by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Volume 1 No. 10 Oct. 1981 e.v.


One day, some years ago, the lady I was living with at the
time, who happened to be member of the Book of the
Month Club, said, laughingly, “as a prize, I could get you a
copy of the Bible. But of course you do not read the Bible,
do you?”

Item: Genesis 2:10 “From Eden a river flowed to water
the park, which on leaving the park (Da’ath… the
Visudha chakra) branced into 4 streams. The name of the
first is Pison (Pe yod Shin Vau Nun 446…check your
Sepher Sephiroth… just like Aleister Crowley laid it out for
you.) (note: at this point we go into technical questions.
66 = Aleph Nun Yod He, a Ship. You are reading the
ship’s code book.) But to get to the Visudha chakra, you
have to bring the energy down thru the Brahma chakra
(or Sahasara chakra… depending… ) but in the Qabala
we call it Kether (Kaph Tau Resh = 670… The Crown.)
This energy is called Mezla (Mem Zain Lamed Aleph = the
influence from the most high = 78.

The Magickal Link Vol. 1, No. 10

Once this energy hits Da’ath (Daleth Ayin Nun = 474) (you must understand of course, that the psychic body does not exist until created) it splits into 4 rivers. The first of which is Pison. Like I said it goes from your throat chakra to your right shoulder. Geburah. Check column LVI in your 777. This happens to be fire, sight, Mars and the South. To resume from Genesis 2. “…Pison (the one which flows all round the land of Havilah (translation: Mars) where there is gold – fine gold in that land! With pearls and beryls),

The name of the second is Ghihon (Gimel Yod Cheth Vau Nun = 77) It is west. It goes to your left shoulder and is called Chesed. Jupiter.

If there is a continuity. It seems that 3 young black dudes tried to mug your Caliph on a bus in Berkeley 3 days ago. Except for the fact that he had Commando training in War II he would be dead. Anyone who wishes to volunteer for security patrol on the Caliph is welcome.


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