by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Volume 1I No. 3 Mar. 1982 e.v.


Curiously enough I have been importuned any number of times to discourage… even forbid… the study of the GOLDEN DAWN and other “non-Thelemic” material because of AL II:5. “Behold! the rituals of the old time are black.” As if Crowley had not been blasted backwards when he realized that, “Osiris was a black god!” (19th Aethyr, XXX AERUM) For why? Because, according to them, anything written before 1904e.v. is “black” and therefore evil. Probably more damage has been done to the study and practice of Thelema by that particular jive than any other idiocy I can think of just off hand.


The Magickal Link Vol. 2 No. 3

Crowley studied everything he could get his hands on. I spent 40 days in a Sikh ashram qualifying to be a Yoga instructor. Do what thou wilt. But don’t be fooled by superficial relations between the planes. Every dimension has its own spectra. Or, as Crowley explains in The Cry of the 2nd Aethyr, “Therefore, as the pure light is colourless, so is the pure soul black.” In line with the anceint doctrine that equates the unen;ightened soul to a black female slave. Awaiting the touch of her Angel.

An equal misunderstanding exists over the phrase, AL II:58, “the slaves shall serve.” Of course they shall serve. After all they are elementals (Dion Fortune), demons, angels, “forces” (Don Juan), printed circuits or psychic channels in other worlds or dimensions. Slave circuits. Useful in the realm of dramatic ritual and thaumaturgy. Nothing says these “slaves” have to be human. That is a holdover from a previous incarnations.

All of this


Is grounded in the “Four Worlds” doctrine. For Crowley we turn to 777, col. LXIII. For Kabbalah we go to KABBALAH DENUDATA, plate IV, facing p. 30, where we find the 4 worlds diagrammed from top to bottom as

Atziloth (Xtz’LVTh = 537) Archetypal
Briah (BR’XH = 218) Creative
Yetzirah (‘TzRH = 305) Formative
Asia (Sh’H = 315) Material

Which brings us to how Magick works. Crowley tells us in MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE “Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity to Will.” But how do we cause change to occur? Crowley gives us a number of dramatic rituals, and plenty of good advice, but from a technical point of view think of those four worlds as a four storied universe with decayed energy exiting from the bottom and fresh or “new” energy coming in at the top. You could think of Atziloth as a sort of psychic “black hole.” Then follows a “trickle down” effect from the Archetypal ideas of Atziloth o the creative fantasies of

Illustration re: 777 Col. LXIII from Magickal Link Vol. 2 No. 3

Briah (the uncreate) to the world of Formation, where things start to shape up, and are then precipitated (some have seen them as “crystals” coming in through a “hole” in the sky) into this world as what we call “reality.” The work of the Magician is to imprint what s/he Wills, using the tools and trade of dramatic ritual and thaumaturgy, on the infinitely malleable Formative, Creative or Atziloth worlds, depending on time requirements. Crowley was working in centuries. I have been working in decades. You will be working in years or less. Time is speeding up. It’s like our karmic vibrations were being compressed.

So remember: to shape the flow PROGRAM, PRE-PROGRAM, REPORGRAM as you migrate to higher vibrations.

H.A. 777

I wish to thank Frater Orpheus for making this page possible.

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