Christopher Reed Johnson (Laus Priapo Deo 217), Inner Head of the Order for the McMurtry-Cornelius A.'.A.'.

Bio of Frater Laus Priapo Deo 217 (Chris Johnson)

Cari Fratres et Sorores, 

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law 

As the Hermit now responsible for directing our A.’.A.’., I would like to introduce myself. I was born Christopher Reed Johnson in Marietta, Georgia at 9:27 PM on a full moon night at Kennestone hospital on January 31st, 1980. Given the data, my date of conception was sometime during May of 1979. According to, I am 56.5% English, 31.9% Scandinavian, 10% Irish/Scottish/Welsh, and 1.6% Italian. 

Since I was born with Sun in 11° Aquarius, my archetypal symbol is The Star (Atu XVII); my character symbol, the Prince of Air; and my personal symbol, the 6 of Swords (Science). These very accurately encapsulate and represent my tendencies and interests, although more recently I feel that I am best described by the Prince of Wands as detailed in The Book of Thoth. 

Although I spent my first couple of years in Woodstock, Georgia, I moved after my parents’ divorce and lived for the next 30 years in Carrollton, Georgia with my grandmother and subsequently my mother and, finally, on my own. After leaving home at the age of 15, I graduated high school early by attending night classes and then attended the University of West Georgia where I earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Psychology. I then took the National Certified Counselor exam and afterwards started working full time as a therapist. During my school practicum, I spent much time working as an intern at Tanner Behavioral Health.  

Psychoanalysis, the occult, and philosophy continue to intrigue me. As far back as I can remember, daily writing of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction has also played an important part in my life. Rock climbing, Enochian magick, and experiments with making homemade health products (soap, ORMUS, deodorant, shampoo, EMF reduction devices, etc.) are also interests of mine. 

As for my occult career, at the age of 14, I recall visiting the library and various bookstores in search of works on the lost island of Atlantis.  Why I was interested in the subject I cannot say.  Nevertheless, something prompted it, and I began reading books by various authors, some more fantastical than others.  Eventually, I picked up a copy of Robert Anton Wilson’s The Illuminatus! Trilogy and his subsequent works.  Atlantis and the writings of Crowley play a major role in these works of fiction, which led to my first purchase of three occult texts: The Book of Lies (the contents of which I could hardly understand at the time, but found intriguing nevertheless), The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, and Magick Without Tears.  Having been a student and initiate now for more than 25 years, I realize it was no accident that an occult bookstore called The Wizard of Odds had just opened in, of all places, Carrollton, Georgia.   

After perusing these works and learning more about Crowley on the internet, I found that an O.T.O. Camp called “Solve Coagula” was also located in my relatively small hometown. I proceeded to send an email inquiring into membership, and I eventually met Frater IWR and his girlfriend at the local Applebee’s.  Long story short, another synchronicity revealed itself during this meeting, namely, that I lived one floor down in the same loft apartment building to their home and the newly formed camp.  Thus, it came to pass that I took my Minerval at Solve Coagula Camp on November 6, 1998, at 10:59 PM in a small room with a black and white checkered floor with Victor T. Cypert serving in the role of Saladin. I then took my First Degree approximately three months later, specifically on January 30, 1999. Two years later I was initiated into Second Degree—on February 24, 2001, e.v. 2:00:00 PM at Equilibrium Camp in Stone Mountain, Georgia—with Glen Alcorn acting as Saladin, after which I took an 18-year hiatus due to work, school, and raising a son. The following dates reflect the other O.T.O. degrees into which I was initiated, which follow in quick succession: 

  • Third Degree: March 30, 2019, at approximately 6:00 PM at Hidden Spring Oasis in Casselberry, Florida. 
  • Fourth Degree and P.’.I.’.: November 24, 2019, e.v. at approximately 12:00:00 PM and 6:00 PM respectively at Dove and Serpent Oasis in Marietta, Georgia. 

Before moving forward, there’s another interesting point to this seemingly inevitable story, namely that before taking Minerval, my friend and I were invited to an O.T.O. meeting in Atlanta, which happened to be the setting of the largest gathering of upper degree initiates yet in the southeast.  Thus, I found myself at the apartment of Allen Greenfield where I first met Glen Alcorn, a military interrogator who proceeded to take my friend and me outside, where he grilled us for several hours with questions about self-identity, religion, and philosophy. Later, my friend and I saw him for the second time at NOTOCON 2001, where he admitted that he thought he’d never see either of us again given the experiences we’d had that night. Despite the headache endured on the ride home the next morning, neither of us were deterred, my friend also taking Minerval on the date mentioned above. 

Additionally, I followed the Student curriculum and then self-signed the A.’.A.’. Probationer Oath in 1998. After working on completing what I viewed as the prerequisites over the next year, I then signed my Neophyte Oath in 1999. Approximately 20 years later, after spending almost a year as a Probationer in the Gunther A.’.A.’. lineage (beginning on February 19, 2021), it wasn’t until December of the same year that I officially became an active part of the McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’. This branch had been my first choice since becoming interested in formalizing my membership. I had applied on two other occasions but had been told that the availability of teachers was limited and that they didn’t have space. At first, I was dismayed to hear that Jerry had never accepted anyone from any other lineages before (Erica being a witness to this). However, despite saying “no” initially, he changed his mind after reading my application. 

The following summarizes the dates and times of important rituals insofar as they relate to my path in the A.’.A.’.: 

  • Nov. of 2020: submitted older version of the Student Exam to the Gunther lineage. When I submitted it, I was asked to do a more recent one, which I did (finished and submitted 2nd exam in December of 2020). 
  • Feb. 19, 2021: signed the Oath of Probationer before my mentor in the Gunther lineage. 
  • Jan. 2, 2022, at 12:33 PM: officially became a Probationer in the McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’. 
  • Jan. 3, 2022, at 2:14 AM: withdrew from the Gunther lineage by email. 
  • Oct. 31, 2022, at 5:16 PM: self-administered Lover Oath. 
  • Nov. 30, 2022, at 6:15 AM: completed Pyramidos Ritual. 
  • Jan. 2, 2023,  at 12:33 PM: officially entered Man of Earth. 
  • Mar. 24, 2023, at 5:16 PM: completed Inner Adept Ritual. 
  • May 23, 2023, at 3:33 AM: took the Oath of the Abyss. 
  • Dec. 8, 2023: paperwork updated to reflect official recognition of the Lover Oath. 

Albeit somewhat confusing and seemingly out of order, I consider the Oaths themselves more important than the paperwork dates; nevertheless, my journey certainly has been interesting, to say the least! 

Here I feel it is also important to mention that I’ve been a Vipassana meditator since 2008, when I took my first 10-day silent retreat. Since then, I have taken nine 10-days courses, one Sattipatthana course, two 20-day courses, and two 30-day courses (in addition to serving six 10-day courses and three other shorter ones). 

Many other events, over the course of the past two years especially, have made a lasting impact on my life, but there is one more in particular I feel the need to mention: My loving and supportive partner, Erica Peterson, and I were married in Prescott, Arizona on December 19th, 2023 e.v., at 5:14 PM. Her contribution to my life has been inestimable. 

As oftentimes is the case, my writings say more than any personal exposition could ever hope to achieve, so, for those who may be interested, here is a link to some the poems I’ve written and submitted online:  

Feel free to write if you have any questions. You may email Erica at

Love is the law, love under will. 


Laus Priapo Deo 217 (Christopher Reed Johnson) 

Christopher Reed Johnson (Laus Priapo Deo 217), Inner Head of the Order for the McMurtry-Cornelius A.'.A.'.
Frater Laus Priapo Deo 217 (Christopher Reed Johnson), Inner Head of the Order
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Birth Chart of Christopher Reed Johnson

The birth chart of Christopher Reed Johnson
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Mission Statement

I was born into a world on the brink, not only of destruction, but of spiritual bankruptcy. Amid materialism, rationalism, and scientific deification—at a moment when I had all but given up, I received a lifeline from the McMurtry A.’.A.’. — the Angel and the Abyss are no longer conceptual. With that encouragement, I found within myself something with which I would identify as the Gnostic Christ. Call Him Set, Pan, Abaddon… however you choose to name the Truth in Whom All Things are One in the Void.
Feeling the presence and ecstasy of the God within all of us, I am lucky. Luckier still, I now find myself at the A.’.A.’.’s helm; I now have a way to serve my brothers and sisters.
I am adamant to Redeem the Power that is being stolen from us through our ignorance. I offer all I have and all I am to help us banish the false web of names, images, and beliefs that serves to bring only grief to the Soul. Piety, holiness, faith, self-awareness, bravery, straight-forwardness, selflessness: by developing these qualities we can Free ourselves.
The alignment of man and woman in the New Aeon enshrines the central mystery of Thelemic Freedom.
-Frater A.A.A.A.A.