The Joy of Dissolution: Thelema, True Self, and the Ego Illusion by J. Edward Cornelius, Christopher Reed Johnson, and Erica Johnson (aka Erica M Cornelius)
~with a Foreword by Don Webb~

Dust Jacket Cover of The Joy of Dissolution: Thelema, True Self, and the Ego Illusion by Christopher Reed Johnson, Erica Johnson (AKA Erica M Cornelius), and J. Edward Cornelius

There are so many Thelemic books out there for beginners. At last, here’s one for advanced practitioners—and those who want to understand the Path.

Call it the “feminine formula”, the “path of return”, or “ego dissolution”—if you go far enough in Thelema, you must surrender your “I”. And if you do Dare that passage—and survive with your sanity intact—you inhabit a realm of pure Love. Though strangely hard to notice at first, Aleister Crowley writes about little else.

From sexual alchemy to mysticism to Thelema’s surprisingly robust Buddhist roots, Christopher and Erica Johnson lay bare the Thelemic task of dissolving the imaginary “I”. The volume culminates in the late Magus J. Edward Cornelius’ final work, “I Do Not Exist”, in which he shares the secrets of the “second half of the equation”—the “N” formula of “ON”, never before revealed. Don’t miss this one.

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“The most important factor in [creating an unbroken flow of knowledge] is … the annihilation of the ego.”  – Aleister Crowley