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NOTE: This News Archive of the McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’. contains news from before October 2021 e.v. For news from that month and forward, check out our NEW news page.



September 8, 2021 Our next-to-last volume of Thelemic essays featuring how to activate Kundalini in the man-of-Earth paths is here. Pre-orders are shipping. For more details and order info click HERE.


July 14, 2021 Essays #9 is delayed at the printers. We are told to expect that volume in mid-August, rather than mid-July.


June 21, 2021 The next-to-last volume featuring J. Edward Cornelius’ Tarot series is expected in July. For more details and order info click HERE.


June 5, 2021 We are once again delighted to be selling our books. Please note: our new mailing address is P.O. Box 4175, Prescott, AZ 86302.


March 16, 2021 We are moving! Apologies for the abrupt notice.

HOW I HAUNTED MY HOUSE, our new title,

is here and available. We’ll get those pre-orders out immediately!


January 11, 2021  It’s a new book, not the one with a similar name, J. Edward’s personal story of an Enochian ritual he did as a youth through an Ouija board. ALEISTER CROWLEY AND THE ​OUIJA BOARD, OR HOW I HAUNTED MY HOUSE by J. Edward Cornelius is due within a couple of weeks! For more details and order info click HERE.


November 1, 2020


September 15, 2020  J. Edward Cornelius continues his much-needed memoir series about being a member of Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). For more details and order info click HERE.


July 20, 2020 The new Cornelius title is available. Pre-orders ship out this weekend! For more details and order info click HERE.


June 13, 2020


June 4, 2020 Kaleidoscopic and revealing, The Scarlet Woman and the Ancient Mercurial Serpent and Other Essays by Erica M Cornelius and J. Edward Cornelius is in press and expected in July. Save $11 if you order BEFORE June 20. For more details and order info click HERE.


May 8, 2020 Our international customers are experiencing delays in receiving their Cornelius books. In particular, postal staffing shortages due to coronavirus mean that our books are held up for up to a month before being loaded on aircraft to their destinations. We’ve also observed some additional processing delays in certain of our customers’ home countries. This delay is affecting packages flying out of either New York or San Francisco. The result is that all of our international customers are potentially affected.We apologize for these delays beyond our control. It’s to be hoped that the public health situation will soon improve. Thank you in advance for your patience.


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CROSSING THE ABYSS AND INTO THE AEON OF DAUGHTER: The Magickal Story of Aleister Crowley and Charles Stansfeld Jones by J. Edward Cornelius

is here and shipping! March 19, 2020. For more details, REVIEWS, and info on how to order, click HERE.


February 12, 2020. Now in the presses, J. Edward Cornelius’ much anticipated volume Crossing the Abyss and into the Aeon of the Daughter: The Magickal Story of Aleister Crowley and Charles Stansfeld Jones. For more details and for info on how to order, click HERE.


January 15, 2020. A worthy read, yet misleading about OZ’s origins. Click HERE for the review.


January 11, 2020. “On Allowing Everyone Else to Do Their Will Before You Do Yours.” True Will remains forever Above the Abyss. Thus, for the Thelemic man of Earth, ‘doing your Will’ is just a placeholder for doing your thing while not ever interfering with other people. To ‘do your Will’ implies allowing everyone else to do their Will first. Click HERE to read the article.


November 29, 2019. You can imagine my and Erica’s surprise when we opened a package that had arrived and discovered Richard Cole’s ‘The Inauguration of Aleister Crowley’s New Aeon of Horus.’ What a delightful read! Erica became engrossed in writing a lengthy review for it. Click HERE for the review. We both give it two thumbs up!


October 11, 2019 THE FRINGE DATEBOOK. … This 855-page book regularly sells for $65. We are offering it from now until the end of year for just $40.00!!! That is a twenty-five dollar savings! … Wow! … This is the gift that you will want to get for a friend or loved one! Many of the birthdates in this book are extremely rare, even by Internet standards, which makes this book very unique. The biographical sketches included everyone from famous occultists like Aleister Crowley, many, many of his followers both past and present, his friends and acquaintances, his numerous Scarlet Women, lovers, as well as a multitude of modern Thelemites, OTO historical figures, Scientologists, to famous Masons, New Agers and Satanists, witches, alien contactees and UFO specialists, astrologers and famous psychics, psychologists, occult oriented musicians, poets and writers, actors and actresses of the less-than-mainstream movies, sci-fi and fantasy authors, cartoonists and artists, freaks, cowboys and murderers, less-than-nice people who amused me and virtually anyone who made me impishly hold my hands over my mouth like Linda Blair in The Exorcist after she watched the priest have a heart attack and die. With each name I include a biographical sketch. To purchase our book with PayPal, use address pjch381@gmail.com and be sure to include your correct mailing address. COST: just $40.00, plus Postage & Handling. That is a twenty-five dollar savings!!! … We ship Priority Mail; add $11 U.S., $31 International. Contact us for further details at pjch381@gmail.com.


October 1, 2019 This is one of the most important volumes we have released so far, including secrets of the Magickal Link, Enochian Magick, and the fundamental ontology of Thelema… and much more! For details, and to order, click HERE.

THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD: My Memoirs of Being in Ordo Templi Orientis Between 1989 and 1993

July 12, 2019 It’s here! But let me tell ya, problems arose with this book. Nothing serious. First, our publishing company was bought out by a larger company which threw things into a tizzy for weeks with the transfer and shift from one state to another and then, once things were getting settled in, we were hit with a long 4th of July holiday … Be that as it may, the books have finally arrived! Almost a month late but none-the-less they are in our greedy little hands and they are beginning to be wrapped up and a bunch are being shipped out Priority Mail today. Those of you who pre-ordered the book will be getting them soon. I hope you all enjoy them, feed-back is appreciated. Let us know what you think; just a word, a sentence or a paragraph. … If you haven’t got a copy yet, or you’re wondering about this book, copies are still available. For more details and for info on how to order, click HERE.  [NOTE: This book is now out-of-print]


May 21, 2019 Well, folks, sorry: my book titled Memoirs of an A.’.A.’. Initiate is officially out-of-print as of today! It’s been an awesome seller. The demand for this book has been pretty high, and we hope those who got a copy are enjoying it! Soon to be released is Memoirs of an OTO Initiate: The Changing of the Guard, 1989-1993.


April 8, 2019 Now in press, J. Edward Cornelius’ CHANGING OF THE GUARD: MY MEMOIRS OF BEING IN ORDO TEMPI ORIENTIS BETWEEN 1989 AND 1993. For more details and for info on how to order, click HERE. [Note: this book is now out-of-print.]


April 5, 2019 In his blog The Oz Mix, sound engineer, music producer, and magician Oz Fritz has published a fascinating review of The Aleister Crowley Primer. Check it out HERE.


February 19, 2019 “On the Neophyte, Women, and the Melusina”: This article explores the nitty-gritty, occult causes of the inevitable shower of distracting events upon the newly-made Neophyte, male or female. It also goes into the connection of this type of happening with “a woman,” as well how to avoid being a victim of the phenomenon. To quote Grady Louis McMurtry, you’ve got to learn to recognize and get rid of “the lead weight on your ass” or you’ll never go further. Click HERE to read the article. Also, we’ve published select pages from Nat Freedland’s The Occult Explosion on Israel Regardie and Grady Louis McMurtry; click HERE.


February 9, 2019 All pre-orders have now shipped and early reviews are starting to roll in for THE ALEISTER CROWLEY PRIMER: For Those Who Are Willing to be Shunned. Special offers are available for this volume. Click HERE for details and to order your copies.


January 22, 2019 We decided to share some other fascinating reviews of Readdy’s book, by various Thelemites outside of the McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’. A worthy one is by Frater Εν Θελημα Και Μια Ενεργεια. An especially good one is “Many Truths and Many Spirits: A Detailed Response to Keith Readdy’s Book” by Frater Αγάπη και Φως.


January 15, 2019 A book review by J. Edward Cornelius, titled “‘One Truth,’ Filled with Lies,” is now available on the Red Flame website. Click HERE for the review.


January 4, 2019 In press now, and with advanced orders rolling in, we announce the impending arrival of THE ALEISTER CROWLEY PRIMER: For Those who ARE Willing to be Shunned co-authored by J. Edward and Erica M Cornelius. Success is our proof, no? This is a fundamental question-and-answer book for TRUE Thelemites everywhere. For details or to pre-order your copy, click HERE. [Note: This volume is now sold out.]


December 3, 2018 (We’ve been delinquent in not announcing it here until now.) The new volume arrived last month and has gotten attention for its good variety of theoretical and practical Thelemic essays on a wide range of topics, including Secrets behind Fourth-Degree and P.I. degrees of O.T.O., the all-important creation of magickal memory, changes in working with the Tetragrammaton in the Age of the Daughter, a short biography of Grady Louis McMurtry, and much, much more. For details or to order your copy click HERE.


September 8, 2018 We have linked an original copy of Grady Louis McMurtry’s Masters Thesis “The Millennial Glow: Myth and Magic in the Marxist Ethic” scanned from the archive of Cornelius. (If you use it, we ask that you cite the Cornelius archive as the source.)

In a letter to Jean’s Sihvonen dated April 19th, 1958, Grady immediately began telling her that it was his view that the Work was not being promulgated at all and Thelema had entered into a dark Saturnian phase. He added, that since Crowley’s death, or for almost eleven years, “We have all been sitting around waiting for Karl to act, and Karl has no intention of acting. Karl does not consider himself to be a teacher.” He told Jean about his “forte in political theory” and that, while working in this area, “suddenly, out of clear blue sky,’ I had what I can only describe as a ‘revelation,’ a sudden understanding that was completely revolutionary.” At this point he gave no indication what the Thelemic ‘revelation’ was. He merely went on to comment upon his M.A. thesis, “The Millennial Glow: Myth and Magic in the Marxist Ethic” in which he “took the Marxists theories of knowledge, reality and metaphysics apart and put them back together again.” Grady felt that when he did this he “really began to get on the right track. For the first time I was able to carry out my affirmation to A.C. by making the world of scholarship recognize magic as a meaningful universe of discourse.”

He further describes his thesis a letter to Phyllis Seckler dated February 10th, 1969 by saying, “I threw everything at them. Political science, sociology, anthropology, you name it, and of course the theory of magic which I documented in terms of primitive tribalism and demonstrated, beyond all doubt, that the closed mind of the Marxist ideologist is essentially that of the tribal witch doctor. You would have to read it to understand it, and if it sounds like I’m giving magic a bad name, remember that I only used what I needed to use to prove a particular point.” Click HERE to jump to the link.


July 9, 2018 Now posted. We’re thrilled to receive them! Click HERE to jump right to the reviews. We’ll keep adding more as they come in. Please send yours.


June 26, 2018 “Did I really write that?” Yes, Mr. Cornelius, you’ve been naughty… again! And, yes, some will not be too happy about what you wrote. The Fringe Datebook has arrived. Funny, insightful, informative and always fascinating. For details, including the subject index, and to order copies, click HERE.


by J. Edward Cornelius – June 11, 2018 This book contains over 800 pages of over 1700 amusing, informative, and sometimes shocking biographical sketches of fringe people from Crowleyites, to UFO contactees, to freaks to serial killers, all arranged by birthday. Who was born on YOUR birthday? Pre-orders are now open. The volume is estimated to arrive mid-July. For details, including the subject index, and to order copies, click HERE.


April 15, 2018 1) “ON HELIOPOLIS” by J. Edward Cornelius; 2) “ON REDEMPTION AS A WOMAN” by Erica M Cornelius; 3) “ON THE SCARLET WOMEN” by J. Edward Cornelius.


April 5, 2018 Our most popular book yet, it seems. Why? Here’s a note from the author, J. Edward Cornelius, which may give a clue: “DAMN, did I really write that in the book? … Anyway, ‘Memoirs of an A.’.A.’. Initiate’ has arrived from the printers and all the advanced orders have officially been mailed off. I’m looking forward to your reviews. Hope you enjoy the book.” For details, and to order copies, click HERE. [Note: this particular volume is no longer available.]


by J. Edward Cornelius Feb. 8, 2018 We expect the volume to arrive in March. Pre-orders are now being taken. There are only 200 hardback, signed copies available. This book is 6×9, no dust jacket, 251 pages. Every book is a signed copy. $44.00 per issue (*$48.07 within California due to sales tax) plus postage & handling of $11 U.S., $31 international. To reserve your copy with PayPal, use address pjch381@gmail.com and be sure to include your correct mailing address. For another method, email pjch381@gmail.com.


Dec. 2, 2017 Pre-orders are being shipped out and limited quantities are still available for purchase. Over half are already sold! For details, and to order copies, click HERE.


October, 2, 2017 For details, and to order copies, click HERE.


June 27, 2017: 1) “On Political Correctness on College Campuses: A Thelemic Perspective on the Bret Weinstein Controversy” by Erica M Cornelius. EDITORIAL by Author: An individual or organization can call itself Thelemic, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. Bottom line: if a person or organization goes out of its way to tell you what to believe, whose ass to kiss or else, what you are allowed to say, what is good for everyone, it is not Thelemic. I wrote this article on political correctness from a Thelemic perspective. It is about the current political correctness controversy surrounding Dr. Bret Weinstein on Evergreen State College. Enjoy. To read it, click HERE. 2) “On Thelema” by Erica M Cornelius. To read it click HERE.


June 5, 2017 Also, only two copies of Essays 2 remain. For more information on our published Thelemic essays in print, click HERE.


April 25, 2017 Featuring the first part of a lengthy essay on the Scarlet Woman by J. Edward Cornelius, this issue contains essays on a great array of Thelemic topics. For details, and to order copies, click HERE.


February 2017 The composer Richard Wagner wrote the most influential ‘magickal’ version of the quest for the Holy Grail which he titled Parsifal. Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones 1886-1950), a Magister Templi 8=3 in Aleister Crowley’s A.’.A.’., published his unique understanding of this play in a book titled The Chalice of Ecstasy (1923). He interpreted Wagner’s Parsifal from a Thelemic point-of-view, showing the original story akin to an A.’.A.’. Adept’s journey from a beginner or Probationer 0=0 to crossing the Abyss and becoming a Magister Templi 8=3 using as examples the writings of Aleister Crowley and others. This new edition has a lengthy preface by J. Edward Cornelius, also Magister Templi in the A.’.A.’., explaining the Wagnerian Grail mythos and why Achad’s book is so important. Unfortunately Achad gives no sources to the dozens upon dozens of quotes throughout his book, nor does he explain many of his obscure terms, but Cornelius identifies all and adds almost ninety footnotes which help illuminate the spiritual journey portrayed in this classic Thelemic text. For Adepts desiring to climb the Qabalistic Tree of Life, this book is a must for your library. This is a 6×9 hardback book, red cloth, gold foil, 88 total pages. There are only 200 copies signed by the author. We are accepting orders. To purchase our book with PayPal, use address pjch381@gmail.com and be sure to include your correct mailing address. Contact us for further details at pjch381@gmail.com. COST: $44.00 ($48.18 within California due to sales tax), plus Postage & Handling. We ship Priority Mail; add $11 U.S., $31 International.  [Note: this volume is now out-of-print]


Today, December 18th, 2016, we finally got off our duffs and updated the listing of the essays of our A.’.A.’. lineage. More to come soon! Click HERE.


There is a black-and-white drawing appearing in ESSAYS No. 4 on page 8. The original 18×24 oil painting is the private collection of Tony Iannotti. We graciously thank him for his kind permission to use it, and since we have received numerous requests to publish the original color version, click HERE.


We previously put online the color plates of the eight Thoth cards that were painted by J. Edward Cornelius that appeared in black and white in Essays No. 3. These cards relate to First Degree OTO. We have now added the three color plates of the cards relating to Second Degree OTO which were included in Essays No. 4 in black and white. We hope you enjoy the originals. Click HERE to view them.


Today, November 16th, 2016, Essays No. 4 arrived! Update: As of Monday, November 24th all pre-orders have been shipped out. To order copies, click HERE.


It’s in press and should be in our greedy, little hands by mid-November 2016 and ready to ship shortly thereafter. … The previous edition of Essays contained eight papers on the first eight paths of the Thoth on the Tree of Life which correspond to the Minerval and First Degree of Ordo Templi Orientis. In Chapter XIII of Magick Without Tears titled “System of the O.T.O.” it states that in Minerval – “The Ego is attracted to the Solar System.” In First Degree the candidate is placed within a Well whereupon – “The Child experiences Birth.” … In this issue of Essays No.4 we are concerned with Second Degree. Here Crowley states – “The Man experiences Life.” Whereas Minerval & First Degree O.T.O. represented Birth or the Seed of the Father (Chokmah) being transferred out of the Tent (i.e. phallus) into the Well (i.e. womb) of the Mother (Binah), the Second Degree holds the keys as to how the Son incarnates below the Abyss in quest of Life. In other words, that which transpired Above the Abyss is now being birthed Below. The mysteries of Life are portrayed in only three paths, those of Lust (ט), The Hermit (י) and Justice (ל). These paths unite the three Sepiroth of Chesed-4 (חסד), Geburah-5 (גבורה) and Tiphereth-6 (תפארת). Together they form a ‘Descending Red Triangle,’ which refers to the Anahata or Heart Chakra. This issue will also contain ten other essays besides the three on the Thoth cards. The others are written by either J. Edward or Erica M Cornelius with such titles as ON THE ROLE OF THE ADEPTUS MINOR: In The Palace of the King by J. Edward Cornelius, ON THE BEAUTIFUL PATHby Erica M Cornelius, ON THE ZELATOR by Erica M Cornelius, ON BEING A PATHFINDER by J. Edward Cornelius, ON THE DANGER OF PAWNS by J. Edward Cornelius, ON THE WAYS OF CHORONZON ON SOCIAL MEDIA by J. Edward Cornelius,ON MATTER AND MOTION by J. Edward Cornelius, ON EPILEPSY, HEARING VOICES AND DEJA VU by J. Edward Cornelius, CAN YOU BE THROWN OUT OF THE A.’.A.’.? by J. Edward Cornelius and finally, FAUSTINA, Or, On a Witch’s Flight to Brocken, An Extended Meditation on the Path of the Moon by Soror Absorbeo.  For details click HERE.


We have started our A.’.A.’. biweekly lecture series. J. Edward Cornelius presented his paper on The Scarlet Woman on September 25th, 2016. He will further elaborate on The Scarlet Woman at our next lecture, to take place at Jerry and Erica’s apartment on Saturday, October 7th, 2016. Doors open at 3 PM. Jerry announces, “I will give a talk on the misbegotten women of Thelema and their beliefs about a Scarlet Woman, or the whore of Babalon and what is really the correct approach. Sadly, the title is often assumed at a whim by women to placate their own sexual proclivities and to impress or show defiance as if the title were a new ‘feministic’ battle cry. The talk will be on whether or not a diehard feminist can even be a ‘Scarlet Woman’ or whether they are merely fooling themselves in a pit of Because. If Aleister Crowley and Theodor Reuss are correct, feminism is the bane of modern magick. Have you ever bothered to ask yourself, ‘Why do they believe so?'” Since space is limited, you must send us an email at Cornelius93@aol.com to reserve a seat.


Posted September 27th, 2016 — New Author’s Comment and additional reader’s reviews / comments for Erica M Cornelius’ On Getting a Bullshit Meter. Copies of this book on Adeptus Minor work are still available for purchase. Click HERE for details.


July 18th, 2016 – A local O.T.O. initiate of Blazing Star Oasis sent me an email, he wanted to know if “Marlene Cornelius was an A.’.A.’. initiate?” … I replied, “She was, but like many in the A.’.A.’. she was raised up to her level of incompetency, and instead focusing on her stumbling blocks, having failed miserably at the basic tasks in all her grades and unable to prove a single accomplishment beyond Zelator, she resigned in writing on October 26th 2006. She is no longer a member of the A.’.A.’. … Her teacher, Frater T 8=3 [which is not me] replied on the same day – “Dear Marlene: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. It is with profound sadness that I accept your resignation from the A.’.A.’. and by extension, our Lineage. I wish you all the best in the future, both personally and spiritually. You will forever remain in Jerry’s and mine thoughts and prayers. Love is the law, love under will.” … However, like others who have resigned from the Order, whether in our lineage or in others, Marlene re-appeared years later inventing a outrageously bullshit story as to why she’s still in the Order, despite Order policies set up by Aleister Crowley himself regarding ‘resigning in writing’ and how the Order ‘knocks but once.’ Despite this she is presently bringing in students into her pseudo-A.’.A.’. which seems to be a trend amongst the disgruntled. … So, if you’re thinking of contacting her to join the A.’.A.’., she’s neither in the Order, nor is she capable of bringing people into the true A.’.A.’. or even proficient enough to train anyone beyond that of a Probationer; so buyer beware!”


Today, June 15, 2016 our third volume of Essays has officially arrived from the printers and is in our greedy, little hands! We plan to get all the pre-orders out early next week. If you’d like to order a copy, click HERE.


This is to let everyone know that our next volume is in the printers and hopefully will be in our greedy hands later next month. More importantly, it is now available for pre-orders! … This volume includes only eight essays relating to the first eight Tarot paths from The Fool to The Chariot. According to Aleister Crowley, these specific eight paths not only represent the secrets behind the Minerval and First Degree of O.T.O. as foundation stones for IXth Degree but they also relate to the Eight Limbs of Yoga. And by his own admission failure to understand how to ‘work’ these paths means complete inability to fulfill IXth Degree. He adds – “The O.T.O. is a training of the Masonic type; there is no ‘astral’ work in it at all, nor any Yoga. There is a certain amount of Qabalah, and that of great doctrinal value. But the really vital matter is the gradual progress towards disclosure of the Secret of the Ninth Degree.” However, he’s quick to continue – “To use that secret to advantage involves mastery both of Yoga and of Magick; but neither is taught in the Order.” (Magick Without Tears). This volume also includes black and white reproductions of Frater AO583’s paintings of his Tarot cards at the beginning of each chapter. However, if you see this volume of Essays solely as being his Tarot cards you’ll miss a wealth of information relating to both O.T.O. and A.’.A.’. This is because Frater AO583 was an upper degree in both Orders and the personal student of Grady Louis McMurtry, who by Crowley’s own admission was taught more O.T.O. magickal secrets than most. In his cards Frater AO583 painted many of these sexual secrets and mysteries that Grady was teaching him. Although two cards in particular Grady chastised him for, for revealing O.T.O. secrets too plainly, when Grady died copies of these two specific cards were found on his private altar. … Essays No. 3 is a limited edition of 200 hardback copies. At present there are no paperback editions. Each book is black cloth, 6×9, no dust jacket, 317 pages. Every book is a signed copy. … To order your copy in advance: $65.00 each ($71.18 in California due to sales tax). Postage & Handling is $11 U.S., $31 International. We are accepting payment via Paypal using the address pjch381@gmail.com. There are also still copies of Essays No. 1 and No. 2 available.


If you are interested in reading the reviews (more being added all the time), then click HERE. Scroll down to “Comments On and Reviews Of the Book.” The latest comments are always added to the top of this section.


Erica’s new book, titled ON GETTING A BULLSHIT METER is now being distributed worldwide by Weisers in Maine.


Three people have come out attacking Erica on Facebook about her book, but before listening to their rants you should carefully determine if they are members of the religious cult that forms part of the subject matter of Erica’s book and take that into consideration. As Adepts we’re taught that by our Words you’ll know us and by the words of the cult leader, Ricardo’s, students you’ll see the real type of spiritual guidance he teaches. He might be able to do a nice video of his ‘Tellings’ or write a book that sounds cool, but the way his student are attacking exhibits what really goes on behind the scenes and it exposes the real truth. In other words, once you’re in his group you must toe the line of the ‘Family’, as his brother calls it, and if you leave, or dare to speak out of your time spent in the group, they’ll publicly attack you with added threats, use name-calling such as liar and other forms of character assassination. It’s basic cult behavior 101.
They are incapable of understanding that the book is really not about them. It’s a text-book example of what an Adeptus Minor must achieve in order to prove their ego is under control. The book is all about Erica. She spent over eight years in Ricardo’s group and knew him years before he even started his Tolteca cult; she had much clutter in her mind which needs to be addressed so that she can move on. She had to face the obvious, that the Light of her star doesn’t always shine unhampered into her reality and just as the Light of the Sun in the heavens is occasionally blocked by dense cloud-cover, so too her own inner Light can be blocked. An Outer Adept’s primary goal is realizing this dilemma and striving to identify each ‘Restriction’ (i.e. cloud) as it may appear. Every Adept is well aware of ‘Restrictions’ on a macrocosmic level and how they are considered a sin but few realize that microcosmically, or within, Restrictions are False Knowledge which hinder us from the Truth and according to Aleister Crowley, believing in such False Knowledge is the way of the Black Brother. A true Adeptus Minor must work toward lifting all the shadow-like miasma and phantoms that have filled their head which control their ‘personality’ or ego as it relates in those Sephira below their Star. Erica diligently threw herself into this task and finished a paper as part of her Obligations to prove she warrants the A.’.A.’. Degree of Adeptus Minor. It was such a well done research project that we suggested she publish it, to offer others assistance as to what is required in working the lower Ruach on the Tree of Life. The reviews in this regards have been awesome.
In other words, the book can offer great insights into the role of an Adeptus Minor in the A.’.A.’.. For those who are unable to see this truth and who will argue that the book is merely attacking Ricardo’s group, I must remind you of the opening statement in the book which quotes Aleister Crowley – “The Brothers of the A.’.A.’. have set their faces against all charlatanism, whether of miracle-mongering or obscurantism; and all those persons who have sought reputation or wealth by such means may expect ruthless exposure, whether of their vanity or their dishonesty; for by no gentler means can they be taught” … so, before attacking the book or its author you should ask yourself, which side of the bread do you butter? Furthermore, doesn’t The Book of the Law tell us that as Thelemites we must not be old aeonic white-light, ass-kissing cowards who turn the other cheek, it tells us to be like soldiers in the army of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (i.e. the Lord of the Sun, our Star), which is similar to the Oaths we’ve taken in Ordo Templi Orientis to fight tyranny and oppression wherever it rears its ugly head. Erica had to first examine all the ‘facts’ that have been put into her head over the years by Ricardo’s indoctrination and also by others, our own A.’.A.. lineage included, and with that we had her research the origins and validity of information. The Bullshit Meter simply had her examining what she has learned and was taught and then asking some hard questions if such was real or bullshit, questions which true spiritual Order fear not, but questions which cults fear because Truth vanquishes phantoms.

NEW BOOK: ON GETTING A BULLSHIT METER, Or, “If I Remember Lemuria, Will You Pay Me $100 a Year?” by Erica M Cornelius, PH.D. Foreword by J. Edward Cornelius

In 2016 Erica M Cornelius had risen up to the grade of Adeptus Minor 5=6 in Aleister Crowley’s A.’.A.’.. Her first goal was to learn that the light of her Star doesn’t always shine unhampered, and just as the light of the Sun in the heavens is occasionally blocked by dense cloud-cover, so too her inner light can be blocked. As an Outer Adept, her goal was to lift these clouds, these shadow-like miasma and phantoms that she has created which controls her ‘personality’ or ego as it relates to those spheres below her Star toward Malkuth-10 (מלכות). Like a scientist she began researching what was real and what was incorrect, vanquishing every aspect of false Knowledge that has hindered or would hinder her growth. Being in the A.’.A.’. is like sitting on a psychiatrist’s couch. It’s not all about doing rituals or taking on some fancy-sounding title as if that alone was proof of an accomplishment. It’s realizing that you’ve chosen an incarnation in order to gain a certain experience. We call this experience our True Will. This book details one woman’s journey and magickal struggle to fulfill the Adeptus Minor’s first obligation, which is learning how to use a Bullshit Meter. … If you would like more information, click HERE for details.


93 Yesterday, Saturday the 19th day of March 2016 the Sun entered Aries at 9:31pm; the Moon was in Leo. This is to let you know that the WORD of the Vernal Equinox was chosen which signifies the magickal current manifesting for the next six months within our A.’.A.’.. … All Initiates of Grady Louis McMurtry’s lineage wishing to be informed of this WORD, send an email requesting such to Cornelius93@aol.com…. 93 93/93 PO 9=2


 February 15, 2016 We added a new essay onto our website titled ON THE PROPER USE OF THE CLERK HOUSE. The Book of the Law tells us to establish a clerk-house at our Kaaba (AL III:41). But what does this mean? This essay explains the meaning and proper use of the Clerk House, who has the right to establish it and the requirements once it has been recognized. We tend to forget that both men and women were made in the image of God and therefore, in order to find God, we must first make ourselves his double on Earth and live as God. Realizing that the Kaaba is our body as a spiritual vehicle makes understanding a Clerk House much easier. It is not, nor has it ever been a mundane Order which includes anyone else other than the person who holds the Charter. Aleister Crowley warned all his students against creating such an organization through the A.’.A.’.. This essay ends with a SUPPLEMENT describing three Clerk Houses (i.e. Members) which quit or were expelled and how they corrupted Crowley’s meaning to patronize their egos and why they have become Black Brothers. … Go to our Contents page for details. [This new version of the website does not have an all-purpose Contents page.]


February 14, 2016 … We removed three old essays from our website that were written over twenty years ago. Since then they have been rewritten and distributed privately amongst our initiates. We have recently updated them again and re-released them on our website with much new added information. These three essays are An Open Epistle on the Birth of the A.’.A.’., An Open Epistle on Lineages of the A.’.A.’. and An Open Epistle on Changes Within Grady McMurtry’s A.’.A.’.. They more or less tell you who we are and of the changes in our branch of the Order which make us different from others. If you’d like to review these essays click HERE.


February 9, 2016 … Previously we listed 143 assorted essays that were available to our initiates. See our A.’.A.’. Essay Listing Page.  We have gone back onto this page and added description on the dozen or so entries which had no blurbs. We have also added thirteen new essays bringing the total up to 156. More to be added soom.


November 18, 2015 … Essays No.2 has arrived and they’re in our greedy little hands! They are beautiful! We have decided after No.1 to go with ‘Leather’ binding to spiffy it up which makes it and all future issue a little different than No.1 but despite this little difference it’s still look great on your shelf next to No.1, trust me! Plus, all people ordering No.2 will get the book at the cost of cloth binding and we’ll pick up the added leather cost! How’s that? Anyway, we’ve got a pile of orders to fill so guess what I’m doing for the next three or four days! If you are curious and want to know what No.2 entails, click HERE. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, there are still copies available of both No.1 & 2. [NOTE: Neither are available anymore.] Also, Essays No.3 is completely done and in the proofing stage; it’s still a few months out before going to the printers but do expect it early spring. … Please, feedback on both issues is appreciated. … PayPal and other forms of payment (besides credit cards) available.


 I know it’s on short notice, but after a much-needed sabbatical to finish up writing projects, we are pleased to announce that we are once again instituting our ‘Open House’ night beginning on Friday November 6th 2015. It will be held at Pure Joy Clerk House and it will be closed to men; except for J. Edward Cornelius. This being a Friday, a day ruled by the goddess Venus, it will be opened to Nymphs only. If you consider yourself one of these female spirits of the natural world, a goddess who likes to frolics in the woodlands, springs and secluded places, then perhaps you might want to attend. The question to ask yourself, “How dedicated to Pan, Priapus or Baphomet are you?” If you are interested in attending, or if you happen to be in the area visiting, email us at Cornelius93@aol.com for details. The doors will open at 6:00pm. Being near supper, feel free to bring something to eat and drink and don’t feel obligated to bring enough for anyone other than yourself, although extra beer is always appreciated. Robert Graves, author of The White Goddess, once sent Grady McMurtry a letter where he burst his bubble regarding his ‘Wine’ poem about Pan by pointing out, rather offhand, that, “Pan was a beer drinker.” Anyway, I must remind everyone that the language and subject matter discussed on these nights can often be of a sexually explicit nature; occasionally with show n’ tell. If you have no desire to pursue these types of teachings then right up front you should stay home. Also, if you are under the age of 18 or if you’re an idiot, please do not ask to attend.


On our Contents Page is a new section titled ESSAYS. The list contains over 125 essays that have been written by members of Grady Louis McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. Lineage. Some have been made available to the public. Over a hundred more are waiting in the wings to be formatted and released.


Today the Sun has set on three co-conspirators, one gone a while ago, two now follow, and like the three assassins in Third Degree OTO rituals who threw stones at their teacher Mansur el-Hallaj hoping to slay him for speaking the Truth, these three have also failed. They have become Black Brothers; ones who corrupt and confuse love and love. Instead of embracing Bhakti for humanity’s sake, they closed themselves up and built a Wall around their ‘new Temple’ which is false in contrast to that Temple taught in the A.’.A.’. and even in IV° O.T.O.. Within the walls of ‘their’ Temple there is no love directed toward God, teachers or Superiors, or any authoritarian figure above ‘themselves’ for that matter. Love is only extended toward themselves and them alone, or those whom they can benefit from. As supposed gurus they have become the spawn of Choronzon by saying worship me, love me and me alone! Read carefully the ways of the Black Brotherhood in Liber Aleph, The Vision & The Voice and The Commentaries to Liber AL and then make the comparisons yourself. … To view the ‘Notice of Expulsion’ on this date, Friday October 16th 2015, of both Ricardo Flores and Rey DeLupos click their names. The Order is through with their shenanigans. Of course they will deny this, saying that we cannot throw them out but such argumentative behavior is part of the Laws of Choronzon and even that of his followers. But the fact still remains, every aspect of A.’.A.’. in both Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn schools of this fraternity which reside below the Abyss is subject to the Laws of this plane and being any part of these mundane organizations below the Abyss implies, if you can become a member, you can be thrown out just as quick if you disparage or disrespect the ways of the Order. No one is exempt from expulsion and everyone should beware and spread the word whenever these two names are mentioned; they are NOT in the A.’.A.’. nor do they have any right to maintain that they are connected to Grady Louis McMurtry’s lineage and any claim otherwise is to be seen as fraudulent and their teachings suspect; as was the case with Robert Flores of Sacramento. (Posted 10/16/2015 at 11:00am)


 We’ve always known that eight or nine out of every ten A.’.A.’. initiates fall by the wayside due to one reason or another. Crowley wrote about this, as did Grady McMurtry, Phyllis Seckler and even myself but sadly, in this that day and age of the Internet with instant emails and IMs, they’re not so easily going away. With egos swollen, bathed in the inability to admit they’re wrong, the disgruntled and their spawn are using their five minutes of fame on instant media as the means to lie and distort the truth in a public forum in order to avoid facing their own phantoms.

What is sadder still is that the world isn’t hearing from all the hundreds of good A.’.A.’. initiates and Adepts who are doing just fine, you’re only hearing from a small handful, maybe two or three who are lighting up the social media.

I’m tired of defending Grady McMurtry’s lineage against the onslaught of these petty liars. It’s not easy being the head of a lineage; try it sometime before you start accusing me of being too harsh. Ask yourself, what would Crowley have done in my situation? I can tell you this; he was a lot harsher to fallen Adepts than I am. As Grady once told me, if you are not pissing someone off, you’re probably not doing anything important. But I just wish everyone else out there who reads their postings, remember one simple fact: if you’re a Thelemite or truly an A.’.A.’. Adept then you must act in a scientific manner as taught by Crowley before making any decisions. You should not automatically side with the disgruntled or even with me for that matter but instead you must review all the evidence from both sides and make your own objective conclusion. If not, please stop sending me emails, IMs or posting on my Facebook pages vomiting a defense for something which you neither know the whole story or which you are refusing to accept; just stay on your side of the coin and be happy.

Finally, here is a great quote – “One of the reasons successful people can sometimes come over like assholes is because they’ve learned there are far more important things in this world than what other people feel.” I agree, and what is important is the promulgation of the New Aeon and if anyone gets in my way vomiting old aeonic crap, I’m not turning the other cheek simply to please your slave-like mentality. In that light; sorry if I appear to be an asshole to the inconsequential; the majority of you who are posting against me expose your own feeble insecurities, not mine. What you all fail to see is an uncomfortable truth. You’re all acting like old aeonic Christian souls who were taught to be nice, and for good reason; niceness is safe. You cannot stand the fact that I’m not always agreeable with everything you Want in ‘your’ version of the Universe. But I’m a Thelemite, I follow my own destiny, and one which is NOT defined by the disgruntled. You all forget, Crowley wrote to Grady McMurtry in a letter about extending a ‘sword’ for him to grab to defend the Law of Thelema and spread the Order, I too was handed a similar mantle by Grady. I was not handed a sheep to pet. (October 9th, 2015)


The vast majority of our Clerk Houses have always wanted to remain anonymous and work privately. Not one of these has ever had any issues. Amongst those who have asked to be posted, although half are doing just fine … the others constitute every single Clerk House that has used us simply to gain Charters to do whatever they Want rather than following A.’.A.’. policies and curriculum. Thanks to the abuse by some, we are no longer going to post any information publicly as to how to contact the different Clerk Houses. The only way for an outsider to contact our Order is through the main email address at which time we can put you in touch with a local branch.


This posting is to let everyone know that it’s finally in the printers and hopefully it will be in our greedy hands early next month. More importantly, it is now available for pre-orders! … As with the previous volume, many of the essays in this one were written in response to a student’s request for information which they deemed not clearly explained in Crowley’s writings. Since many students ask the same questions, J Edward Cornelius started writing his replies in the form of essays which could later be handed out or emailed to other students who might be asking the same if not similar questions. In this light the essays run the gamut of thought from easy magickal foundational information to more intricate theories related to the Qabalistic spheres on the Tree of Life in which the student resides. It is also important to note that some of these essays were written to male students, while others were written to female students. All these essays are considered foundational stones designed to open a dialogue between a student and their teacher on often-difficult topics. If you’d like to learn more about this volume and its contents click HERE.

Essay No.2 is a limited edition of 200 hardback copies. At present there are no paperback editions. Each book is black cloth, 6×9, no dust jacket, 330 pages. Every book is a signed copy.
To order your copy in advance: $65.00 each. Postage & Handling is $11 U.S., $31 International. We are accepting payment via Paypal using the address pjch381@gmail.com. For more information, email: pjch381@gmail.com. [Note: there are no copies left of this volume.]

There are still copies of Essay No.1 available [Note: there are no copies left of this volume either.]


We have added a mobile version of the Red Flame website of Grady Louis McMurtry’s A.’.A.’. so you can now view it on your cell phone. We are working on other ways to improve the navigation on this information-packed site. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.


At the bottom of the ‘Contents Page’ is a section titled PHOTO GALLERIES. If you go here there is a link to photos of the Marriage of J. Edward & Erica M Cornelius which occurred on August 31st, 2015.


There is a webpage for Love’s Sake Clerk House now on-line. It will contain more personal information about the life and interests of J. Edward Cornelius than general A.’.A.’. business. If you’d like to view this page, click HERE.


We wish to welcome four new members in the Man of Earth grade and three new Clerk Houses into the Lover Grade of Grady Louis McMurtry’s lineage. Presently they wish to remain anonymous, as are most of our Clerk Houses but this status may change in the future.


Thanks to the utter failure of certain Adepts who took Clerk House Charters and screwed over the Order and their teachers, failing at Bhakti and unable to control their egos, we are no longer issuing Charters to the Practicus or Philosophical Degrees. Charters will only be issued once an individual has obtained to Adeptus Minor (within).


This is to let everyone know that Frater Koyote aka Ricardo Flores out of Riverside, California failed miserably at his A.’.A.’. Obligations by fabricating his accomplishments. He admitted to his Teacher, and other witnesses, that his entire Toltec ‘thing’ is a scam, that it’s not real. He is simply using ‘old ideas’ to impress others so that they keep paying his way so that he doesn’t have to work. He joked about this to his teacher but when he was informed by his teacher that he would not support this kind of deceit, Ricardo walked out on the Order in March of 2015 and started claiming that his Ox and None Clerk house is now an independent body. It is easy to identify these fallen initiates because they are frequently their own worst enemies. They often appear delusional, rarely if ever admitting to have stumbled, and to save face amongst their peers they often begin attacking the Order and their teacher who brought them up to the threshold which they so eagerly sought. It’s never ‘their’ fault for their problems within the A.’.A.’. and they have to convince others that it’s always someone else’s defect, not theirs. Such failures in magick always need a scapegoat. The greater tragedy is that Ricardo has all the A.’.A.’. students in his Clerk House no longer communicating with the Heads of the Order, or any outsider who disagrees with ‘his’ clique. This cultish sociopathic behavior isolates his students from ever hearing the Truth about their teacher. Even when the Head of the Order, J. Edward Cornelius, who by all accounts was a ‘friend’, got married, these supposedly ‘spiritual’ individuals could not be so gracious or humble as to wish him happiness. Before Ricardo had this ‘break’ with his Teacher many of the guys and girls in his Clerk House used to come up, break bread, hug and act in a loving way … but upon Ricardo being called to account by his Teacher, that abruptly ended. Silence from the ‘Cult of Koyote’ speaks volumes; the slaves shall serve their Master.

The majority of all who fail do so in the lower in Ruach on the Tree of Life. Crowley and most Orders say that such failure is often rooted in a person’s lack of ability to put their ego under control or to understand what Bhakti really is. Sadly, all who fall under the spell of these often charismatic individuals should ask themselves how is it that a lowly initiate thinks that they know more than the Hermits if they are not bathed in an overzealous ego?

Despite what Ricardo might say, he CANNOT bring students upward in Grades and any and all people who apply for membership in his distortion will not be recognized as part of Grady Louis McMurtry’s A.’.A.’.. This clause stands until Ricardo resolves his issues with his Teacher and the Order.

“Now, if there is any difference at all between the White and the Black Adept … it is that the one, working by ‘love under will’ achieves a marriage with the new idea, while the other, merely grabbing, adds a concubine to his harem of slaves.” – Aleister Crowley


The following post appeared on Ricardo Flores’ The Telling by Koyote the Blind’ on September 3 at 5:13pm in response to the above posting. He writes – “This, the second commandment left by Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl to his Toltec lineage, is the baseline for the acts of a Warrior: “Be at peace with All Men. Respect all. Don’t react to others talking wrongly about you. Work in silence, and even in combat learn to not react. Thus, you will show your virility and your nobility, and everyone shall know you are of me, in your efforts to actively train yourself in the works of peace.” … My views? There are no written words by Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl. It’s a modern invention. Ricardo conveniently (cough cough) claims what he is teaching has been passed down from one generation to another, word of mouth, like a telephone game. It’s another part of Koyote’s modern scam which J. Edward Cornelius pointed out to him when both were still friends. J. Edward was hoping that Ricardo would stop creating illusions and phantoms and face what he is doing. Ricardo could not face his demons. He was told that A.’.A.’. teachings are rooted in the ‘Scientific Approach’, you cannot claim that you heard something from a fictitious source and simply, because you claim it to be so, it’s true. … So, is his quote Thelemic or does it read like an old aeon Christian concept of turn the other cheek?


This is to let everyone know, despite what his webpage may say, that Frater Orpheus aka Robert Flores (not to be confused with Ricardo Flores) is a liar and a fraud. His page claims that he’s a member of Grady Louis McMurtry’s A.’.A.’.. … HE IS NOT. .. Let everyone beware and let the word get out that he resigned in writing on December 31st 2009. Then after years of solitude he’s come back out of hiding and began making false claims as to how he’s still in the Order hoping that everyone would forget his initial folly. The fact remains, once you resign in writing, you cannot claim to be a member of A.’.A.’., nor are you allowed to rejoin. According to the policies set up by Aleister Crowley the Order knocks but once in a lifetime. His Aum Ha Clerk House is simply a wannabe’s dream.

Love is the law, love under will.