“I believe then, and believe now, that the probationer of AA
is nearly always offered the opportunity to betray the Order,
just as the neophyte is nearly always tempted by a woman.”

–Aleister Crowley

A.'.A.'. SIgil

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. –AL I:40

In this Epistle I will address a certain problem which every Neophyte 1=10 within our Noble Order of the A.’.A.’. must face. Up till now most of the information which has been imparted can be easily applied and is commonly accepted by everyone. However, there is a slight chance that what I’m about to discuss will not be understood and might go over the head of the average student. Still, it would be negligent of me if I did not include this material.

It is no secret. Many students fail at the Neophyte stage in their ascent of the sacred mountain called Abiegnus. In most magickal systems the Neophyte works primarily off the Qabalistic sphere of Malkuth on the Tree of Life, but do not be fooled in thinking that this implies only the terrestrial sphere of Earth or even one’s own body. Yes, in many respects it is our reality. But more than that, it’s the subtle underlying aspects of matter, four-fold in Nature, which has a dependency upon the Infinity, or primarily the Eternal Female within Binah on the Tree of Life for existence. Confusing as that may be, many A.’.A.’. teachers neglect to teach the relationship of Binah to the Neophyte. This is the problem of a grade system based upon a hierarchy. It too easily leads to avoidance of things assumed unnecessary for a student simply because the information lies Above where the student stands upon the Tree of Life. However, when becoming a Neophyte the other spheres do not become dormant. Still, it is often easier to ignore this and to tell the Neophyte that their first step is merely seeking to lift the veil of familiar things, often meaningless to others but pertinent to one’s personal incarnation. To do this the Neophyte is told that they must learn to control these four-fold principles, known as the Elements, both within their own nature and their astral surroundings.

However, once entering upon the sphere of Malkuth a Neophyte is often bathed in the Sorrow which abounds the Castle of the Holy Graal. But remember, he who sorroweth are not of us, they are bound within shadows and shadows are merely the inertia which shackles us to our own feeble little World. Yea verily, every Neophyte should be forewarned that once they set foot upon the path the Graal Messenger, or Kundrie, will be the one who seemingly beacons you forward. Yet simply through the curse of her being she’ll also plunge you, like Parzival, back into the depths of sorrow, despair and shadows if you’re not eternally on your guard against her tricks. Sadly, within our own AA system the Nature of this Sorrow is the single greatest stumbling block of our Neophytes and is something rarely discussed or even taught how to master. It is simply accepted that most individuals, at least nine out of ten, will fail at the Neophyte stage. Most A.’.A.’. branches will attest to this tragic reality. A true Adept knows that everything they do fights the inertia of the mundane. It is a constant struggle. Nature continually tries to hold the Neophyte on Malkuth and it accomplishes such by using that which dictates its own reality, meaning the elemental forces. This is why any working with the four-fold elements is so dangerous. The very thing which can aid a Neophyte in their ascent of the Sacred Mountain is the easiest way to fall from the path. This is the true nature of Christianity’s evils. The more spiritual one becomes an elemental will inevitably arise to tempt them, to bring them back to the shadows and sorrow of Earth, usually clothed in the individual’s fears and religious notions. To a Christian they call this elemental force Satan, but Adepts must learn to call them Kundrie.

Aleister Crowley gave us further warnings as to the Nature of the fall in a piece titled De Nuptiis Secretis, Deorum cum Hominibus which is literally the Secret Marriages of the Gods with Men. It is an Eighth Degree Grade Paper within the outer fraternity known as the Ordo Templi Orientis. Here is states, “that to every Neophyte of the Order of AA appeareth a demon in the form of a woman to pervert him; within Our own knowledge have not less than nine brethren been utterly cast out thereby.” He also wrote, “I believe then, and believe now … the neophyte is nearly always tempted by a woman.” [The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, pg. 659.] But why are nine Neophyte’s tempted and one not? We could be esoteric, mysterious and drop philosophical hints that these nine were not ready to ascend the mountain and they failed. In some ways we would not be lying but instead of simply accepting the fate of the nine should we not be trying to understand what gift protected the single Neophyte in their quest?

The Truth lies in an Understanding of Binah, known as the Superior Mother or Goddess and her role with Malkuth which is Qabalistically known as the Inferior Mother, the sphere which a Neophyte desires to labor within. Usually a Neophyte who walks the Earth is more apt to ignore the Goddess of Binah, or Nuit in quest of the here now and the Malkuthian path which their feet are presently treading. However, in De Nuptiis Secretis, Deorum cum Hominibus there is mention Of Great Marriage with the Goddess which Crowley clearly warns should not be ignored. If one falls from such, the Goddess being scorned manifests in the form of Kundrie upon the face of the deep in search of revenge. In other words, if one’s aspiration is not 100% true to the Graal any movement occurring downward onto the Malkuthian plane will draw to a Neophyte an outward manifestation in the form of a certain type of temptation which will inevitably try to hold them back. All Neophytes, male and female, stand a dangerous chance of attracting an actual human being who has certain elemental qualities. This person is said to be one of Nature’s pawns who has unconsciously been drawn to the Neophyte for reasons even they can not understand.

To fall in love with such a person mimics the Fall from the Greater Love and Marriage of Nuit as the Eternal Goddess. Malkuth wins. Sadly, this is something which a Neophyte should never forget. However, the majority of things which a Neophyte is taught usually circles around the Malkuthian plane in regards to accomplishments. Once treading this path they should be forewarned that they must constantly seek that which lies within and above in the form of the Goddess. Since the Gods and Goddesses and even our own Soul is neutral, whether we look at the Goddess as being either male or female is actually immaterial and merely a personal convenience. Regarding both sexes, Liber DLV [Liber Had] and Liber XI [Liber Nu] offer an Adept the supreme methods in this area but these critical treatises are not considered reading material until one is a Philosophus 4=7. Such oversights in our curriculum often allows the Neophyte to stray from the Love of the Goddess in the early critical stages of their development to seek solace in the flesh of a mortal.

The bottom line is that it’s imperative that while working any form of Malkuthian magick, whether elemental or the obligations of a Neophyte, that one becomes aware that any individual drawn into your life, inspiring love, must be avoided at all cost. Do not try to rationalize or reason as to why your new love interest is not a Kundrie. Just be aware that their Malkuthian needs, wants and desires are what, in effect, will keep you from pursuing the Truth Path.

In my own experience I can tell you the graphic tale of a Neophyte, a Ninth Degree member of the OTO, whom Grady McMurtry claimed had failed miserably at his Neophyte ordeal and had attracted an evil spirit toward himself in the form of a lower love interest which perverted his thinking and accomplishments. In denial, unable to shake this stigma, the student continually attracts one “demon in the form of a woman” after another, each perverting him to depths from which he may never recover while Fooling him into thinking that he’s fulfilling some kind of greatness on this plane. According to Grady, until this student fully accomplishes the Neophyte Ordeal, he will continue this cycle throughout his incarnation. Even more tragic, since Grady’s death, this same Neophyte went on to assume one A.’.A.’. degree after another, on his own, until finally taking the Oath of the Abyss. However, since every drop blood had not been poured in the Chalice of the Goddess he will never truly Understand the Mystery of Mysteries and will bathe in Choronzon until Death relieves his Malkuthian torment. Other historical examples of such folly can be seen in Jack Parsons’ life and even with Karl Germer. Both perverted their ascent through a Kundrie who had been drawn to them. Yea, verily, many a brethren have been utterly cast out by Nature.

Yet the single, easiest way to avoid such failure is to never forget the Love and Mystical Marriage of the Goddess, or our Lady, the Scarlet Woman, Babalon, Nuit. To an outsider all this might sound too allegorical. It basically implies that you must never let your aspirations, even for a second, droop downward toward Earth or Malkuthian desires. True Adepts know that every drop of one’s blood must be drained into the sacred Chalice. If but one single drop is left out of the Graal it’ll breed a thousand phantoms, the spawn of Choronzon and Sorrow will clothe one’s reality as a dark shadow.

Love is the law, love under will. –AL I:57

Frater Achad Osher 583