GRADY LOUIS McMURTRY: The Man, the Myth and the Legend


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by J. Edward Cornelius

“The old Grady died on the frontiers of the Abyss. Was Grady ever fully sane again? Absolutely not. What was left in its wake was burnt ash—a crazed, bearded old man with a hearty laugh and lots of stories. But, then again, the sages have long said that the madness of a Fool moves Universes…”

Originally released as two volumes of RED FLAME, A Thelemic Research Journal titled In the Name of the Beast, A Biography of Grady Louis McMurtry, Disciple of Aleister Edward Crowley (2005) and long out-of-print, this newly revised biography of Grady is now in one volume.

Besides being a complicated man, Grady McMurtry was a magician. Magick and Oaths defined who he was. This biography not only tells priceless stories about Grady’s travels amongst Thelemites from the early thirties to the mid-eighties but it also gives us a rare glimpse into the magickal mind of a practicing ceremonial magician.

Paperback, 507 pages. $79 ($83.74 within Georgia, USA)

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