by Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady Louis McMurtry)

The following article appeared in
The Magickal Link, Volume 1I No. 7 Jul. 1982 e.v.


With Rev. 11:3 we start getting 2’s. 2 witness – olive trees – lamp stands. As if we didn’t already have 2 Eyes of Horus. 2 Prophets. & with Rev. 11:8-9 we get that “great City (Pyramid-Stupa-map of Atlantis etc) whose mystical name is Sodom and Egypt (land of Ank-f-n-Khonsu)- where their Lord also was crucified (Osiris risen).” Seems crucifixion of a God is not new to Xtianity. Also 2 is Chokmah–Ajna Chakara, and also a possible solution as to how one “raises” the 3rd Eye. If you will take a detailed look at the Yogin psychic body chart you will note that the 2 leaves on each side of the “3rd Eye” bulb are marked with the same letters as the 2 leaves on each side of the Sahasrara Chakra, the Venus path Binah-Chokmah being the horizontal component (a position Venus seems to appreciate) and the Sahasrara Chakra being at the top
of the Sushumna fire column in the middle of the spine as the vertical component. Certainly explains the Kundalini serpent on the Tau cross Moses raised in the desert, apparently his form of the Ankh. And another “3½ days”, Rev. 11-9.

The Magickal Link Vol. 2 No. 7
With Rev. 12 we get a lot of mythical creatures that can be variously explained & “7 Heads, 10 Horns.”  One is tempted to say “tin horns”.  So 7 Heads = 7 chakras; 10 Horns = 10 Sepheroth.   So what else is new?  Maybe the fact that Koran & Kabbalah come from the same source.  Koran-Quran = QRN=350 The Horn; head.  Now a horn is an instrument of communication & for transmitting or receiving energy.  If you had 10 of them working in synchromesh you would be rather formidable.  Even if you only had 4.  Like that far-out computer complex/Golden Alter with a bullhorn (“now hear this!”) on each corner must be some raunchy broadcasting station.  Or only 2.  Pan only has 2.  Like our Baphomet.  When a certain forever-young lady of the Order recently said to  me, “I’ve always thought of my Angel as having horns,” I immediately thought of Pan-Hermes-Baphomet &, of course, Alexander (the Great not “the Grape”) and the bust showing him wearing “The Horns of Amoun.” They look like conventional Rams horns curled back above the ears…but in Egypt those horns would be the Feathers of Amoun.  They are 2, pointing up, facing away, & thus = the 2 wings of Maat = Balance = Justice = Truth.  And since Libra is blindfolded like any candidate to the Mysteries Justice-Truth obviously must have a different way of knowing than our usual rationality-monkey brain.  More like a sense of direction like Cupid and His far-out Shaft of Flowers.  Those feathers remind me of the upright antennae of some moths.  Obviously sensing organs.  But in what dimension? 
As for Kabbalah = Qabalah = QBL = 132 = “to receive.” Again, communication. But how to receive?  Look at the words: QBL & QRN.  Both begin with Q = Qoph = 100 = “back of the head” = Pisces = 2 moons connected = the feet (thus establishing power-pole connection between the back of your head and your feet)= Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet pointing at 2 moons etc. Beth = 2 = House = Magus & Lamed = 30 = Libra = Balance.  So when you have reached that state of Initiate Innocence where you have with great labor balanced the male-rational-solar part of your nature with the female-lunar-intuitional side you just might achieve what in Scotland has been known for centuries as “developing the second sight,” the ability to see “on the astral”, whatever the hell that is.  If so you might start hearing voices and seeing things that are not there.  If so for-gods-sake don’t tell anyone.  In this country you could end up spending the rest of your life committed to an insane asylum.  In the old days, they used to burn nice little old ladies at the stake because they couldn’t tell them how they knew that certain plants were medicinal.  They just knew.  So keep your cool and don’t be fuel. 
So far we have emphasized 777, but Liber D = Sepher Sepheroth & every time I # a word you are expected to check that # since Sepher Sepheroth is the ship’s codebook…be the first kid on your block to have a copy of The Ship’s Code Book!  with your very own Eye of Horus seal ring!…Ship = XN’H = 66 =“ The Aleph Fish creates the Window”.  & it’s a far-own Code Book.  Sort of like Dungeons & Dragons.  You want to know about Dragons?  Try 450 = ThN = The Dragon.  Sounds like a big mother.  Dragons = ThN’N’M =560…&550. Draco Magnus = ThN’N  GDVL=553 Draco = ThN’N=504…& see 440 But what is a dragon, daddy?  Well, kids, it’s seems that a dragon is very much like your mother (Saturn be praised) when She used to go to the beauty parlor to get Her hair curled. (shades of Medusa) because that is exactly what it means ThL’=440=The Great Dragon; means “curls”.  Cute name for a Dragon.
Or how about mountains.  Want a mountain?
HRRI Tz’VN = 571 = The Mountains of Zion
HR Tz”VN = 361 = The Mountain Zion
Tz”VN = 156 = The City of the Pyramids
(EQUINOX I 5p. 103) = BABALON, THE VICTORIUS QUEEN = Jane Wolfe’s #.
OZ, as in :Liber OZ = 77 = Goat
But for
888 = Jesus (Greek numeration) we have to
EQUI I 5 p, 107
More next time.
H.A. 777

I wish to thank Frater Orpheus for making this page possible.