they go along?” Tony’s comments to my email are lengthy but I wish to include a few of interest. To my above comment about being in ‘violation’ of secrecy clauses Tony replied, “No. They are getting upset because I communicated it to you in the first place, and because your students published it. They probably would not have minded private discussion, but you know how they hate public discussion of things they are in the process of deciding. (Maybe they think it’s democracy.) Anyway, they are just as mad at me for describing it to you in such detail.” To this I would later reply, “My students feel as passionately about this issue as I do. I can not fault them for wanting to pick up sword in hand and fight. Public discussion on these matters benefits humanity, keeping this quiet only benefits the Black Brotherhood. Mystery is the enemy of Truth. If a person or an Order has done nothing wrong then they wouldn’t fall back on the ‘secrecy clause’ trying to hide everything as much as Bill does. This was not done under Grady’s reign.”

My email continued, “The OTO does not OWN it’s members. We’re Free man! When did it start thinking that it can tell us when to sit, stand, open our eyes, close them, piss, shit and or keep our mouths shut? When did we stop being Thelemic and become a restrictive slave organization? Why isn’t the OTO actions subject to Liber OZ or Liber AL vel Legis? What happened to the philosophical Areopagus judging our actions and beliefs by our Holy Books? It seems we are becoming so ‘fraternal’ wrapped up with our Rules, Regulations & Bylaws that it’s easy to slip into a spider’s lair and become prey. Yes, I’m venting!!!! And for the record, what you said about the Areopagus meeting to me was merely ‘relating what occurred’ and WAS NOT the fucking Meeting Minutes! Minutes imply ‘official’ documentation. I’ve got nothing official that I can quote! Ours was, I thought, a recollection of what occurred, or as you put it “for your interest, and because I feel you have a right to know.” To this Tony replied, “If I implied that they were the minutes I was wrong. And yes, that was exactly why I communicated it to you. What you do with it is up to you. I am simply subsequently informing you of the results of your actions.”

My email continued in regards to the right to know, saying, “Yes, that’s completely true but because Breeze confused the planes he opened up a can of worms in regards to OTO and A.’.A.’. issues. Don’t you think MY STUDENTS “have a right to know” these issues since they effect ME as well as them? Remember, I didn’t confuse the Orders, Breeze did and I, along with my students, should not be penalized for trying to straighten out the mess which he made. The only reason the OTO is putting a spin on this now, that I must keep quiet, is because this issue is turning into a major embarrassment for Breeze. Mea culpa, mea culpa, I’m so sorry that what is being publicly said is an ’embarrassment’ to him but what he said & did in regards to me at the Areopagus was FAR WORSE. It was down-right back stabbing, slanderous, blatant lies, a deformation on my character and hardly fraternal behavior especially for someone in his position who should have known better. That’s a fact. And I might point out, all of which are charges which could strip him of his position in the OTO or get him expelled. He’s violated so many of his own damn fraternal Oaths of the man of Earth at the Areopagus Meeting that it’s sickening but does anybody care about that? No! Instead everyone is quietly trying to ignore this fact and I’m being told that the A.’.A.’. is no longer the real issue … because if it was, we’re going to have to debate who is “down-right slanderous, blatantly lying, a defaming the other’s character.” In other words, we’d have to debate the A.’.A.’. issue and if Bill Breeze is wrong, then I’ll bring his ass up on charges which could get him expelled! In fact, let me make the above a formal charge right now! Will anything become of this? NO! The OTO will squash it. … Instead what is happening? I’m being charged with violating my Oaths. What’s wrong with this picture? The kettle calling who black? Am I merely being railroaded to cover up the facts that Bill can do anything he wants and say anything he wants without accountability. Is Bill Breeze exempt from the man of Earth Oaths? Let’s face it, the Tribunal (et OTO) is going to have their spin on all this ‘public talk’ and etc as I do mine. We are not going to agree on what is going on. HOWEVER, WHEN DID OUR EMAILS TURN FROM BEING TWO PEOPLE DISCUSSING ISSUES TO BEING ‘THIS IS OFFICIAL MINUTES’ AND DO NOT DISCUSS IT TO ANYONE, ANYMORE OR YOU’RE FUCKED? I’ve looked but I can’t find the transition point? I can’t even find anywhere where it states from this point on ‘THE TRIBUNAL IS INVESTIGATING!” Tony was quick to reply, “There is no transition point, because I never told you not to pass it on.”

In some ways I knew this right from the start. My next line in my email said, “I poured out my heart to you. I thought you were helping me not acting as a go between for Jim and Lon to get information, who now say they are losing interest in talking to me.” To which Tony replied, “I am trying to help you, but obviously not doing a good job of it. But don’t blame me for Khalil’s actions or your own in telling him. It was information _from_ me that stirred the pot, not anything you’ve told me. Again, that information was yours to do with as you saw fit, and I do not myself fault you for anything in this matter. I placed and place no restrictions on you in that regard. (how could I, even if I wanted to?)”

I continued, “When have I ever talked to them? Tony, I am not sure you’ve been exactly clear on this point. When did, ‘we’re appointing a Tribunal’ end and ‘everything you say (and others?) from now on will be held against you’ begin? Yes, everything seems to be pissing the OTO off but, in truth, there are two sides to this coin. AND THEY ARE PISSING ME OFF TOO. For the record, I haven’t even been given any official ‘Charges’ yet. I do not know exactly what the OTO is charging me with except vague innuendoes in my suspension letter. How can I even make a defense to the Tribunal? Be honest, the function of the Tribunal is merely to solidify and come up with charges and I’m being told that my actions only add further charges onto an already complicated issue. Well, I’m sorry. You want to hear a real fucking cynic talk? – The lion wanted to eat me at the Areopagus Meeting. Everyone said, ‘No, bad lion, Jerry is not fat enough yet!’ You guys are merely plumping me up for the slaughter because the inevitable will be that I’ll be handed back before the lion. Do you think he’s changed his colors and won’t eat me? — Let’s face it, regardless of the charges, or even how lame they might be or even how great my defense is, NOTHING will matter. You guys are writing the charges, handing them to the Supreme Council et Breeze the lion … who, whether such charges are fair or not, will expel me because that’s WHAT HE WANTED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE when he waltzed into the Areopagus Meeting!!!!!!! Do you see the moebius strip or is it just me? Ask Lon And Jim, do they really think Bill has changed his mind about expelling me and will be a fair, honest and a just judge when the Tribunal hands him their report? The OTO is simply going through the motion to tell it’s membership that I was given a fair trial but if it was really going to give me a fair trial, the final decision wouldn’t be in the hands of the Supreme Council with the likes of Breeze and Markus who admittedly are “out for my blood.” Now do you understand why I’m a cynic? I’m FUCKING DOOMED NO MATTER WHAT YOU GUYS WRITE UP! So why should I bother to comply to anything you’re ‘upset’ about? Tony, I’m not mad at you, or even Lon and Jim, so don’t take my venting as such. I’m just pissed at the constant demands and threats which the OTO is making on me ‘if I want a fair trial.’ The term ‘fair trial’ makes me laugh. There is nothing fair about this. It reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where a guy cries, ‘She’s a witch!’ and the Inquisitioners put her on a scale to measure her against a duck. If she’s weighs the same, she floats, therefore she’s a witch. However, the scales are rigged so both will always weight the same to automatically make her guilty. The woman replies, “Fat chance I have, don’t I?” Catch my drift? Yes, I know in your heart that you are trying to see that things are being handled correctly but I think you’re in denial of the fact that you’re just another person buttering me up for the inevitable slaughter. Please, don’t take that wrong. I’m just a rationalist. Anyway, I should have my defense letter finished by Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. I’ll send it to you, with two other copies for you to forward to LD & JW. After that, the OTO can expel me … “post haste.” Until later … 93 93/93 Jerry.”

Tony made many great comments to my tome of an email, too many to add into this Epistle but the jest of all of it seems to be frustration on every one’s part. The OTO wanted everything kept quiet, swept under the rug and handled typically ‘behind closed doors.’ But since the real issue of Bill Breeze’s anger centered around the belief in A.’.A.’. lineages it became difficult. The question members of my lineage kept asking was whether or not an outer fraternity like the OTO has the right to demand from an inner school like the A.’.A.’. to silence its members who discuss its mundane shenanigans of lying, deceit and railroading? Do you see the hypocrisy which crosses the planes? One Order says Mystery is the enemy of Truth. The other Order wanting everything kept quiet and hidden from the masses.


After the Grand Tribunal was assembled two members of the three hid in the shadows like assassins. They never once communicated with me. In the interim more demands kept pouring forth, each one was more ludicrous and paranoid than the previous. I was continually told that if I didn’t stop and silence all my A.’.A.’. members from chatting on the Internet and elsewhere about the travesties of my case then the Tibunal would simply make up its mind without bothering to hear my side, nor caring to. I was told that they also wouldn’t wait for the written charges to be drawn up by Frater Hymenaeus Beta which were supposedly due any day according to Tony Iannotti. I asked is this fair, to simply railroad me because of others, in a different fraternity, are talking? The answer was direct. It was, Yes. I was informed that if I didn’t keep my members quiet, especially Kalil, they’ll ‘silence me’ by not allowing me to post a defense. I emailed Tony reminding him that I was not going to silence my A.’.A.’. members. I never have done this in my lineage and if it meant I would be expelled because of it, so be it. From that point on things progressively got worse. It became very obvious that the Grand Tribunal was not there to “investigate” the Truth as my letter of suspension implied. They were simply there to find a way to shaft me. If I go into all the details it would take pages upon pages to clarify the antics of the Grand Tribunal.

Since I refused to silence the membership of my lineage the OTO started a rather funny campaign to discover the identity of Kalil. Knowing how the Order works, if they could discover Kalil’s identity they’d be able to attack, slander or threaten Kalil with lawsuits on the sly. Remaining ‘hidden’ Kalil was unapproachable except on Thelema93 and they didn’t want to play in an open forum where Truth prevails by one’s actions. I had to laugh at the hypocrisy typical of Breeze’s behavior. It’s OK for him to be the Hidden Master, with no photos, nor personal info being released publicly but everybody else has to be ‘known’ to him. I joked with Tony, “If I told you Kalil harbored from your own state of New Jersey, would it surprise you? Of course this is just hypothetical (wink wink) …” He replied, “Yes, that it would.” Over the next few weeks the identity of Kalil became the center of focus as to who it is or whether or not Kalil was even a man or a woman. I admit playing, or dare I say, deliberately dropping both ‘he’ and ‘she’ when referring to Kalil in my correspondences. I thought it all rather funny. On the 20th I sent Tony an emailing saying, “You know, Jim Graeb & Scriven met the other day down in Riverside and the identity of Kalil seems to have been a topic. I don’t understand this. Why are so many people concerned about this or why do we bother to have fraternal names? Why can’t people accept people on the value of their word rather than ‘knowing the identity’ of the person first? Anyway, Jim implied in so many words that OTO wants to find a back door and shut Kalil up by learning the identity of this mysterious figure so they can get and throw dirt up in the public’s eye to discredit this person. Is Kalil that dangerous to the OTO?” I emailed a similar comment about being so dangerous to Kalil, whom replied, “What, little ol’ me?”

Tony replied to my above saying, “They are going into mole hunt mode, just like any intelligence agency would. Of course in this case it’s obvious that I was the real mole, just doing his job in a brotherly manner, but they think Kalil might be an OTO member too.” I laughed so hard when I read this and quickly replied, “I love the term ‘mole hunt mode’ … Kalil, an OTO member? I chuckle, let them know: do they really think I’m stupid enough to let an OTO member be vocal? I have far better ‘jousters’ than Kalil in my lineage but Kalil has something which makes Kalil untouchable by OTO.” As far as the ‘jousting’ term goes, in previous emails I had told Tony that “everyone in my lineage writes letters from day one. We force our students to write out stuff and ask questions. This promotes earthing out thought. We try to drag their ideas and views out in order to teach them how to speak their own mind. But one of the side effects we’ve learn over the years is that it fine tunes one’s jousting ability. Someone like Kalil whose been around since the dinosaurs, has alot of experience.” But who is Kalil? The hunt went on. We received email throughout the world asking the same question while making their assumptions. It seemed this was a major quest of the OTO to find out who Kalil is and then silence the leak of information. Sadly, what they did not want to face was that Tony Iannotti was the real ‘mole’, telling me things and in return, I was telling them to Kalil.

Then, on Saturday, May 27th, I found my the first and last official email from the Grand Tribunal, it read: “After careful consideration of your case — and close observation of your public statements and behavior since our appointment as a Grand Tribunal Court of Inquiry following the April 29, 2000 ev meeting of the Secret Areopagus — we have unanimously adopted the following recommendation.

“We recommend the immediate expulsion of Jerry Cornelius from Membership in the
O.T.O. for violations of his Oaths of Secrecy in publishing his version of the IVth Degree
Word, and for Acts Prejudicial to the Order both in publicly proclaiming the details of his
problems with the Order and publicly involving himself with self-proclaimed, overt enemies
of the Order and its highest officers.”
It is with the profoundest regret that we feel we must make this recommendation. In
view of our long friendships with you, and your many years of distinguished service, we
offer you the opportunity to provide us with a written response which we will review and
forward with our recommendation. Please provide this on or before June 3, 2000 ev.
With regret and sadness
Love is the law, love under will.
Members of the Grand Tribunal Court of Inquiry”

Yes, the Grand Tribunal lived up to it’s threats. Because I refused to silence my A.’.A.’. lineage they made their decision that I should be expelled immediately without letting me offer a defense nor did they even receive any official charges being made against me which I could have replied to. So, what was I guilty of?

[I fired back my response:]

To the Grand Tribunal 93.
(to be forwarded to the Supreme Council)

How nice of you to offer me your profoundest regrets while throwing rocks of trumped up charges. Personally it comes as no surprise to me of the opprobrious if not disgraceful way in which the Grand Tribunal has arrived at its decision. Let’s not have any pretenses that you’ve done little else but wear the mantle of a witch hunter. You sought my guilt from the beginning, neither caring to hear, or trying to find out, whether or not I was innocent. Everything I did only further proved to you that I was guilty. You sought my guilt under every rock and I salute you for finally achieving the goal to which you were assigned.
However, for the record, I am not saying that I am not guilty of certain transgressions against the Order. I can see how in Truth, once pointed out to me, that I might well be and have even said such. But if it were just OTO issues which upset Bill Breeze in regards to Red Flame No.7, as the OTO membership is being informed, then why wasn’t I given a phone call and informed of my infractions back in October of 1999? I should have been told to cease & stop distributing that issue of Red Flame at once. This is how things of this nature have ‘always’ been handled in the past and I can cite numerous cases to make my point. Some infractions have even been more distressful than mine. Yes, this type of indiscretion has occurred before and it will occur again in the future. After all, we’re only human, we all make mistakes. And such mistakes are usually dealt with on a fraternal basis, as a brother to a brother. Is this not what we’re taught as to how we should resolve issues? To do things open and honest on a fraternal basis? Yet this was never, never even once afforded to me … why? Is it because the real issue had nothing to do with an OTO indiscretion prior to April of 2000? Let’s be honest, nothing was told to me between October till April of 2000, either in writing, by phone or email. Almost seven months went by before I heard anything. Is this how the OTO works? Then on April 29th Bill Breeze waltzed into the Areopagus and demanded my expulsion for reasons predominately over A.’.A.’. remarks made in Red Flame. This issue was not even on the agenda. I was completely blinded sided, my name slandered and I was viciously attacked behind my back without ever getting a chance to defend myself amongst my peers. This is far from fraternal behavior. Bill Breeze has violated more Oaths by his conduct, especially IIIrd Degree, than I care to shake a stick at and the Order itself should be held accountable for letting him get away with it. Yes, everyone at the Areopagus meeting said that the OTO could not expel me on Breeze’s trumped-up A.’.A.’. charges but in doing such you inadvertently let him off the hook for his defamation of my character at an official meeting of the Order. The bottom line is why am I being accused of one crime while he gets away with another?

Also, without thinking of the consequences the Areopagus suggested that Bill Breeze appoint a Grand Tribunal to investigate whether or not there ‘were’ OTO charges which could be filed. However, knowing what fueled Bill Breeze’s anger for over four hours at the Areopagus should have been a wake up call to anyone with half a brain to say, “Wait a minute there is something drastically wrong here which needs further investigation.” Then you should have ordered a Grand Inspector General Report. Instead everyone simply went into ‘witch hunting’ mode so it has something to ‘sell’ to the membership of the Order as to why I was being expelled other than Bill’s A.’.A.’. issues. Let’s face it, we all know and have joked about it amongst ourselves as Upper Degrees, that under careful scrutiny no OTO member is completely guilt free of everything. The OTO can get ‘anyone’ if it really wants to. In other words, this investigation has been a sham since the beginning. The real guilt in this case is not my FIRST transgression in twenty-three years of dedicated service but how the Order has dealt with me and that will ultimately be its historical legacy of shame. The OTO has totally botched this entire issue from October of 1999 to the present and instead of giving me the benefit of the doubt, to get to the bottom of this whole episode, you’re kissing the ass of my accuser.
And now you say that I can include a “written response” to your findings. My suspension letter said you’d “investigate” the Truth. How laughable is this if you’ve never bothered to inquire to or contact me, the accused, either in writing, by phone or email? Your findings are a pre-determined deception and fraud. I can give no written response at this point except my contempt for the proceedings.
And why isn’t your report being handed back to the Areopagus? Isn’t the Grand Tribunal suppose to investigate and draw up the charges made by the written accusations? Isn’t it the Areopagus who reviews such and recommends either expulsion, suspension, censorship or acquittal to the Supreme Council for consideration? Of course this procedure can’t be followed. Why? Because Bill Breeze can’t take the chance that the full Areopagus of my peers, knowing the whole truth, might have the brains enough to decide against him — again. So your views that I should be expelled must bypass all OTO channels and go directly to the man who wanted me expelled in the first place. Fate complete. And you say I’m not being railroaded? I was never given a fair chance from the very beginning. So why should I bother with a serious defense now and at the last minute, especially in an OTO forum?

For posterity’s sake and for the public record, I want to ask where does it say in our Constitution, or Rules Regulation & Bylaws that the Grand Tribunal, appointed by the accuser, can take upon itself to decided without any official written charges ever being made against a person, nor even hearing that person’s defense, that said person should be expelled? In other words, how can you recommend that I be expelled if there hasn’t even been written charges filed yet? You have neither the accuser’s written words or mine, the defendant, before you. You’re acting on total hearsay and rumors. I only hope the membership of the OTO is proud of the leadership of our Noble Fraternity, if not worried of the dangerous precedent this has set. The membership of the Order should be forewarned that we have arrived at a tragic point in our history where any member who disagrees with Bill Breeze on any issue, even unrelated to OTO, can be expelled. And if I, a twenty-three year veteran and an Upper Degree, can be railroaded out of the Order then what message does this send to the Lower Degrees? Of course the OTO will deny all this adamantly and put their ‘spin’ on it in the hope to do damage control but the facts speak rather loudly for themselves. Hasn’t the IIIrd Degree ritual taught you that Truth can’t be buried?
In my response to Germany, in regards to my suspension, I wrote, “I stand humbly before the Ordo Templi Orientis, arms outstretched and accepting my fate. Yes, I have dared to scream to the masses, ‘I am the Truth and in my Turban is wrapped nothing but God.’ Maybe I should be punished with whip & chain. Instead I am being ruthlessly struck down for this transgression while never once being approach fraternally by anyone in the last seven months to resolve the issue before it escalated. … This tells me that there is little hope that I’ll be raised by the Seven Bonds of Brotherhood. The manner by which I have been treated is slanderous and back-stabbing which shows me that the Order is not run by true brothers. It’s run by treacherous assassins who throw rocks from the shadows rather than facing the accused as a brother to a brother or even in the light of day.” I suggest the Grand Tribunal re-read the Ritual of Third Degree. It took three men to kill Al Hallaj by the Well of Life and now three men sit as a Grand Tribunal. In both cases, the assassins acted out of personal reasons against the accused rather than looking for real justice, which if the majority of OTO membership was told the Truth, I would probably be acquitted. Yea verily, I have been taught the Word of IIIrd Degree and by such I know the Laws of resurrection. Expulsion has no hold on me. I do not look at it in a negative Light.

However, sadly in my Heart, I fear that what we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of our beloved Fraternity, the Ordo Templi Orientis. When people can be accused of a crime with nothing officially put in writing, when their defense is not asked for nor even allowed and if they speak out against this travesty publicly then it’s held against them as yet further proof for their expulsion. It reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where a guy cries, “She’s a witch!” The Inquisitioners put the woman on a scale to measure her against a duck. If she’s weighs the same, she floats, therefore she’s a witch. However, the scales are rigged so both sides will always weigh the same to assure a person’s guilt. Realizing this the woman replies, “Fat chance I have, don’t I?”
93 93/93 J. Edward

I also sent out a form letter to many of my friends worldwide. This brief email would cause the OTO much grief having to explain itself.

This is just a quick blurb to let you know the Grand Tribunal has come to a decision
yesterday and it is recommending to Bill Breeze that I should be expelled immediately. How
they came to this decision I don’t fully know. The GT admits that no official charges have
yet to be filed against me or put onto paper by my accuser, Bill Breeze or the OTO. In fact,
the GT even admits that it doesn’t have a copy of the letter which suspends me. Also, the
GT has not even bothered to contact me, to hear my defense. I’ve received nothing by
letter, phone or email nor have I sent anything to them prior to receiving the final judgment.
So basically, without having the accuser’s accusations or the defendant’s testimony the GT
has come to the decision that I should be kicked out! What is wrong with this picture? If
their decision isn’t based on hearsay and rumor then what is? And they say I’m not being
railroaded! Well, enough for now. I’ll keep you posted on further developments.
93 93/93 J. Edward


Tony Iannotti and I emailed back and forth quite a lot, hundred of pages worth. In one of my emails I discussed the right of Grady McMurtry’s AA to exist as well as Breeze’s. Tony replied, “That’s what I am fighting now. I respect his opinion as his opinion, but cannot myself sit in judgment of any A.’.A.’. issue as an OTO member. It’s just not my place, and I have told him and others so. Perhaps I have just cut my own throat as well now.” I replied, “In some ways I respect Bill’s opinion too. Otherwise I would have been far more ferocious in the last Red Flame. But he has crossed the line time and time again. I’m not sure if you’re aware of some of the facts regarding this whole A.’.A.’. issue but as each year passes Bill is getting more vocal and more aggressive. Since the early nineties he’s been verbally attacking other lineages. I’ve heard him slander Phyllis’ claims and attack’s Grady’s. (Haven’t you?) In fact, myself, Arild Stromsvag and Lon himself listened to one of Bill’s rant’s where he openly said that when Phyllis dies, he’s going after Jim Eshelman to legally make him stop making claims that he’s A.’.A.’. This is a fact, I personally witnessed him saying it. So what am I to think? Is my lineage safe?

Yes, you may sternly reply a disbelief over the above or feel that what I’m fighting for really doesn’t concern OTO. In some respects this is how Nazism took hold in Europe. At first people accepted Hitler with open arms, then rumors surfaced about atrocities. People refused to believe in them. They turned away as if not interested in knowing what was going on behind closed doors because they honestly believed the issues didn’t effect them. Like the A.’.A.’. issues to OTO. And on a far, far lesser scale this is what has happened to the OTO under Frater HB. We accepted him, many still do. But stories are beginning to surface of injustices regarding Bill’s attacks on other A.’.A.’. lineages and everyone is turning a blind eye to this. Sadly many OTO members in general and outsiders are in denial that such could really be happening or that it will inevitably effect them. They’re speaking out on such places like Thelema93 that Kalil and others is wrong, saying: ‘The OTO is not doing this!’ Yes, I know the Nazis comparison might be a little strong but you have to admit, the similarities are quite amusing.

Also, consider this. In The Magical Link. (No.2 Spring/Fall 1998) which is an OTO publication using my dues money and yours, Bill verbally attacked Jim Eshelman and the idea of lineages in an article called ‘Consider the Source’ … as being an “erroneous notion.” Bill called his A.’.A.’. the only true A.’.A.’., claiming it to be no less than the “traditional authority”: cut and dry. He was very clear about this. But, if he attacks Jim’s A.’.A.’. in an OTO publication, is mine safe? Also, consider this. Is my A.’.A.’. address or Phyllis’ in the back of Aleister Crowley books being published by the OTO? Do you think Bill would let us put our addresses in those books? If not, what he’s effectively doing is using OTO to push his lineage as the only lineage. Am I wrong? And still everyone is saying ‘I shouldn’t confuse the two Orders.’ All I’m doing is sticking up for the rights of my lineage. Also, even the web site listed below on A.’.A.’. clearly points out that no other branch of the Order will be accepted within the Ordo Templi Orientis.

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atlantis/2569/geobook.html [Ed.: now defunct]

[quote] “This A:.A:. is a union of several lines and is said to derive its authority in an unbroken chain from To Mega Therion through to its current senior Adepti. This is the only A:.A:. recognised by O.T.O.”

I do not think anyone would have a problem with the term ‘recognised’ but, considering recent events, the word might well be changed to ‘tolerated.’ Also consider this. Another problem is that Bill Breeze has always accepted my degree of Magister Templi. He’s openly mentioned this on numerous occasions, even to me. However, the more vocal he’s getting with ‘pushing one A.’.A.’.’ within the OTO where do you think I fit into the picture? I believed that I either had to keep silent or speak out. In truth, my lineage always wanted to remain in silence, we have for years. However, I felt with all the recent events leading up to The Magical Link article that I had no choice but to speak out. I published a rebuttal in Red Flame No.7 to many of the claims Bill was making about only one A.’.A.’. The rest is, as we say, history. I could go on and on. But don’t you see, there is a history here of Breeze’s A.’.A.’. using the OTO in a symbiotic way while trying edge out everyone else. It’s not something that is a one time incident at the recent Areopagus where Bill accidentally ‘crossed the line.’ He’s been doing it all along but it’s been so subtle most people aren’t even catching on. It just happens that if a finger needs to be pointed as to whom is at fault for letting this incident escalate … it would have to fall on the shoulders of the Areopagus. It didn’t let Bill waltz in, lay down his demand and expel me. …….. In other words, Bill wanted this issue of A.’.A.’. lineages ‘closed’ quickly but the Areopagus wouldn’t let him. In truth, I was counting on this. I play chess. Of course, I wasn’t counting on a Tribunal being called but it’s not to my disadvantage … if played right.

Yes, this whole issue of my expulsion has nothing to do with OTO charges. These are merely a smoke screen being brought up ‘after-the-fact.’ In truth, I am fighting for my life, for the right of Grady McMurtry’s lineage and many others to exist in the world. If it costs me my membership in OTO then I accept this as my fate. But do you truly realize the beauty of what is happening? Why Thelema93 is a hot bed? Why Red Flame No.7 or Koenig’s web site must be ‘silenced’ in Bill’s mind? Because the A.’.A.’. issue is before the world! Facts and stories which he has tried so hard to squash are getting public exposure. Thus when Bill said (quote) ‘We are trying to cure people of this unhealthy obsession with spiritual lineages’ it’ll be harder for him to do this.

I know that I am considered the ultimate evil to the OTO and many think I’m a son of bitch, I’m dead wrong, I’ve violated my Oaths and a slew of other transgressions. But I know these accusers do not understand the greater picture of what is at stake. I accept my fate in their court of opinion. I look at the Aeonic picture, not the here and now reality (i.e. OTO) which will fade away with time. Yes, verily, I have a goal and yes, I’ve taken on the role of a martyr. Is it wrong that I fight for the right of my students and all those who’ll come after us, in many lineages, who may some day have to deal with Bill’s thuggery? Is it wrong that I’m fighting for the right to be a Thelemite without looking over your shoulder for threats, intimidation and lawsuits? Yes, the most that this fight could cost me is my OTO membership which is a small price for my love of the 93 Current … and I must give ALL.

Yes, I’ve heard it said often these days that we’re all confusing A.’.A.’. & OTO. But don’t you realize what ‘really’ happened at the Areopagus? Bill admitted that his A.’.A.’. now runs the OTO and that these Orders are connected or ‘entwined’ as an ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’ school. In other words, he has effectively said he owns the copyrights/trademarks and everything to both organizations. In fact, Heidrick has actually stated this on the Fifth Degree E-List and that can be quoted if need be. Don’t you realize that entwining these two Orders together gives Bill the right to use OTO money to attack all other branches of the A.’.A.’. through trumped-up allegations of copyright infringement on A.’.A.’. material or using A.’.A.’. trade-marks which he’ll claim he owns. This is how he will go after Jim’s [Eshelman] lineage. He told me so years ago. I didn’t believe him then but with recent developments I only wish I spoke out sooner.

As I see it, I have but two alternatives:

1. I accept the OTO telling me and my students to keep quiet, pull Red Flame and the material off Koenig’s web site in the hopes that I might remain an OTO member. In other words, selling out my A.’.A.’. lineage for the material gain of my membership in a mundane fraternity. But do you think Bill will let all the A.’.A.’. lineages alone if I did this?

2. Or do I stand and fight, knowing I’ll be railroaded on OTO charges to which I have absolutely no defense but at least the Truth will get out about the A.’.A.’. The world will know all the facts which Bill wants hidden. Facts which would hinder if not make it impossible for him to harass, intimidate or sue anyone in a Court of Law over A.’.A.’. matters. More important, it’ll also wake the OTO up to realize that it is being used as a pawn in Bill’s plans to attack other A.’.A.’. lineages.

In other words, I’m letting the cat out of the bag and in doing such, Bill can’t make his attacks from the shadows because I’m standing in the light screaming, “There he is!”

This is the whole issue of my expulsion in a nutshell.” [end]


In June, Thelema93 which was run by Second Degree OTO member tried to discover Kalil’s identity by saying the web site wanted everyone to ‘identify’ who they are with their alias’ at the bottom of every posting. Kalil did not want to play and became banned from posting on Thelema93. I wrote all the gruesome details out in an article titled KALIL and the Thelema93-l Tango. In this article I mentioned an incident which occurred on June 15th. “Around one-thirty on the fifteenth I sent Kalil a quick email jokingly saying, “Kalil 93! I guess when all is said and done, your posting on T93 got me expelled from the OTO and my telling you this morning to go ahead and post your comments to Nigris publicly got you banned from T93! Oops!! We should make it up to each other by having mad passionate sex the next time we meet … of course, don’t tell Marlene! [i.e. my wife] You know what a Scorpio she is!” Kalil quickly replied, “You are SO BAAAAAADDDD!” I then sent Kalil my draft of the ‘events unfolding on the T93, which I wanted to send out to a few friends. Kalil replied, “93 OK but watch out who you send this to or they’ll tell Marlene. BTW, never mind, I’ll tell Marlene and then you really WILL be sorry!” Kalil’s identity still seemed to be an OTO concern, even though the Grand Tribunal was already over. Kalil also dropped hints to ‘her’ identity when she sent an email to Hal von Hofe, who lives in Connecticut and was an old Brocken Mountain Lodge member. Kalil wrote, “Hal, do you remember me from Brocken? If so please remember that Jerry wants my identity to be kept quiet… let them keep guessing, eh?” I had to chuckle. Sooner or later, Kalil will be uncovered. The latest spin came on Friday, June 9th. Jim Wasserman’s wife Nancy called Keith Scheurholz, an EC member and asked him, “Are you Kalil?” Of course, Keith burned down the phone lines to tell me this. Yes, it bothers them that they can’t uncover Kalil’s identity. Marlene upon hearing this latest accusation immediately sent Keith an email, “Whao! Is it true Keith? Or should I call you Kalil?” … In truth, Keith is NOT Kalil!


There are major reasons why I have not addressed any OTO charges in this Epistle. First, as I pointed out already, I have never received anything official in writing to address. In fact, neither did the Tribunal. One of the many people who was concerned with all the shenanigans was Clive Harper in England. On Friday, June 2nd, he emailed me saying, “93 We certainly seem to be living in ‘interesting times’. Did Lon or Tony ask for your side of events at all? I raised the point with Bill, but only got a rather vague response about you having had ample opportunity to defend yourself.” I replied, “I did talk with Tony but you must realize that I was never official charged with anything. Myself, nor the Tribunal ever received anything in writing from Bill Breeze (my accuser) to verify exactly what I did wrong in his eyes. Therefore Tony & I just chatted about lots of nothing, just catching up on our friendship, ideas and views, while waiting for the charges to arrive. As for Lon & Jim, they never once contacted me or even asked me a single question. I presume they too were waiting for the charges. Of course Bill now has to be vague. But how can he honestly say that I was given ample opportunity to defend myself if no charges were ever filed or nothing was ever received in writing of the exact reasons for the Tribunal? What was I too defend myself of? Vague rumors, innuendoes on a suspension letter or third party comments about what other’s thought Bill was pissed about? If so, that’s bogus. Fraternally, an accused person has the undisputed right to a fair trial and to have all the allegations or charges being made against him or her laid out very clearly from A to Z. It’s the accuser’s responsibility to produce such. Bill never did and because of such, if he’s allowed to get away with it, it sets a dangerous policy fraught with abuse. No one is safe. This whole thing has been a botched job from the very beginning, a comedy of errors and rather than giving me the benefit of the doubt the OTO is simply railroading me. It’s kinda sad.”

This whole episode of my expulsion was becoming a major embarrassment for the OTO. Everyone was beginning to talk about how I was being railroaded by the Grand Tribunal. The OTO immediately began doing damage control by telling a new version of the events. I’ve known Bill Breeze for over twenty years and I can say with utmost certainty how amazed I am at how often, when caught in an anomaly, his stories mutate. In some circles he’s known as Mr. Slippery When Wet. This is why he rarely puts anything down in writing because he knows and has laughingly joked with me on a few occasions, that such, quote “comes back to haunt you.” My personal views on this whole matter is that maybe if he just told the truth right up front he wouldn’t have dance so often and wear his shoes out. What Breeze was unaware of is that I was keeping a careful ongoing documentation of the events which clearly showed how the story changed.

As an example, Breeze began telling everyone that my Suspension letter ‘officially’ listed all my charges and that, contrary to what Tony Iannotti was telling me all along, there was never going to be charges written out from A to Z which would clarify exactly what I had done. It’s nice for Breeze to tell me this after the fact. However, since a Grand Tribunal member, namely Tony Iannotti, kept telling me that such charges were in route and that my Suspension letter was not the official charges, I never attempted to address them. Furthermore, remember way back on May 18th I had told Tony, “For the record, I haven’t even been given any official ‘Charges’ yet. I do not know exactly what the OTO is charging me with except vague innuendoes in my suspension letter. How can I even make a defense to the Tribunal?” From day one I was telling Tony that those statements in my suspension letter were so nebulous that any defense could only be construed as being lame. Even he, one of the Grand Tribunal members, agreed.

Since Bill Breeze is now claiming my suspension letter listed the charges that were suppose to be investigated and addressed then I’d like to point out that the Grand Tribunal members themselves only received a copy this letter the day before they made their decision! Is this a fair investigation? After receiving the ‘charges’ did any member of the Grand Tribunal contact me before coming to their conclusion? NO.

Breeze also had to comment upon my remarks that I was never officially in communication with the Grand Tribunal. My correspondence between Tony and myself was personal. Even Tony stated such numerous times. If we are now being told that this correspondence constitutes ‘official’ documents, then either Tony was lying to me all along or, again, Breeze is trying to mutate the facts to cover his railroading me. Tony told me in a phone conversation this is what Breeze was trying to do and said he was being forced to send them some of the emails. On June 8th I sent Tony an email saying, “After careful consideration I would appreciate that our private correspondence between you and I, discussing my suspension/expulsion NOT be given out to Breeze or the OTO. What they are going to do, is put a special header on it and ‘spin doctor’ it into something it’s not in order to convince everyone that the Tribunal was ‘officially’ in contact with me. Which you know and I know, is a lie. In other words, they’re trying to do damage control after the fact, rather than facing their phantoms. Can you give me your Word that you won’t send them copies? I’d appreciate that.”

Tony Iannotti came out to the Bay Area for a work related visit between June 3rd and the 10th. On June 7th he arrived at my house for a visit at 7:25 pm. He stayed late and we talked about much. I wish to quote from my diaries of a few things I learned during the evening. Some of which I have already discussed but it’ll help clarify as to when I discovered the information. Meaning, on this date.

1. Tony talked with Breeze on Monday [June 5th] who said I was being expelled “this week” and that I could “appeal the decision at the next Areopagus.” He is also hoping that I will be “honorable” and not attack or come out revealing data etc & etc until then. However, he hasn’t acted honorably nor fraternally since day one. Now, he’s expelling me on bogus charges, which even Tony admits and he’s saying, please keep quiet for the next eleven months until the next Areopagus when you can appeal! I tend to doubt that I’ll do this. I really don’t care for my membership all that much at this point. Tony did say that Breeze is quote, “terrified” of what I could do or release.

2. I found out the copy of my suspension letter & my reply back both arrived at the Tribunal the day before they made up their minds, plus Breeze is saying now my suspension letter is officially “my charges” in order to tell everyone that I “was notified” as was the Tribunal. How bogus.

3. Tony said that Breeze has requested full copies of our correspondence between him and I. What he is trying to do, according to Tony, is to spin our correspondence into something it’s not. To imply the Tribunal was actually “investigating.” He wants it to become an official Tribunal record to prove that I was in constant communication with the Tribunal and him. He’s doing damage control to silence my bitching that I was never given the opportunity of a defense or to explain myself. Tony admitted tonight that our correspondence was private, between friends and was in no way part of the official Tribunal’s investigation as Breeze is trying to make it.

4. Tony read the paragraph which Bill Breeze sent to [omitted] on June 5th where he discusses my expulsion etc. He laughed, saying “this is so untrue.” I replied. “Lies is more like it.” We joked about all the points which were wrong, right down to his opening statement re: Breeze’s take on A.’.A.’. issues. We both agreed, he’s blatantly lying to cover up the real issue.

The next day, or on June 8th, I sent Tony an email, knowing that the day before was the last time we’d meet. Still, I wanted to address a lot of our conversations. I wrote, “I’ll be dropping you brief thoughts from time to time in regards to your visit etc. One thing I’d like to mention is that it became very clear that your optimism, although endearing, is allowing Breeze to know how, why and what I’m thinking. In other words he’s able to spin his defense (et story) so that he’s coming out smelling like roses. While, in some ways I’m in the dark. The only way I can be kept informed is if my friends let me know what he’s saying.

As examples of re-telling the facts:

1. I’ve always said that I haven’t received any ‘charges’ which I could respond to. He knows this through you and he’s now come back with, the letter of suspension contains your charges.

2. I’ve always maintained that the Tribunal never contacted me in any official capacity, even you have agreed that our correspondence was private, between friends and was in no way part of the official Tribunal’s investigation. Breeze is now trying to make it seem otherwise.

In other words, I’m looking over my notes in regards to how he’s ‘spinning’ a story and doing damage control. It’s all been at my expense via what I am telling my friends, mostly you and [omitted], who is then talking to him. In other words, he’s getting my views’ up front. In some ways this is bad legally. It’s like telling the prosecutor your defense before you have a trial or a hearing and hoping he’ll be fair. Realizing this, I’d like you to be very careful on what you tell Breeze from now on or, let me know what you’ve told him and carefully jot down actual statements verbatim, which he makes to such, which are known contradictions. If I’m going to make a defense at the next Areopagus this is important.”

Days passed and I heard nothing. I received no word from Tony once he returned home. On Friday, June 16th I sent Tony a brief email, asking, “I checked my P.O. Box today, still nothing from the OTO. Are you sure Breeze told you that I was being expelled ‘immediately’?” He replied two days later saying, “Yes, he meant that week, but I have not heard anything either.”

After more careful thoughts in regards to sending Bill Breeze our personal correspondence I sent Tony another email. This was on the 18th. I asked, “Why do you have to send them some of our correspondence?”

I continued saying, “We discussed this while you were here and you said, if you were going to send them anything, you’d send me a full set before sending it to them. To approve the editing. Since they are my words, common decency demands that I should see ‘what’ is being submitted to Breeze before you send it off. Remember, these were PRIVATE correspondence and the OTO has absolutely no right to them. Especially considering they are going to be used against me as if they are official ‘minutes’ of a Tribunal. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t care if such goes out or is published but considering the treatment which I’ve been dealt by the OTO thugs of late I want to see exactly what you’re sending so I can ‘approve’ it. I know this might be harsh but it’s only fair. You know and I know, Breeze and the ‘spin doctors’ are going to use my words to prove one way or the other my guilt. It’s totally unfair that they are given access to my words after they’ve already have found me guilty and are demanding my expulsion. This is nothing more that trying to confirm their decisions after the fact and I’m against it. Again, send me a full set of what you’re sending to them and I’ll give my OK as to what words of mine you can release to the OTO. I’m not asking, I’m demanding this.” Tony replied very graciously, “You said that you did not want your mail sent, so I was not going to send that. But I have to send some of what I wrote to you (the official early mail) to document my participation in the GT process and what you had been told. They are beginning to imply that I never communicated anything to you, because of your reply to them that you had never been contacted. (odd after the meeting description and other stuff wound up on Thelema93-l, but there you are.) I told them at the time that you were referring to no contact prior to the meeting, but they don’t think that’s true, that you mean through the whole process. Since they seem to be reluctant to ask you directly, it seems the only way to prove that I did contact you. (Of course, it does not prove that you received or read them.).”

I could only wonder what Tony implied by “official early mail.” It wasn’t until May 14th that I was notified that the Grand Tribunal had been assembled. In theory, Tony’s prior emails to this date should not be considered ‘official.’ However, in truth, I didn’t care what was being sent because anyone with common sense will quickly realize that the OTO is trying to ‘verify’ its decision of expelling me after they had already made it. In other words, they rushed into making a hasty decision, pissed at Kalil’s postings and living up to their threat that if I didn’t silence Kalil they wouldn’t let me offer a defense or even bother to wait for the charges to arrive from Bill. They can’t dispute this fact. Now that I was bitching about all this they are quickly trying to do damage control and explain away their actions by saying I’m lying. Obviously the ‘charges’ which everyone was waiting for from Breeze are now being ‘explained away’ by saying, “Oh, no, you got the charges in your suspension letter.” But this is contrary to everything the Grand Tribunal told me while it was in existence. As for me never having the opportunity to offer a defense, they’re now trying to say that I extended such in my emails back and forth with Tony. But where, anywhere in those emails does it say that these are official and anything other than personal conversations? Even Tony, a Grand Tribunal member, admits this. Furthermore, in those emails I told Tony that I was writing out a draft of my defense in an actual letter but I was waiting till the official charges arrived so I could fine tune my response before sending it to the Grand Tribunal. Tony agreed but warned if Kalil kept talking, I wouldn’t be allowed to submit it. Need I point out that this clearly shows my defense letter and my emails to Tony are two different things. The OTO is simply confusing apples with oranges in order to prove its folly and do damage control at my expense. Anyway, Tony did confirmed that he would send me a full set of what he’s going to send to Breeze so I could review it very carefully. He did say, “I have hardly touched my home email since I have been back, though I have read more and can tell you (though you probably know already) that the immediate expulsion plan was also argued against by Lynn [Scriven], and she received better attention than I did. I think July 30 is the new date, and they are supposed to re-iterate the original letter, and wait for a response though I think they should also come up (finally) with real specific charges, or your reply is likely to be the same, with good reason.”


On Friday, June 23rd, 2000 I went down to the P.O. Box and found a large registered letter from the Secretary General, Marcus Jungkurth in Berlin. The cover letter continued fostering the myths. Most notable is that it states “Your case was considered an emergency by the Supreme Council. The Agenda for the 2000 e.v. Areopagus meeting was prepared on March 22 and mailed promptly. Your article concerning the Order’s ritual appeared on a Swiss website on March 30th.” In my suspension letter of May 5th Marcus made a similar statement, saying that my suspension is due to “your quotations from the initiation rituals in your publication ‘Red Flame’ and the posting of such material to the public website of P.R. Koenig.” Here is the stupidity of the OTO’s railroading me which shows that none of them are really aware of all the facts and are merely throwing false accusations around which sound good at the moment. First of all, I did not post the entire issue of Red Flame No.7 on Koenig’s web site. I posted pgs. xi – xxx and pgs. 169 – 182. These dealt primarily with A.’.A.’. issues and U.S. Copyright Laws.

In the package which Marcus sent is a document called “The Notification of Our Findings.” Not that it matters, but prior to this I only received a copy of the first page. However, page two begins with the actual page references in Red Flame No.7 where the Grand Tribunal says I have violated my Oaths. It is approximately three lines. It is an undisputed fact that this is the first place where I have ever been notified ‘where’ I am accused of this indiscretion. In truth, this was part of the charges that I was waiting for so that it could be addressed rather than the ‘blanket’ charge that ‘somewhere’ in Red Flame I violated my Oaths. All this aside, the pages which are in question are, quote, “specifically pages 35 to 40.” THESE PAGES ARE NOT PUBLISHED ON KOENIG’S WEB SITE! This is another classic example of the OTO not knowing what the Hell it’s talking about and simply trying to come up with charges which look good on paper but have no basis in reality.

What is even sadder is that the rest of this piece, or rather ten pages worth, deals 100% with quoting in depth the postings by Kalil, a member in my A.’.A.’. lineage. If the Grand Tribunal had half a brain it would have buried these accusations. They only serve to prove beyond a shred of a doubt that I am being railroaded on trumped-up charges being sought long after the Areopagus meeting which was held two months earlier. Furthermore, it proves their threats that if Kalil posted anything again, it would railroad me without me offering my defense or hearing any ‘official’ charges. Here is Kalil’s postings! This is undisputed BUT WHERE IS MY DEFENSE IN THIS PACKAGE? Dah! There isn’t any. It only proves that if you hunt long enough, harass people and threaten them over a period of time, you’ll find something to hang them with. And they’re calling this a Fraternity?

I am not going to address all of the letter. However, at the very end on the last page is a list of questions which are titled Sample Questions Once Proposed by JW. Of course I’ve never seen these until this letter but if anyone is in doubt about the A.’.A.’. issue being the real truth behind my felonious expulsion I’d like to quote Jim Wasserman’s first question.

“How can you reconcile your hostility to the Caliph’s version of the relationship between
O.T.O. and A.’.A.’. knowing that the Caliph feels he is the ultimate authority on defining this
relationship for O.T.O. and knowing that the Areopagus has accepted his position as sole
authority to set official O.T.O. policy in regards to A.’.A.’.?”

Furthermore, at the end of his questions Jim Wasserman makes the following statement to Tony Iannotti & Lon DuQuette. “I am too angry to talk to him on the phone right now and don’t want to waste the time or money to see him in person. I have a Third Degree Oath not to punch him in the mouth and I take my oaths seriously to the extent that I’m able to live up to them.” Let me point out that if someone, supposedly in charge of, quote, “the investigation” (May 5th) portrays such bigotry and pre-determined guilt on some one’s behalf, without ever hearing a person’s defense or ever receiving ‘officially written OTO charges’ in regards to the person they’re investigation, is there any doubt that said person would not be railroaded? Jim Wasserman never bothered to call me, email or write me. I won’t get into every Oath he has broken but it’s far more than he’s accusing me of.

Sadly, the cover letter from Marcus Jungkurth is dated June 13th and states that I “have 30 days in which to submit any defense … which should be received by the Secretary General no later than July 11, 2000 ev.” However, it’s postmarked on the 14th and in addition to not giving me a full month, the letter arrived on June 23rd. This plainly says it took nine days to arrive in California from Germany, which is not bad. But if I’m to guarantee that my defense letter gets in Marcus’ hands by the 11th I’d have to ship it at least by the 1st. Hoping, of course, that he checks his mail regularly. This means that I have only one week to make an adequate defense and not a full month as ‘graciously’ offered me in the cover letter. This will be another ‘classic example’ later on when the OTO tries to spin a fanciful tale to make itself look good by saying that it offered me plenty of time for a defense. It sounds good on paper but it’s harder to swallow in reality.

Is there any doubt why I was a cynic throughout this period? There has been nothing fair about how the OTO has dealt with me from the beginning. Part of me just doesn’t care one way or the other if I remain a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis. The wall between Bill Breeze and myself, now built, will be almost impossible to overcome if I remain within the Order. Yes, he & I have been fighting over A.’.A.’. issues for some time and we disagree adamantly on many points. However, he crossed the planes. Not me. He brought these issues down into the official meeting of a mundane organization. That organization has busily gone about trying to cover up this fact and do damage control by trying to make it seem like my real crime is a breach of OTO Oaths. But that is not what fueled Breeze’s four hour talk at the Areopagus. Again, for the record, I am not saying that I am not guilty of certain transgressions against the Order but there was never an attempt to have these worked out amicably for all concerned.


At this point I want to point out that I accept the Hell which I’ve drawn down upon myself knowing that it has exposed something which has been slowly brewing behind the scenes for many years. It is no secret that Bill Breeze has systematically attempted to eliminate every other OTO or Thelemic organization and retain the undisputed copyrights of Aleister Crowley’s estate by suing and attacking everyone. However, he wanted it kept very quiet that his megalomania had been mounting a campaign of slander and attacks on the very threshold of the A.’.A.’. itself. The knowledge that Breeze’s A.’.A.’. was now to be considered as the ‘only true Order’ by the OTO, no others would be accepted as being legitimate, sent shock waves throughout the Thelemic communities world wide. Independent bloodlines, with no ‘apostolic succession’ back to Aleister Crowley are deemed, and I quote “bogus.” Yes, verily, in attempting to expel me it further exposed the fact that Bill Breeze has set upon a program which says that if OTO members want to be invited into the Fifth Degree then they must give up their membership in certain groups which do not advocate his world views. A person must also stop associating with individuals whom he personally deems a threat to his Order. Unless you sell your soul you won’t be allowed into Fifth Degree. Of course, once this became public knowledge the OTO spin doctors are quickly trying to deny it. After all, if the man of Earth degrees knew the Truth they might start wondering why should they remain in the Order and pay their dues.

The bottom line is that I knew right from the start that whether it was today or tomorrow, no one could stop the tides of fate that would inevitably try to push Grady McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. lineage out of the Ordo Templi Orientis. I accept this and hold no animosity. In Truth, I was marked for death months ago when I first spoke An’el Haqq before the masses. The Grand Tribunal was merely Frater Hymenaeus Beta’s three rock throwers whose job it was to do his dirty work and slay me by the Well.

I’d like to include my entire “Defense Letter” sent on June 26th, 2000ev:

Care Frater
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. –AL I:40

I received your letter of June 13th. I offer no defense for the allegations mentioned therein because there can be none to deceitful and bogus charges. I am well aware that if the Ordo Templi Orientis decides it wants to expel someone there is always sufficient grounds to sell to the masses. Therefore, why bother to grovel? Besides, there is more at stake here than one’s membership.

I know and you know, as do many, that the real reason the Order is trying to expel me is to enable William Breeze’s A.’.A.’. lineage, which stems from Marcelo Motta, to solidify its hold over the Ordo Templi Orientis through the elimination of other branches, meaning Grady McMurtry’s or mine. Knowing this, let me say that I have absolutely no contempt or animosity for Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis. I really love the fraternity with my whole heart and soul. Yes, I am being expelled, as have many of late but I am not blaming the Order for the misgivings of one paranoid megalomaniac. A presumed spiritual leader who sees enemies lurking behind every tree and under every stone. A man so scared of his own shadow that he fled Austin to Europe simply because of a rumor that someone was going to kill him. A man so terrified that merely having his address known or his picture published throws him into a emotional tizzy. His policies are dragging the beauty of the Order down into the depths of degradation in which he mentally wallows. The bottom line is that I’m not someone who confuses a glistening red apple reflecting the beauty of the Sun with a piece of rotten fruit languoring in a mud filled gutter. If you’re expecting me to trash the OTO itself you’ll be greatly disappointed. To me, the OTO as envisioned by Aleister Crowley and even by Grady Louis McMurtry is a wonderful fraternity which has tragically entered upon uncompromising times. I am not rebuking the inanimate object for the folly of human consequences. I’ve always believed, possibly silly I admit now in retrospect, that someday the Order would be restored to its intentional glory and perhaps all the travesties bathing Thelemic communities worldwide could be put behind us.

In ending I’d like to declare, regardless of what any future letter states, that I am not going to accept my expulsion from Frater Hymenaeus Beta (William Gary Breeze) on the ground that he is not OHO. According to our OTO Bylaws Section 2.18 Subsection D: “Any expulsion of a member holding a degree higher than VII* must be carried out by the authority of the O.H.O.” I will not get into all the gruesome details but simply proclaiming Dave Scriven a X, who in return elects oneself to OHO was a scam. Plain and simple. I pre-date Frater Hymenaeus Beta’s reign in the Order and because of such, as of this moment, I no longer feel he has any authority over me because of his treachery in the Hermetic Triad. I am O.T.O. and I will always be O.T.O., he and no one else can take away this Honour until such a time as a real election by Tenth Degrees is held and he is appointed to the position of OHO properly. Until that time I simply bid him farewell.

Love is the law, love under will. –AL I:57
J. Edward Cornelius

I know there are some who might wonder why I’ve never submitted more information to the OTO in my final defense letter. If you question this then obviously you haven’t been paying attention to the subtleties. For the record, since day one I have never felt that I have been on the defensive once during this entire episode. I learned Chess from Grady McMurtry and I play it well. I have heard too many of Grady’s war stories for them not to have sunk in. I have been relentlessly on the attack over false allegations since the beginning and have refused to play the OTO’s game by going quietly. The OTO and Bill Breeze, on the other hand, have been defending themselves against the allegations that I was being railroaded over A.’.A.’. issues. Yes, they have been constantly defending themselves, doing damage control and changing the facts to fit new information. Then they regurgitate it all back up to explain away my ‘defense’ while trying hard to make themselves smell like roses. All it proves is that I wasn’t on trial, my defense, in Truth, was playing the white chess pieces and they’re too stupid to realize it.

The above, ending with the last paragraph, was originally intended to be the end of this Epistle. I had finished the first part and ended it with the final line, “Now my tome is over [or at least Part I] and I can get on with my life. All I can do now is to wait for the felonious Notice of Expulsion to complete the travesty.” I then sent the entire thing [which has since been slightly edited to reflect that Section XI is not the end] to Phyllis Seckler. I believed, whether right or wrong, that she needed to know the whole story of what was going on behind the scenes.


On Tuesday, June 27, the day after I finished my Epistle and mailed it off, I got a phone call from Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral). It seems that besides my letter to the OTO and my Epistle being sent to her, yesterday also saw Phyllis sending a rather “hot letter” to William Breeze as well. She was calling to discuss this letter with me because she had mentioned me in it. We chatted for well over an hour. I also told her about the package I sent her yesterday. She couldn’t wait to read it. Later that day I went to my P.O. Box. and low and behold, Phyllis’ letter [dated June 22nd] was already there! Phyllis’ demands were rather harsh and direct. She was obviously distraught over A.’.A.’./OTO matters of late and she unloaded both barrels at Bill Breeze. She also defended me and my actions. She argued that he gave me absolutely no chance to defend myself which was unfair and goes against O.T.O. procedures. She stressed that I was not hurting him in any way and that all I was doing was merely expressing an opinion which is my right according to Liber OZ. I personally think she was very fair with her comments. All in all, the letter is far more complicated but the jest of her remarks in regards myself was that she felt Bill Breeze owed me an apology and that I should be fully reinstated in the O.T.O.

Most harshly to Breeze are her comments about the recent threats which he made to her in a phone conversation on May 21st. Although some people are ‘publicly’ denying that this occurred, in truth he did threatened her with a lawsuit because of her use of the name of A.’.A.’. in her work. I won’t go into the details, but this prompted Phyllis to come out swinging and you can’t blame her. She is a fighter. Anyway, she gave Bill Breeze ‘three’ demands, one of which was a “signed paper … in [her] hands by July 15.” This, I’ll discuss later. She ended her eight page, single typed letter with “Finally, I have always praised you for your fine work with the publications. Also you have done a great deal of good work with the O.T.O. When you were elected to the headship of O.T.O., we believed in you and we would again like to believe in your intelligence, you spirit of fair play and your tolerance. Dear brother, please reconsider some of you present actions.”

I think it best to quote Seckler’s letter to Bill Breeze in it’s entirety to get the full flavour:

Dear Bill,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

There is now quite a crisis in the O.T.O. and in my 61 years of membership this seems to be the worst one yet.

What has happened to you? You used to believe in religious freedom and now you are acting with religious intolerance and suppression.

Crowley wrote that the A.’.A.’. and the O.T.O. were two separate Orders. I enclose copies of this letters [These are not included in this epistle. –JEC] and remarks written to clarify matters. These were printed in I.T.C. Vol I, No. 2. You seem to believe that you should be the head of the A.’.A.’. as well as the head of the O.T.O. Why? I am inclined to ask where are your credentials?

The A.’.A.’. is guide by V.V.V.V.V. He wrote the tasks for each grade with George Cecil Jones. This is clear in LIBER 61. V.V.V.V.V. is ever the head of the AA and there can be no other. He is still at work to guide his Order. He does not necessarily need a physical body to do this. Intelligences on the inner planes can make use of all sorts of persons. One of their easiest vehicles is a person of unbalanced or insane mind. Why do you think you were the victim of a stalker? Would it not be good policy to heed what ill fortune besets you?
You have been showing that you can’t allow any divergence of view from you own. Why can’t you take criticism? Thelemites should be able to express a diversity of opinion without fear of reprisal. Perhaps if you had two revolutionaries to oppose your every decision and move you would not now be in so precarious a position. The two revolutionaries were specified in Crowley’s original constitution and their function was to strengthen a Supreme and Holy King, causing him to review his character and behaviour so that he could remain well balanced and so that he did not become an ego-maniac. You have not benefited from this provision and it makes one wonder if you have been afraid of criticism and opposition all along.

According to all accounts, you behaved in an unfair manner when Jerry Cornelius criticized your behaviour in claiming head of the A.’.A.’. Your actions seem to point to the fact that you wish to bring every A.’.A.’. person under your leadership and jurisdiction. Actually he was correct in his views on this matter. Crowley’s instructions are clear enough for each grade of A.’.A.’. and presumably any person could accomplish a great deal in the work and studies on their own. The only catch is that when a person claims a grade in the Order, and there is no person in a higher grade to monitor his work and issue a paper upon completion, that his claims are hard to believe.

But you expelled Jerry for his opinion and also with some ferocity, for you gave him no chance to defend himself. This was unfair and also goes against O.T.O. procedures. Do what thou wilt means that one gives every other person a right to do what he/she wills without interference. Jerry was not hurting you in any way. He merely had an opinion. Is no opinion valid but your own? Have you forgotten LIBER OZ?

“3. Man has the right to think as he will:
to speak what he will
to write what he will —-“

You owe Jerry and apology and full reinstatement in the O.T.O.

You even threatened me with a lawsuit because I use the name of A.’.A.’. in my work. Do you think you should be the only one to use this name? That is, you and those of whom you approve?

I have been a part of V.V.V.V.V.’s A.’.A.’. since 1940 when Jane Wolfe inducted me into this Order and gave me a paper for Probationer. In her turn, she was inducted into this Order by Crowley while residing in Cefalu and studying under him.

Also, as everyone knows, Karl Germer was an 8=3 in this Order due to Crowley’s knowledge and word of his true grade. Before that, Karl achieved the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel while in a prison camp in Nazi Germany. When Crowley knew of this attainment, he recognised Karl as 5=6 of A.’.A.’. Germer later recognised my own experience with the H.G.A. and wrote to me and to Jane that I was 5=6 A.’.A.’.

At the present with H.G.A. guidance I have founded a College of Thelema and one of my successors has founded the Temple of Thelema under the College. We have classes and college work which aids a student to enter the more difficult work laid out in LIBER 185 (to be found in the last section of GEMS FROM THE EQUINOX.)

When a student enters the A.’.A.’., we work with strict compliance to the guidelines set out in LIBER 185. No one gets a paper from us for each grade unless they have completed the tasks set forth. If any one of our students is ever challenged, the papers show good, solid work which is overseen and checked by those of higher grades and by adepts if need be. According to Crowley’s instructions, only Neophytes or those of higher grades may take on a student but if anything goes wrong, there is always help from our adepts. The work is private and secret and should remain thus as that is the way the A.’.A.’. is supposed to operate. With us there are no imaginary or false claims as to grades, no lies, no pretense and no frauds in all of this work, whether of C.O.T. or of the A.’.A.’.

In our studies at all levels we give a background in Psychology and Astrology so that each person can know the self and can guide his work and choices according to his true nature.

Agreed, this is a difficult time, but as a IX O.T.O. I would like to ask; does the O.T.O. intend to sue any publisher in the world who publishes Crowley writings, either in English or in translations? The present suit seems also to very nearly impoverish the O.T.O. Are all such lawsuits in the best interests of the spread of Thelema? The O.T.O. is supposed to aid in the spread of Thelema world wide, but copyright restrictions could work thoroughly against this aim.

I am also concerned about this policy of lawsuits, as I think Crowley’s work will not get a wide enough distribution due to publishers being afraid to publish. There is a good deal of merit in Jim Graeb’s work on this matter. I do not see his exploration of other options as a threat to the final settlement of the Naylor, et al lawsuit. A vast majority of lawsuits are settled out of court. By mutual agreement neither Naylor nor O.T.O. is to be affected by this preliminary exploration.

But you can’t seem to view this effort in a balanced way and you want Graeb expelled immediately. How do you know how the lawsuit will turn out? What if O.T.O. should lose? Would not Graeb’s suggestions then have been a better course to follow? You don’t even wait to find out if he was right after all.

Jim Graeb is also fighting for religious and personal freedom and tolerance supposed to be taught in the higher grades of O.T.O. But you are exhibiting intolerance and suppression of the freedom of religion of an A.’.A.’. person. Graeb is doing the work of a revolutionary and you react with haste and fear. Of what are you afraid? Your behaviour makes many others in O.T.O. wonder who will be expelled next. This leads to a lack of independent action on the part of others who hold high positions. Are you intent on making them rubber stamps of yourself?

Yes, you really do need the ideas, the votes and the independent thoughts and work of the IX O.T.O. and also of the VIII. They must act so that the O.T.O. does not become a petty dictatorship.

In our telephone conversation of May 21, I told you that what you and others did with the A.’.A.’. was none of my business and that I hoped for the same courtesy from you. But when you offered to sue me instead because I work with the name of A.’.A.’., I replied that if you interfered with me, I would have to fight. This is part of my fight.

1. As a IX of O.T.O., I request you to reinstate Jerry in the O.T.O. with his full
degree restored.
2. As a IX of O.T.O., I request that you allow Jim Graeb to act as the present
revolutionary without fear of retribution.
3. As an A.’.A.’. I request that you do not sue either me or my successors over the use
of the name of the A.’.A.’.

If you intend to remedy your present actions with suggestions 1 and 2, please let me know by July 15. As for request No. 3, I request a written statement that you will not sue us over the name of A.’.A.’. This signed paper should be in my hands by July 15.

Of course you may ignore these requests and say nothing. But in that case, copies of this letter shall have a wider distribution.

It is my policy to give a copy of any letter which I write of a serious nature in which I have mentioned a person’s name. Therefore both Jerry and Jim Graeb shall have a copy and I ask that they exert extreme discretion in not showing it or reading from it to anyone else. Since your actions also included the Secretary and Treasurer, a copy goes to Marcus Jungkurth and Bill Heidrick. Finally, a copy of this letter shall go to David Scriven because he is head of the U.S.A. O.T.O. and should know of anything that goes on.

Finally, I have always praised you for your fine work with the publications. Also you have done a great deal of good work with the O.T.O. When you were elected to the headship of O.T.O., we believed in you and we would again like to believe in your intelligence, you spirit of fair play and your tolerance. Dear brother, please reconsider some of you present actions.

Love is the law, love under will
Fraternally with much love
Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral)


On Wednesday, June 28th Kalil sent an email to [omitted] who often posts on Thelema93 and who was curious about the A.’.A.’. ‘feud’ going on in the world. It’s important to quote this letter because it also reflects my views very clearly on this subject.

“Hello [omitted], Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. I was forwarded your email on T93 regarding the ‘feud’ going on between two A.’.A.’. branches. I can only assume you mean the current ‘expulsion’ of Jerry Cornelius from the OTO? I would like to discuss this with you as to the reality of the situation.

At the very beginning I wish to state that I do not want nor intend to get into a semantics battle. I do not like the manner in which the elists twist emotionally charged words such as Feud into other inflammatory issues. My brief experience on T93 was such an event and, personally, it is not where the majority of my Life is at this time. However, I respect that you seem to have a level head and wish to clarify the situation for you. I am also writing this for myself as my actions in answering and then relaying messages about the Cornelius Expulsion has brought the subject up on the elist in the first place.

For the record, my branch of the A.’.A.’. is not feuding with Beta. There is a difference. We do not care If he is A.’.A.’. or argue against his being A.’.A.’. at all. We are simply not willing to accept His claims to rulership of the entire organization. I find it laughable that he claims to be “the traditional authority” of A.’.A.’. as his less than glorious past associations with A.’.A.’. is well documented. However, please look at the symptoms of the matter.

Who is expelling, threatening and acting in an aggressive manner? It is Beta of course. He is acting in regards to the A.’.A.’. as he is doing with the OTO. It is not just Jerry (and us) that he attacks. He has made actions against many other branches as well. He is the one out of control. True, we are the first to come-out and refuse to accept his aggressions. However, that is our gift from Grady, we are warriors and proud of it.

There is much the elist does not know about the inner workings of our and other groups of A.’.A.’.. Many branches have seen Beta as being a control-freak and for many years we, meaning my branch and the other A.’.A.’. branches as well, have simply watched quietly and attended to our own business. My branch has happily remained ‘hidden’ for over 15 years. We knew in ’85 when Beta took over the OTO that another branch was in charge. However, over the years, and particularly in the last 8 or so, Beta has become more aggressive. He is now using OTO money to attack other groups…his “Consider the Source” in the last Magickal Link was just one such endeavor.

Please, reserve judgment about us. Should the members of A.’.A.’. simply lie down and allow a megalomaniac stomp all over us? I bet that you will begin to see other A.’.A.’. branches come out as well in the near future. It is not my place to address their concerns but they are becoming enough concerned to take their own actions. You must never forget that although the A.’.A.’. does reside in the lofty heights, it still has its roots in Malkuth and must deal with mundane matters from time to time. ‘Order well the Kingdom’ is a true aphorism.

A.’.A.’. does not like to be political. It is not in the interests of either Student or Teacher as it takes far too much energy away from the tasks at hand. My own work is much hampered in the last couple months (is that all!?) by such activity. Still, if the liberty to exist outside of Beta’s cliché is what is at risk, then I will fight in the open. Again, we are not attacking Beta’s A.’.A.’. or their right to exist. He is the one attempting to deny us our own right.

I welcome any dialogue with you on this matter if you wish. It does hurt to see reasonable people assume my branch is doing something ‘wrong’ and not that we are defending the very right to exist for ALL branches of the A.’.A.’.
Love is the law, love under will.

Later in the evening, at 6:20 pm to be precise, I found a message on my answering machine. It said, “93 Jerry this is Phyllis. I want to ask some questions about your 44 page run-down, of what happened. Could you … get back to me a little later, before 8:30 maybe?” I immediately called her back. After our initial hellos, she asked how many copies of my Epistle I had given out? I replied, “Two, one to her and another to [a member of my A.’.A.’.].” I explained that I didn’t write it to distribute as much as to “get it off my chest” so I could put the whole matter behind me. She replied that this information must get out and that I shouldn’t keep it quiet or buried. In the end, I promised her that I would distribute the information, at least to Jim Eshelman and Jim Graeb. We also discussed her own letter in-depth to Breeze and I told her how brilliant it was. We talked about many things, too many to write down and, besides, most of it was personal. On the following morning of Thursday, June 29th I printed up a copy of my Epistle and mailed to Jim Eshelman. I would give Jim Graeb his copy on July 4th.

On Friday, June 30th Jim Graeb called, very, very upset. It seems Dave Scriven, aka Frater Sabazius X, accused him of “filling Phyllis’ head with lies, deceit and misinformation” and implied that she is “mentally incompetent” to understand the Truth [these quotes were Jim’s words, not necessarily Dave’s]. It seems Dave sent Jim an email where he stated, and I quote, “I just received a cc of a letter from Phyllis to Bill. … her letter did contain a list of grievances, a number of which seem to be rather ill-informed. From the content of her letter, it would appear that you (or someone) alleged to her that…”

Dave then lists five statements which he feels are blatant lies in Phyllis’ letter to Bill Breeze.

The first statement is about Jim Graeb personally and it doesn’t relate to my expulsion. The second lie according to Scriven is that, “The disciplinary action against Jerry C. was based exclusively on A:.A:. issues.” Dave then includes in parenthesis a rebuttal saying, “(contrast Tony’s plea to Jerry, in your presence, to remove his material from Koenig’s website);” Obviously this shows that Dave is either ill-informed, very stupid or is just willing to lie. I think I’ve already proven in this Epistle that the material on Koenig’s website is predominantly A:.A:. related. Besides I have not said my expulsion was ‘exclusively’ based on A:.A:. issues. Rather, I’ve stated time and time again that this issue is what has fueled Bill Breeze’s anger from day one.

The third myth according to Scriven is that “Jerry was never given any chance to respond to the complaints against him” He then adds in parenthesis his brief rebuttal, “(ibid, with Jerry’s stubborn rejection);” To reply to this allegation I’d like to quote what I wrote to Tony Iannotti a few days later, or on the 30th in regards to Dave’s comment. I asked him, “When did I rejected to submit a defense? What bull-shit. If I remember correctly, tell me if I’m wrong, but I told you that I was writing my defense letter and waiting to receive the final ‘charges’ which were coming from Breeze [which never arrived] and the questions coming from Lon & Jim [which also never arrived] … because I was waiting for the above and before I could finish my ‘defense letter’ … WHAM! … the Grand Tribunal came up with it’s recommendation to expel me.” This is the actual truth. I never stubbornly rejected to give a defense to the OTO. I was never given the chance.

The fourth statement which Scriven says is false is that, “Bill Breeze personally desires to be world-wide head of A:.A:.” Dave adds, “(He explained his position in detail at the Areopagus meeting, which you could and should have attended. I relayed his stated position to you in Riverside, and it did and does not include him being head of A:.A:.)” Obviously this Epistle of mine proves otherwise. Although in all honesty, Dave is not really lying, he’s simply playing semantics. Yes, Bill Breeze may never have said that ‘he’ wanted to be the world-wide head of A:.A:. but, then again, he has stated that only his A:.A:. would be tolerated. Besides, it is not secret that Bill Breeze is actually the number two man in their lineage. James Daniel Gunther holds the position of number one.

The fifth and final lie according to Scriven is, “Bill Breeze has threatened to sue Phyllis over her use of the A:.A:. name and symbols.” Scriven writes that this is “(baseless and absurd).” So what is Dave Scriven saying, Phyllis is a liar? Why is it that everyone else is a liar except Bill Breeze? This is always the first line of defense by OTO leadership. “We’re right, everyone else are liars!” It’s a tragic stance. Personally, I believe that Phyllis’ credibility as being truthful and honorable is a far cry greater than that of Mr.Breeze. I could write a volume on comparisons. Obviously Scriven thinks otherwise, if he thinks at all. Anyway, much of what Dave Scriven writes is simply a ‘spin’ on the truth to do damage control. But I’d like to ask, “Who is really telling the misinformation, David?” Anyway, I called Marlene at work, she down-loaded Dave’s email, put it in an envelope and sent it to Phyllis. She needs to know what Scriven is saying about her.

On June 30th I sent Tony Iannotti an email. Letting him know, “On another note. All Hell is breaking loose this week. Phyllis has gotten involved with the A:.A:. issue and has written a scathing letter to Breeze. Have you heard about this yet? Anyway, it seems Breeze threatened her on May 21st in a phone conversation over the use of A:.A:. sigils etc, which was a bad move. Of course, he’s denying it now and so is Dave Scriven. … Dave and others are claiming that Jim Graeb and I are filling Phyllis’ head with lies and misunderstandings. Dave Scriven even said that Bill Breeze never stated that he personally “desires to be world-wide head of A:.A:.” at the Areopagus Meeting. Claiming, ‘He explained his position in detail at the Areopagus meeting.’ He accepted other lineages (?) … but, doesn’t this seem like it’s opposite what you told me?”

I then told Tony a story I had recently heard, how another source present at the Areopagus meeting but who “demands” to remain anonymous, told me, “Tony is full of himself about the A[reopagus] meeting. What he quoted to you never never happened. It’s bad lies” He went on to say, “Bill never said there was only one A:.A:.. Nor was he angry about your (i.e. meaning me) comments in Red Flame. The issue never really came up.” I then told Tony that I defended him rather hotly, but got back a simple, brief email that I was wrong and “Tony is obviously scattered or mistaken” of the events on April 29th. End of subject. I asked Tony, “So what gives? Are the spin doctors changing the story or what? I told you they were going to try to hang your credibility out to dry. Aren’t you glad you came out of hiding?” To this Tony replied, “I do seem next at the spit! As far as the anonymous member of Areopagus I don’t care about what cowards say. What David is saying now does seem like the opposite of what I remember and also of what you’ve been saying, and also what he’s been writing.”

There is an official copy of the Minutes of the last Areopagus Meeting which lists what was discussed and wasn’t. In regards to ‘my issue’ it states: “1 Agenda Addition. 1.1. Motion: To make the following addition to the agenda as an emergency issue pursuant to Bylaws Section 2.18(c): The Standards of conduct to be expected from a member of the Secret Areopagus. Background: Jerry Cornelius published “Red Flame” in which he discusses in detail the OTO initiation rituals (violation of the oath of secrecy) and, after the issuance of the Agenda for the Areopagus meeting, allowed P.R.-Koenig to post some articles published in supra on his website (an act prejudicial to the welfare of the Order.) Directly following this is “1.2 motion” which goes into how to deal with me, appointing a Grand Tribunal etc. All in all, the meeting began at 12:45 pm with the first Motion and the 2nd Motion ended at 4:30 pm. Just like Tony said, roughly four hours of dealing just with me. FOUR HOURS! And only a few lines in the official minutes! If this ain’t a travesty, there is no mention of anything regarding A.’.A.’. issues. It’s like Breeze’s rants didn’t even happen. However, didn’t the Grand Tribunal convict me for letting Kalil release the ‘minutes’ of the Areopagus Meeting to the public by quoting Tony regarding Bill Breeze’s A.’.A.’. views? But, if this was true, then why isn’t what I or Kalil wrote about in regards to Breeze’s A.’.A.’. rant found anywhere in the minutes? The official minutes are seemingly devoid of everything Tony told me. And they say there is no conspiracy!


On Monday, July 3rd Tony Iannotti finally forwarded me the complete ’email file of our personal correspondence’ of what he’s sending to Breeze. Doing this has always rubbed me wrong from day one. The OTO had already found me guilty and recommended my expulsion. Now, it’s simply trying to prove their case after the fact because its own incompetence has come back to haunt them and has caused them considerable flack worldwide. It’s no secret that they’re trying to use my email correspondence to prove that I did offer a defense contrary to what I’m claiming. In some ways they’re correct but, in others, they’re blatantly wrong. Right up till the day the Grand Tribunal made up its mind to recommend my expulsion I was still waiting for the official charges to arrive from the OTO as well as the GT’s questions so I could address them as a defense. I still had no idea what the exact charges were against me. Even Tony knew this, we discussed it and my emails prove it. My defense was going to be an “official letter” but I was waiting for the charges and questions to arrive so I could address them properly. My emails between Tony & myself prove beyond a shred of a doubt that I never forwarded this defense letter nor was given the opportunity to do such before the Grand Tribunal came to its conclusion. What I find so reprehensible now is that they want to wave my personal email correspondence in the air and say, “Look people, he’s lying! He was given the opportunity to offer a defense! and here it is!”

During the course of this day, Tony and I emailed back and forth to clarify misunderstandings, mostly on my part. I thought everything that he sent was being forwarded right away. It wasn’t. At least it wouldn’t be until I made editing suggestions about personal stuff which had absolutely no bearing on my expulsion. Later in the afternoon I sent the following:

“Tony 93! Sorry for venting. I’m stretched to the limit over all this bullshit of trying to justify my expulsion after the fact of accusing me of a crime. It’s become a daily thing with numerous emails floating in to give me all the graphic details of what is going on behind the scenes. It wears you down after a while.

Bill Breeze, Heidrick, Scriven and others are lying through their teeth of late and the ‘damage control’ being done at my expense has got me about three shades ready to go in for the kill. These guys don’t realize it but the people who are asking them so many question are actually friends of mine too, who I might add, are telling me everything. This is not a fraternity anymore … it’s back stabbing treachery. Your package this morning came in while I was dealing with their attacks on Phyllis. Yes, it’s become bad. They’re trying to trash this woman as being mentally incapable of discerning the facts. They’re saying Graeb & I are filling her head with deceit and misinformation. Were basically being called liars! This is not the fraternity I joined in 77. If Breeze wants to know why he has enemies … it’s because HE MAKES THEM. His behavior toward me is widening a gulf a hatred by the moment. Then when I come out swinging he’s going to publicly cry, ‘Why me? What did I do to make him so mad?’ … Sadly, I’m getting so much treachery thrown at me … I often don’t have time to think.

I need a vacation. I’ll have the edited material emailed to you by the weekend.
93 93/93 Jerry .”

On Tuesday, July 4th Tony wrote, “93! Don’t worry about venting, I understand. Please remain assured that I am not going to send anybody anything you wrote to me without your approval. Their attacks on Phyllis are really bothering me, if you have any suggestions as to how I might better serve her than I was able to serve you it would be very much appreciated. (Of course, she probably does not need my help any more than you do, I _am_ full of myself sometimes!) Anyway, no apology necessary, I did not mention in the cover letter that it was for your editing. I hope you do get a vacation from all this soon, I’m sure we could both use one! 93, 93/93 Tony.” Later in the day I replied, “At times I am amazed that you put up with me. I am humbled.” In regards to his concern about their attacks on Phyllis and asking how he might help I replied, “Their attacks are bothering many of us. I’d suggest contacting her. Do you have her phone number? She knows a lot about what has been going on of late even though both Breeze and Scriven have asked that she not be informed. [ask Jim about that, he’ll give you the details.] Anyway, she knows the full jest of our correspondence. I’ve kept absolutely nothing from her. Why should I? In fact, she is the only person to have a copy of my 44 page ‘Epistle on My Expulsion’ which goes into all the gruesome details behind the scenes from day one to present. She was shocked when she read it. Called me right up and we chatted over an hour. She said she knew ‘only the tip of the iceberg’ and ‘didn’t know it was this bad’ in regards to Bill’s A:.A:. shenanigans. All in all, she needs info, honest and truthful. She’s a wonderful person and being kept in the dark and not knowing can be difficult. Support is the key word. You should call her. Since she knows a lot about what you & I have chatted about, you already have something in common right up front, and can begin by just saying, “So you know?” Basically what I’m saying is that you’re wrong, Phyllis and myself both need your help. Phyllis likes you a lot, misses you. She told me so. You should contact her.”

Tony would later reply, “No, I have been working crazy hours this week, will try to touch base with her this coming one. I don’t think I have her number, though, do you have it handy? It must be over a decade since I have spoken with her.” As for my comment that Phyllis told me the information should be made public and not buried in files or kept quiet, Tony agreed with her, replying, “Good for her! I also think the whole thing could be helped to heal (if possible) by a liberal dose of exposure to sunlight and air. Kill or cure! I’d very much like a copy of it.” He continued saying, “I think this may well be the parting of the ways for you and HB, and that may well be healthy for both of you! What he does with the OTO is not good for your heart, and you have so many more pleasant ways to spend your time. And a bit of madness is not unhealthy either, enjoyed in moderation. ;-).” In many ways I agree with Tony.

On Friday, July 7th, I’m not going into all the details, I got ‘drift’ that certain people over-seas might be getting a copy of my Epistle through a third party. I didn’t want it to get out so I emailed a few close friends saying, “I’m writing you is to let you know that there is an unedited, first draft copy of my ‘Epistle on the Expulsion of Jerry Edward Cornelius’ floating around. It’s a tome at 44 pages. However, there are things going on behind the scenes right now which makes it important not to post this too quickly. If it comes your way, please hold on to it ‘privately’ …” Marlene also sent out an email to another friend, saying, “In case the recent Epistle has begun making any ’rounds’ please recall or postpone any action on it. There is much afoot and it is, after all, only a ‘Draft’ which might be radically altered in the near future. We have alerted others as well but you may know some we do not.”

Saturday, July 8th I spent the morning finishing up on my editing of the stuff Tony wants to send to Bill Breeze. I sent my recommendations to Tony around 7:20 am. I told him, “For starters, I would like EVERYTHING prior to Sunday May 14th excluded & not sent because it predates when you told me the Grand Tribunal was formed and that you were on it. … I think this is fair.” He would later reply, “Yep, definitely, I agree. Nothing prior to my note to you on the 14th.” I then wrote, “As for the rest of the listings below. These are things I’d like omitted because they were personal things which I believe have no bearing on my expulsion and, or, were things I discussed ‘privately.’ I’ve left in the ‘dates’ so each entry can be found easily.” He would reply, “OK, this is exactly what I needed as far as direction. I will make the deletions, and bounce you back the edited version for your approval before sending to anyone.”

I ended my email by saying, “It all seems to be heating up … have you talked with Phyllis yet? In my previous email I mentioned that I had given Phyllis a copy of my 44 page ‘Epistle on My Expulsion’ which goes into all the gruesome details behind the scenes from day one to present. Although I had written this piece, as I explained to her, as a form of ‘putting closure on things’ and that it wasn’t meant to be released, she ‘wants’ it made public. She stressed to me that this info should not be buried in files or kept quiet. After a lengthy talk of over an hour on the phone, she convinced me. Anyway, a lot is coming down on the 15th of this month. That is the date Phyllis gave to Breeze requesting certain demands from him. Of course Bill’s ego won’t allow himself to meet them, but if her demands are not met then she’s going public with certain info and I’m releasing my Epistle as well for public distribution. Would you like a copy? … 93 93/93 Jerry.”

Afterwards I worked on the revisions to the Epistle On My Expulsion, editing and adding in new info, pages upon pages. It grew from 44 pages to almost sixty. Later, we got a phone call from Jim Graeb. I was busy so Marlene chatted with him. He was worried to death in regards to letting out my Epistle because Wednesday, the day after getting it on the 4th, he copied it & shipped it to every single Ninth Degree in the world! He must have burned a line to his copy machine! 9:15am I called Graeb back, we chatted awhile. I told him that it would have been nice if he had told me that he was going to do this, or even after he had done it so I could prepare myself accordingly. … Afterwards, Marlene decided to check our emails and the humor continued. It seems Ruthanne sent us a brief message around 8:55 am, just before Jim called, or while I was in the shower. She wrote us saying, “Dear Marlene, Please don’t have a cow. Jim just informed me that you guys didn’t know he was sending it out to all the lX*s. He already mailed the fucker out, with some lengthy bulky download of the Apology of Socrates. He is holding his head and groaning even as I type…..I think this just ruined his day… Sorry sorry for the miscommunication! On my part, I haven’t sent it anywhere. Waiting! love, Ruthanne.”

At 2:53 pm I sent Tony Iannotti an ‘oops’ email. “Tony 93 I’ve been out doing errands all morning. Now that I’m back I think there is something you should know. I got a phone call from Jim Graeb this morning shortly after I sent you my email. He was responding to an email of yesterday telling people not to post my 44-page Epistle. Anyway, he was worried because I gave him a copy Tuesday night, at Phyllis’ request. However, he took it upon himself to make copies and send such to every single IXth Degree in the world on Wednesday morning! I didn’t want it to get out like this but … there is little I can say now except oops! All in all, I’m not mad at Jim for doing it … I just wish he had told me about it, before or at least shortly thereafter. I don’t like being kept in the dark about things directly effecting me. I did get the impression that if I didn’t send out the email asking people not to post the Epistle, Jim wouldn’t have called to let me know what he had already done. That would have really pissed me off. Anyway, when it arrives, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for it getting out this way. 93 93/93 Jerry.” Tony would reply, very briefly, “No problem, I look forward to seeing it! Others will of course be more upset, but c’est la vie.”

Later in the evening I called Phyllis Seckler to let her know what Jim Graeb did in regards to sending my Epistle out to all the IXths. It’s funny, typical Phyllis, she replied by saying, “Oh my.” We talked for about ten minutes. Neither of us being mad at Jim’s actions. However, it seems Jim called her this morning after talking with me but he failed to tell her about his shenanigans with my epistle. Anyway, I felt she needed to know this just in case someone called her about it. She felt like me, that Jim should have called & let me know what he was doing.

8:10 pm Marlene checked our email. Keith Schuerholz sent a rather revealing email between himself & Dave Scriven. Of interest is when Keith writes about keeping the minutes to the Areopagus Meeting quiet, saying, “A word about the secrecy of minutes, etc: It’s great, but please don’t use it as a way to cover up things that might embarrass the OTO’s leadership. You guys need to learn to be more accountable and take your lumps when you’re wrong. And HB can be wrong, and so can Sbzs. The Clinton administration learned that the cover up can become more of a problem than the original problem itself. 93:93/93 Keith.” Ouch! Hit them hard and below the belt Keith! In regards to the ‘secrecy of minutes’ & the ‘cover up things that might embarrass the OTO’s leadership’ Dave Scriven simply replied, “I am not aware of anything in the Areopagus minutes that we are trying to cover up …” When I read this I sat back in my chair and chuckled. Memory lapse, perhaps? I had to immediately send Tony a brief email with Dave’s quote so he could enjoy the comment as well. He must have found it rather amusing because, with his typical sense of humor, he replied, “That’s excellent, then they won’t mind your Epistle being distributed!” From July 5th the days passed into a week and then more. It was a quiet period [sort of].

Then, on Saturday, July 15th, myself and others drove up to meet with Phyllis Seckler to discuss matters of late. On the previous Wednesday [12th] Bill Heidrick and Bill Breeze had both visited her. I will not go into the details of either of these visits but I can say, Phyllis got her letter! It’s in Bill Breeze handwriting and very brief. It simply say:

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
This is to affirm that neither the Ordo Templi Orientis,
nor myself in any other capacity, will ever contest
in a court of Law the use of the name or Lamen
of the August Fraternity A.’.A.’.
Love is the law, love under will.
Frater Hymenaeus Beta Frater Superior OTO.”

It’s dated July 12th, 2000. The 15th Anniversary of Grady McMurtry’s death.

I joked with Phyllis about how she got Breeze, Heidrick and myself out of our houses and visiting all in the same week. She laughed loudly with a roar, then was quick to reply, “Ya, I haven’t had this much attention since I was in the Second Grade!” The following day I sent out an email to my friends worldwide …

Care Frater 93!
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
I won’t go into all the details but basically, Saturday’s meeting with Phyllis Seckler and
others in regards to the A:.A:. went phenomenally well. Although I can not give out copies
[yet] we do have it in writing, in Bill Breeze’s own hand, that on July 12th 2000 he
conceded and acknowledges that neither the Ordo Templi Orientis, nor himself in any other
capacity, will ever contest in a court of Law the use of the name or the Lamen of the august
Fraternity A:.A:. by anyone. Bill Breeze has completely backed off on his claims of being
the ‘only’ A:.A:. in the world! Although it is not everything I would have hoped for I am still
elated with this document. Even if I am expelled from the Ordo Templi Orientis my entire
fight from day one to the present in regards to the rights of the A:.A:. members worldwide
has been successful and I feel fully vindicated.
Love is the law, love under will.
J. Edward Cornelius.


Love is the law, love under will. –AL I:57

Frater Achad Osher

Issued this 16th Day of July, 2000 ev
From the Valley of Berkeley, CA

[Editor: Some spelling errors have been corrected in the letters & emails
which are quoted in this Epistle for the readers convenience.]

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