Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. –AL I:40

If you had been following my troubles with the Ordo Templi Orientis you would have realized that I was informed that the Order was deciding my fate by July 30th, 2000 and that my expulsion was imminent. I was never given the opportunity to offer a defense. This is why I wrote and posted An Open Epistle on the Expulsion of Frater Achad Osher 583 which was dated July 16th. I figured, if the OTO wasn’t going to listen to reason, or at least hear me out regarding my actions, then I was going to take the Truth to the public. I did this because of the numerous emails from around the world from friends and acquaintances who had been hearing stories, rumors and blatant lies being spewed forth about me. I wanted to the tell the story as accurately as it could be told so that everybody could read how the events unfolded from my point-of-view.

After reading my Epistle many people rallied to my defense. Especially our beloved Soror Meral, Phyllis Seckler, who helped stopped the expulsion date and get me a hearing at the next Areopagus Meeting to be held in Spring 2001.

I will not discuss all the rhetoric which occurred over the next year, nor will I address the Areopagus Meeting of April 28-29th 2001. However, here are some facts as they unfolded. On Sunday, April 29th Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo I received a phone call from Frater Hymenaeus Beta. He later paid me a visit at my house. It was a a marathon four hours plus hashing out our differences.

As for our A.’.A.’. differences, at best we both agreed that we disagreed. One of my A.’.A.’. initiates, Kalil, would later joke that it’s like a Cold War. In other words, someone will always have a finger on a button ready to throw stones at the slightest provocation. I agreed, adding, “Perhaps, someday, the Wall will come down.”

My reinstatement centered around Red Flame No.7 & revealing the OTO Words. One of the requirements for my suspension being lifted was that Red Flame No.7 should “cease to be distributed” or only sold to individuals “holding the required degree.” Frater HB said this really wasn’t an issue because RF7 was out of print. I replied, “Well, it was out of print, but we’re planning on reprinting all our back issues.” I informed him that this issue was not going to be pulled as he earlier requested. In the end, he understood why and he fully agreed that the OTO has no say in my publication. Second, he understood why I am not going to ‘restrict’ the issue only to OTO members of appropriate degree, as also requested. As before, it will be released publicly. Third, although he requested the OTO Words to be removed, I stuck to my guns and said I am not removing them from the issue simply because it would make the issue meaningless. I said, the best that I could offer the Order, from my point-of-view, was that I would remove the words ‘OTO’ from certain passages which offend the Order by having their name connected with their Words. In the end, he agreed.

Later, while standing in my kitchen, Frater HB asked me, “Well, do you want your suspension lifted?” I slowly grinned, looked him in the eye and replied, “Sure. Why not?” We both hugged & he said that he was satisfied with tonight and he reinstated me, in full! It was 10:17 pm. In the end, I think what Frater Hymenaeus Beta went away with is the realization that I don’t agree with him on a lot of issues and we’re miles apart, and most likely always will be. Yes, he pissed me off, probably will in the future too, but I don’t hate him or the Order. That is the best assurance I could, in all honesty, give him to his face. That is what a Fraternity is All about. That is Thelema.

Love is the law, love under will. –AL I:57

Frater Achad Osher
Issued this 7th Day of May, 2001 ev
Sun in Taurus, Full Moon in Scorpio
From the Valley of Berkeley, CA