by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Volume 1I No. 6 Jul. 1982 e.v.


I never cease to marvel at the amount of technical information Crowley had tucked in the back of his head. And the simplecity with which he had it organized. Once you have this computer matrix firmly in your mind, you can spin in any direction. Crowley worked Thelemic Magick. How did he think? Let’s take the formula

(Aleph, Than, Yod, Resh, Aleph, Resh, Aleph)

Seven letters, seven planets. Simple. Maybe. Let’s take a comparison check using Earth, Asia, Asiah, Material world.

The Magickal Link Vol. 2 No. 6
Revelations                 777
  2:1 – 3:14    col. XXXVI  XIVCLXXV        line
Ephesus           Saturn    Universe     Tau32
Smyrna            Sun  Sun      Resh    30
Pergamos        Mars Tower  Pe  27
Thyatira         Venus Empress    Daleth   14
Sardis       Mercury   Magus       Beth     12
Philadelphia    Jupiter      Wheel  Kaph    21
Laodicea        Moon  Priestess    Gimel   13
Check Cols. II thru XLI just off hand.  The seven Chakras are assigned to the Sepheroth (Col, CXIII).
Now you have a matrix.  You might as well get used to working with it.  It will be your paradigm for how this knowledge is organized.  As Regardie has observed, “In writing 777, Crowley invented a whole new literature.” Or, “Universe destroyed, created and maintained while you wait.”
With Rev. 4:4 we start getting 24 a lot.  24 = the number of ‘Elders’ of the Apocalypse suggesting a Judgmental factor in the relation of ARIK ANPIN = 422 & ZOIR ANPIN = 478 since 24/2 = 12 Signs of the Zodiac (Col. CXXXVII) of which we each have one, 12 tribes of Israel (Col. CXLI), 12 Stars of the Crown etc.  Also a lot of 7’s 7 Torches, 7 Spirits of God, 7 Seals (& we will remember A.C.’s 7 Rites of Eleusis), 7 Horns and 7 Eyes to be studied in relation to the 7 Cities of Earth in your matrix, 7 being the # of Venus in the Sephiroth and Zain in the Paths.  Also 7 is considered to be an “unstable” #, Venus being a weak planet that low on the Tree…& for other reasons that make Venus what She is… & Zain = Sword-Mind-Gemini-Air.
With Rev. 7 we start getting a lof 4’s.  4 Angels, 4 Corners (note that diagonal lines thru the center would give you a St. Andrews – Templar Cross) of the Golden Altar… and that Golden Altar can talk, man! (Rev. 9:13)… sounds like one of those far-out trips on STAR TREK where they find the whole thing is run by some out-of-date computer… or waking up to the idea that this whole universe is really just some kid playing PACMAN at the local Arcade… 4 being solidity (see 4 of  Disks, THOTH deck for the 4 Gated City-Map of Atlantis-Buddhist stupa-Pyramid etc) -Jupiter- 2² -Chesed in the Sephiroth-Venus in the Paths-etc. Also more 7’s…?… why was it necessary to shut up what the 7 Thunders had to say? …the Angel who delivers it has got to be the Sag card in the conventional deck… & that far-out “small scroll”… about the size of Liber AL I would say off-hand… “sweet as honey but bitter to digest (Rev 10:9)… pure speculation… it says here… until we start running into those “3½ times trips” (Rev. 11:9 etc) when it starts becoming pretty obvious that we are talking about your own Psychic Body and how to construct it… a la Egyptian Pharaoh style… but then we are heavy into the Egyptian trip… Ank-f-n-Khonsu having been a Prince of Egypt… & who was the other guy?  Oh, yeah.  Moses.  3½ being the # of times the Kundalini serpent coils about the base of the spine, thus providing the Lead (Saturn card Atu XXI) for the alchemical transformation into the Gold of Tiphereth (see Caduceus in Levi’s BAPHOMET) & other purposes.
More on 777 next time.
  H.A. 777
Written at Hrumachis Encampment in the Valley of Salt Lake City
where I slept below the salt and drank Androgyny Apple Juice in the Garden of Eve. 
May they see the Clear Light of the Void.

I wish to thank Frater Orpheus for making this page possible.