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Cover of The Snake Who Made Gods of Our Race by Erica M Cornelius, PhD

In the New Aeon of Thelema, God incarnates in our lusty flesh. It is time to live our Godhead.

John long ago prophesied our Aeon in his Revelations. Not understanding what he saw, he foretold of a Divine Child, the Beast, the Scarlet Woman, and the Woman clothed with the Sun. He foresaw how the archetype of a semi-divine woman and a Beast would augur the greatest human potential imaginable—man becoming God.

Why Thelema, why now? In this manual of sexual religion and evolving magickal formulas, Erica M Cornelius unfolds Thelema’s emergence in the broad sweep of cosmic time.

This First Edition is 6” x 9” Hardcover, 297 pages. There are only 156 copies printed. Each copy is signed by the author.

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