by J. Edward Cornelius

This is part of a thread that was on a private FACEBOOK page on Friday, August 16th, 2019. Many of the remarks being made by Paul Joseph Rovelli about Erica M Cornelius and myself are outright lies designed to discredit me and especially her book, On Getting a Bullshit Meter. They reflect the exact same types of distortions and untruths which mimic Ricardo Flores’ (i.e. Koyote) views, whom Rovelli defends as a friend, against us. This clearly shows the caliber of the person with whom I was dealing with. Rovelli claims to be the head of a Gnostic Church, a spiritual leader of sorts and a high-ranking A.’.A.’. initiate but his words expose the truth; he’s nothing but a low-life gutter rat who uses the most vile and contemptible choice of words, nothing short of pure lies in a public forum, about another man’s wife, in a backhanded way. … The next day, Saturday, August 17th, I woke and went to see what rants Rovelli might have added and found the entire lengthy thread deleted. And this is why I saved them as they came out! (Big Smile here). … After reviewing the posts, there is this quote from Erica’s diary – “It’s pretty obvious that while he was drunk-posting (we hope) or perhaps in the recent past, Paul was fed ‘information’ by spin-doctor Koyote, his buddy in the Mutual Appreciation Society for Hoaxers Using Pretense (MASH-UP).” … Let us address some of his remarks. There are 28 posts in a row, there are no comments omitted; these are exactly as they were posted. … Rovelli posted this first comment to Robert Prince:

1.Paul Joseph Rovelli Robert Prince Yes, I believe there are other MTs that have arisen; before (HPB) and after Crowley. In the latter, it’s yet difficult to say, as their influence is not yet strong; though I would add Castaneda and more contemporarily, Koyote the Blind. And it is the Koyote that is showing both the influence of Crowley and Castaneda in a new school of thought. This shows the potency of the third college into the modern world. Note that the thesis should not look like another rehash of Thelema, as then it would be but that, a rehash. And most pretenders today, simply regurgitate and through the likes of psychophants are praised for simply repackaging MITP in some simplistic manner, so that even the uneducated can understand it.

2.Jerry Edward Cornelius Paul Joseph Rovelli … Koyote the Blind? He’s a fraud. Haven’t you read my wife Erica ‘s expose on him titled The Bullshit Meter? She was a founding member of his group and revealed a lot about his shenanigans’. He’s hardly an MT.

3.Paul Joseph Rovelli Jerry Edward Cornelius I think it a shame to publish internal business, and especially gossip that can’t be proven in a book. This is unbecoming of anyone that claims to represent Our Order. I’ve very dealt with the Koyote directly and have experienced his countenance, which between that and the utter brilliance of his writings, I’ll vouch for against any gossip and empty character assassination.

4.Jerry Edward Cornelius I was Koyote’s teacher in the A.’.A.’.. He’s broken bread at my house. I know what I’m talking about. He’s a con man. Have you read The Bullshit Meter? … A good con man in any cult has a convincing story that will draw in the sheep. … p.s. the true A.’.A.’., according to Crowley, exposes these frauds wherever they surface. You want to believe him, then so be it, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

5.Paul Joseph Rovelli You can act as condescending towards me, as you like. You also saw the brilliance in his work and then denied him when you couldn’t control him…very Caliphate-like on your part. He very clearly has produced new Gnosis, something the regugitive nature of your entire body of work has not. And you even lie to say you were his teacher. You simply took him in and gave him a Clerk house out of admiration. If you were all that, you wouldn’t have been fooled by him. But your wife has a pussy, and she’s easily fooling you. If he was sexually abusive, there would be many other woman making claim against him. But her assertion that she needed Male sperm for her salvation as a woman, and find several men rebuking her is far more fascinating

6.Paul Joseph Rovelli The caliphate teaching that women are less than men is repulsive.

7.Paul Joseph Rovelli And why is it after all your alcoholism that you’re the only guy that wants to fuck her? She’s begged many.

8.Paul Joseph Rovelli And all her supposed writings have your syntax and style. Why do you have to fraudulently prop her up?

9.Paul Joseph Rovelli And Jerry, I actually like you, have a good bit of your writings. You’re an excellent historian, though I only partially understand why you prop up that dumbass drug addict, McMurtry. . It’s a great way to deflect all the noteworthy teachings that you have to offer. You’ve seemed about one half inch away from being an adept for a long time now. I seriously recommend you give up character assassination and your ambition to control the Caliphate. Some great stuff will flow from you after that.

10.Paul Joseph Rovelli And stop trying to control people…it should be enough to some day, control youself.

11.Robert Prince Paul Joseph Rovelli I had heard bad things about you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt because I don’t know you. You have proven yourself to be a douche in various threads here today (disclaimer…I’m not associated with the McMurtry lineage and have never met Jerry).

12.Paul Joseph Rovelli Robert Prince If you’re upset by my not making nice, nice with someone that represents the A.’.A.’. by way of character assassination, and that I should have such a low standard as not to protect my dear friend (Koyote)…you obviously associate with cowards; professional soldiers that dare not fight. I have enough credulity to defend my friends, as they would me. For gossipers and other pigs, I have no regard.

13.Paul Joseph Rovelli I don’t see any difference between what Cornelius is doing here and what David Bersson has been doing for years. I will defend my friends against the character assaults by any and all such people. I can only hope one day that you develop the credulity to do the same for your friends.

14.Paul Joseph Rovelli And your name calling Robert, shows how small a mind as you have. Grow up.

15.Paul Joseph Rovelli There is no place for slander and libel in the A.’.A.’. Anyone that would accept otherwise doesn’t understand the A.’.A.’. Anyone that would do otherwise, while claiming to represent the A.’.A.’. is misrepresenting the A.’.A.’. Our Order is not a mundane order, so any and everyone that claims to represent it cannot be denied. It is a waste of time to call them frauds. But you can call out ugly behavior…and this I have done.

16.Jerry Edward Cornelius I stand by my previous post, your eleven tirades projects more about yourself than me and people will see that. Thank you.

17.Robert Prince Paul Joseph Rovelli I definitely don’t associate with cowards, I have no problem defending my friends, I’m DEFINITELY not scared to fight, and my record speaks for itself. I don’t care what is said between you and Jerry – that is between you guys..but you slandered Jerry’s wife for no reason (not how a gentleman behaves). You also behaved like a douche in the thread with Caren…she simply said that there is no way of proving veracity of the claims you made about A.’.A.’. being thousands of years old and you began to make personal attacks. I’m not the only one that thinks you’re acting like a prick either; one of my friends hit me up on personal messenger and said “this Rovelli guy is an asshole.” I agree that there is no place for slander and libel in A.’.A.’. so you should probably shut the fuck up.

18.Paul Joseph Rovelli Oh, and I wasn’t personally attacked first by Brady, when she called me out? Or is it between her and Jerry’s wife calling my dear friend a fraud in print? So who struck first? Or is it that ladies are still allowed to toy with old sweetness? Are you a Thelemite?

19.Paul Joseph Rovelli Robert Prince and Caren didn’t simply say…but she initially said she doesn’t respond to fools like me…read a couple of lines higher than where you picked up in this conversation.

20.Jerry Edward Cornelius The Oath of Binah, which is “I Will Work in Truth’, is where Ricardo failed miserably. He and Rovelli are two peas in the same pod and he’ll gleefully accept that as a plus. The first rule for one who resides above the Abyss is that “By their words you shall know them.” … If anyone would like a copy of ON GETTING A BULLSHIT METER, Or, “If I Remember Lemuria, Will You Pay Me $100 a Year?” can order a copy from us. They normally sell for $31, but in honor of Rovelli if you mention his name, we will sell them to you for a mere $20 plus $11 postage in US. Use PAYPAL address and be sure to include your correct mailing address.

21.Jerry Edward Cornelius

22.Jerry Edward Cornelius Wow! We just got three sales for The Bullshit Meter which expose Ricardo’s shenanigans, thank you Paul!

23.Paul Joseph Rovelli Jerry Edward Cornelius on the one hand, Liber B shows how the Magus will speak truth and people will find lies. But neither Ricardo nor I have ever posited ourselves as MT. Your false assertion and then reductio ad absurdum fallacy is maliciously impotemt.

24.Paul Joseph Rovelli Your moral cowardice in blocking Ricardo from seeing this is telling as well. But the fact that you need to produce lie after lie and then persuade a mob is about as counter-Thelemic as Robert’s ideas on damsels in distress with me not being a gentleman and letting them toy with me. That Caren and Erica can’t carry their own swords, and they need your impotent self to defend them is the true absurdity.

25.Paul Joseph Rovelli And you posit Erica as an adept? Her work that shows the beauty of the order to the world is a cheap kiss and tell story? And you as her lover with power over her as her instructor can’t see any dysfunctionality in this? You’re damned abusive, and one day, it may even be that she’ll come to see this. Right now, your gaslighting of her is just plain sick.

26. Paul Joseph Rovelli And at least according to to Crowley, the MT is in service to the world; not in creating Bullshit-O-Meters and entertaining all the pettiness you entertain. Indeed, it’s the EA that leads the order, as the Supernal grades are really of the Secret Chiefs. So if you’re claiming MT or even the abililty to evaluate an MT, you’re the fraud.

27.Paul Joseph Rovelli You can check on the work of Dion Fortune for further corroboration of this.

28.Jerry Edward Cornelius This is my last post due to the fact that your lies are equal to Ricardo. 

The next day, Saturday, August 17th, the entire lengthy thread deleted. 

My notes:

1.MT=Magister Templi. I could not let this go. … I saw what Rovelli wrote, implying that Koyote is a new MT, “showing both the influence of Crowley and Castaneda in a new school of thought”, which is an absolutely stupid comment. This is because Castaneda has been proven to be a fraud in numerous books and articles, but if Rovelli is including Koyote in the same boat, well, it says a lot. … For those who don’t know; Carlos Castaneda is the author of The Teachings of Don Juan (1968) and eleven other books which describe his alleged training in traditional Mesoamerican shamanism with a Mexican Yaqui shaman named Don Juan Matus and others, along with his pharmacologically induced visions. However, by 1972 things were unraveling. More and more journalists discovered that Castaneda had not only lied extensively about his past, but failed to tell people that Don Juan was a myth and that he had made up the whole story simply for profit. But the more he was exposed, the greater became his paranoia that he was being persecuted until finally he disappeared from public view entirely by late 1973. He surrounded himself with a secretive group of intensely devoted women, all of whom were or had been his lovers and whom he called his witches. He told them that his real techniques and teachings, which he was going to share with them, had been passed down through twenty-five generations of Toltec shamans to him. He began fostering an unverifiable Tolteca mythos that requires faith in his every word or else you can’t be part of his inner circle. Seclusion also meant that his followers had no outside contact which might expose them to the truth that Castaneda was bullshitting them. He purchased a compound in Westwood, California. The women eventually came to sport identical short, dyed-blond haircuts similar to those later worn by the Heaven’s Gate cult. He no longer allowed himself or his followers to be photographed. They began severing all ties to their past, in keeping with his philosophy of “erasing personal history.” They all changed their names, began using numerous aliases, and constantly changed their stories about their backgrounds. Lying was permissible; lying was good if it helped the cause, and the cause was Castaneda. It is believed that the group probably numbered no more than two dozen members, mostly women. They maintained a tight veil of secrecy until April 27th, 1998; this when Castaneda died in Los Angeles due to complications from hepatocellular cancer, even though Castaneda publically claimed to be immune from such human frailty. There was no public service; he was quietly cremated and his ashes were sent to Mexico. Only after his death did the real facts about his deranged cult begin to emerge. It was learned that Castaneda frequently discussed suicide in private group meetings which explains why, just like Heaven’s Gate, many of the women closest to him committed suicide shortly after the funeral, one after another, and some of their bodies even remain missing to this day. Suicide had been taught as part of his central teachings, that achieving perfection through a nobly chosen death was permissible as a final solution. This is the dark legacy of Carlos Castaneda, his lies and his fraudulent ‘Tolteca’ beliefs which to this day still affect so many people like an infectious disease. A friend of Castaneda’s at UCLA declared, “I believe Carlos Castaneda is the greatest psychic fraud of the 20th century.” … Anyway, Koyote was expelled from the A.’.A.’. on Friday October 16th 2015 for failure to keep his Oaths and his repeated attacks on his teacher []. However, bathed in an over-zealous EGO, Koyote claims that he can’t be expelled, his Adepus Minor proves he’s in the Order for Life! This is simply stupid and ignores the fact that Aleister Crowley expelled students who reside below the Abyss; of which Koyote was. … I jumped into the conversation.


3.Gossip? Hardly, her book proves beyond the shred of a doubt that Castaneda and Koyote are both frauds, as is their pseudo-Toltec teachings, a fact which is something that Koyote wants to bury. I wonder if Rovelli has even bothered to read her book.

4.One of the most obvious features about Koyote is that there was a lot of very eloquent and sincere rhetoric being thrown around but, sadly, most people have no clear understanding of what constitutes bullshit or what functions it serves. Most, more or less, accept his word. The philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt (1929–) wrote a classic book titled On Bullshit (2005) where he attempted to study the significance behind the word while pointing out how bullshit, although it begins innocently enough, can eventually undermine the practitioner’s capacity to tell the truth if he or she uses it excessively. Yes, people are easily blinded by their need to justify their own life by accepting this person’s beliefs as if it were profound truth, despite all the evidence which says otherwise. My wife wrote in her book ON GETTING A BULLSHIT METER, Or, “If I Remember Lemuria, Will You Pay Me $100 a Year?” – “In essence, getting a Bullshit Meter is an internal process of tracing back, testing, and making a decision regarding each of one’s beliefs. Which ones are supported by objective evidence and which ones are not? The Adept who has made the survey must decide which to keep and which to discard. But in all cases, the Adept takes responsibility for each belief retained. No longer may beliefs be taken for granted as simply the way things are nor swallowed as ‘what I must accept in order to survive.’ Even survival must take a back seat to the process of getting a Bullshit Meter. The Adept must be ruthlessly honest with self. Needless to say, not everyone has sufficient psychological strength and integrity to undertake this process safely even if inclined to do so.” … And then, after a long absence from posting, there appeared this laughable tirade by Rovelli to my previous post. It is filled with outright lies and distortions. Needless-to-say, I was in stitches. There are 11 postings. He’s either on the phone during his absence chatting with somebody like Koyote and then, when something neat was told to him, he quickly types it out and posts it … or, if not, he’s drunk and his psycho-babble exposes him.

5.This clearly shows the caliber of the person with whom I was dealing with. He claims to be the head of a Gnostic Church, a spiritual leader of sorts and a high-ranking A.’.A.’. initiate but his words expose the truth; he’s nothing but a low-life gutter rat who uses the most vile and contemptible choice of words about another man’s wife in a backhanded way. He’s never met Erica, nor have they ever corresponded. She has had zero contact with him! How would he know what to write unless someone else, like Koyote, told him these stories? Everything he’s writing about. in regards to her, is a Koyote-fed bit of slander to cast aspersions upon her name and reputation in an attempt to discredit her for exposing Koyote in her book, ‘The Bullshit Meter’. His words reek nothing but pure of lies. This in itself should say a lot about both of these two characters. Hardly indicative of Adepts in the A.’.A.’. but truly exposing a cult-like defense mechanism. … Furthermore, contrary to what he’s telling people, there are other woman making claims against Koyote; women who read the book and then came forward to tell their story. … and for the record, my work is hardly ‘regurgitative.’ … Rovelli further states – “And you even lie to say you were his teacher. You simply took him in and gave him a Clerk house out of admiration” – which had me falling off my seat laughing. … I ‘was’ his teacher and the idea that ‘I’ gave him a Clerk House out of respect for his greatness is absolutely ludicrous, if not laughable. First of all, it downplays his accomplishments in the early degrees which led up to him getting a Clerk House. Koyote entered Grady’s A.’.A.’. lineage in 2004. He didn’t get his Clerk House until 2010. He took Adeptus Minor in 2014. Yes, Koyote’s work is amusing but that wasn’t the issue between us. At a certain stage in A.’.A.’. training as an Outer Adept in Tiphereth, you’re supposed to create a Bullshit Meter, face all the phantom that you’ve created throughout your life which like ‘clouds’ block the Light of your Sun from reaching Earth. At one point, while sitting in my house, in front of numerous witnesses, Koyote admitted that his Castenada-Toltec trip wasn’t true and that he made it all up, but then upon returning to Riverside, he told his followers that I had ‘hypnotized’ him into admitting that. And then he began a campaign of slander against me and he refused to talk to me ever again. He fell by the wayside as an Adeptus Minor. … I believe that Rovelli, himself, is in desperate need of a Bullshit Meter, having been taken in by Koyote.

6.Where is this stated? Grady Louis McMurtry would never have adhered to this belief! It as if Rovelli is making things up as he goes along.

7.He’s projecting. I’m hardly an alcoholic. I drink beer, that’s it and rarely before the evening. And again, he’s never met Erica, nor have they ever corresponded. What he states, in regards to her, is nothing less than pure slander and outright lies in an attempt to cast aspersions upon her name and reputation. It citable in a Court of Law.

8.He forgets that behind every man is a great woman. Essays and all my other recent writings were begun ‘after’ I had hooked up with Erica, not the other way around. It is Erica who props me up; as a true Scarlet Woman should! Her writings are brilliant, they are her own and I’m proud of that. I have learned so much from reading her words. By the way, Koyote met Erica when the two were in the same Philosophy graduate program at University of California, San Diego, the one from which she eventually earned her PhD, wherein her did not. Apparently, he failed to mention that to Rovelli.

9.Silly. He trashed me and my wife then backhanded he tries to offer me a way to salvation and I’m supposed to buy into this?

10.This is typical Koyote-type of slander. This is ‘exactly’ what I told Koyote to do the last time we met in regards to creating his women in his Toltec-cult, which is where he failed.

11.Big Smile.

12.Rovelli attacks everyone who doesn’t agree with him …

13.If he can’t see the difference, the blinders are too tight and it’s cutting off the circulation of blood to his brain.

14.People simply call them as they see em’ … The small mind is he who fails to research and study the leader of a cult before they join.

15.What about Crowley, he often attacked and slandered frauds? But I’m not supposed to do this in regards to Koyote and by doing so, it proves that I’m the fraud? And what about his own posting in regards to me, my wife and others? Rovelli is such a hypocrite. He’s being trained in the Koyote school-of-thought looking up from a pit of Because.

16.After reviewing all the lies and distortions I realized that there was no use to chat with someone caught up in the pit of Because, I posted the above …

17.Bravo …

18.He’s babbling … He’s ends by citing “old sweetnesses” from AL III:43 – “Let the Scarlet Woman beware! If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart; if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known. I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered.” … it is a sad statement on his part. What he quotes is unrelated and out of context. In truth, the ladies come out swinging with a sword in their hands when confronted by bullshit and he’s just too stupid to realize this. … AL III:11 – “Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name. Trample down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat!” … Like Koyote, Rovelli simply can’t take strong women who are strong enough not to put up with his lies.

19.They simply called them like they sees em’!


21.Individuals should see this link, read all the information very carefully and the reviews; then make up their own mind as to the validity of Koyote’s “Toltec” cult.


23. Rovelli is claiming that Liber B informs us that Koyote words, which are the Truth, will be seen as Lies below the Abyss. As for Koyote and him not claiming to be MTs, didn’t Rovelli state – “Yes, I believe there are other MTs that have arisen; before (HPB) and after Crowley. In the latter, it’s yet difficult to say, as their influence is not yet strong; though I would add Castaneda and more contemporarily, Koyote the Blind.” In other words, he’s called out Koyote as a MT but admits that “its difficult to say” because few people actually accept the teachings of these two individuals. 

The mere fact that these two individuals hold Castaneda in such high regards as a spiritual teacher should say it all. If you are interested in learning the truth about Castaneda, I’d recommend reading Richard de Mille’s book Castaneda’s Journey: The Power and the Allegory (1976). De Mille is an investigative journalist and psychologist whose book goes in-depth into describing the detective work he did exposing Carlos Castaneda and showing that the latter was a charlatan and plagiarist whose ideas he simply stole from other authors and groups and then claimed they were “knowledge passed down to him by spiritual Tolteca masters.” His second book, The Don Juan Papers (1980), was on the same subject. … Or you can read Amy Wallace’s memoirs. She was an American writer who had a relationship with Carlos Castaneda which she wrote about in her memoir, Sorcerer’s Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda (2003). The blurb about the book states – “Sorcerer’s Apprentice unblinkingly reveals the inner workings of the ‘Cult of Carlos,’ run by a charismatic authoritarian in his sixties who controlled his young female followers through emotional abuse, mind games, bizarre rituals, dubious teachings, and sexual excess. Wallace’s story is both specific and universal, a captivating cautionary tale about the dangers of giving up one’s power to a tyrant—and about surviving assaults on body and spirit.” The book was the first to reveal life with the reclusive anthropologist, with details of his hitherto mysterious “inner circle” who lived with him on his closed compound. One reviewer wrote – “Carlos Castaneda … told astonishing lies, spinning out like wild silk from a crazy spider’s ass.” Her book, like Erica’s exposing Koyote, are both gems.

I might add – “Certain swindlers have recently stolen the initials A∴ A∴ in order to profit by its reputation.” – Aleister Crowley, One Star in Sight.

24.For the record, I cannot block someone on another person’s Facebook page. If he is talking about me, I never tried to persuade the mob to believe my words; my readers are mostly intelligent people who can make up their own minds. Now as for Caren, since it was her Facebook page that he’s posting on, I believe that both she and Eric can defend themselves and if Caren banned Koyote, then I applaud her. 

25.Erica did the leg-work into Adeptus Minor. Koyote’s EGO cannot let this go, that a woman surpassed him, where he failed. She published her results as The Bullshit Meter. It’s hardly “a cheap kiss and tell story.” … Koyote, however, uses Rovelli as a voice to slander Erica, trying to discredit her and her book in the hopes that people won’t buy it and read the truth about himself and his cult. … And then Rovelli adds that I’m “damn abusive”? Rovelli should not throw stones in glass houses. As for myself, I have never slapped or hit Erica nor any woman. That is a fact. Perhaps he’s projecting? … Dictionary – “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.” … If Rovelli knew Erica, he’d know that she is her own boss and makes up her own mind accordingly. I do not, nor can I ever ‘gas-light’ her into believing anything. She, like myself, has kept extensive diaries and records since childhood; untold thousands upon thousands of pages. When she wrote ‘On Getting a Bullshit Meter’ she used those very diaries to help tell her story. I didn’t even know her when she was writing those diaries. Her own credentials speak for themselves; she attended the University of Minnesota, where she was the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Philosophy Department’s undergraduate journal, then called Juvenilia. She graduated summa cum laude with a double major in History and Philosophy. She then moved to southern California, earning a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Science Studies in June of 2002 from University of California at San Diego. I do not control Erica in regards to what she writes, nor would I even try.

26.I agree, the Bullshit Meter is not an MT obligation; nor have I ever said it was. It is established by an Outer Adept in lower Tiphereth as a tool to put their EGO under control. … this is where Koyote failed. … Since we are primarily talking about Koyote, Rovelli’s remark stating – “So if you’re claiming MT or even the abililty to evaluate an MT, you’re the fraud” … Indirectly, this is admitting that Koyote claims MT, which I agree is something between him and the gods, but this doesn’t negate that by his Words you shall know him as to whether or not he was successful in crossing the desert of sand. And on that note; does Koyote work in TRUTH? No! He works for ‘himself’ whom all must follow; along with his words as the divine truth. He’s a Black Brother, and because of such, I can call him a fraud.


28.Basically, his rants show that he is not understanding A.’.A.’. theory nor Crowley, and like Koyote (Ricardo Flores), he’s making things up as he’s going along to justify his greatness over everyone else.