Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law –AL I:40

Many of the photos in this Archive come from my own private collections but I also wish to thank other individuals like Bill Heidrick whose help has truly made this section possible, also I’d like to thank Ruth Sanderson, Robert Flores and Mark Krubsack who have assisted us in preserving images of Grady. And to the late-Phyllis Seckler who gave me some great old photos. I thank you all. … If anyone out there would like to offer any photos of Grady McMurtry that we do no have you can send them to … IMPORTANT NOTICE: some of the photos in this section are private and copyrighted by owners; permission to use them must be granted.

1. Grady in Big Cabin, Oklahoma

2. Young Grady

3. Grady, the War Years (WWII and Korea)

4. After the War Years

5. 1969 & the Early 1970s

6. Grady the Sikh, in Yoga postures circa 1974

7. Misc photos of Grady Louis McMurtry

8. The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

9. The Renaissance Fair

10. Grady, Misc Photos in his House & Temple on San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA

11. The Rite of Eleusis — Mars 1981

12. More Misc. Early Photos

13. Brocken Mountain Lodge, OTO — East Haven, Connecticut

14. Southern California OTO

15. Ra-Hoor-Khuit Lodge, OTO – Syracuse, New York

16. Georgia, OTO

17. Boleskine House OTO – Sacramento, California



20. Motta Trial – California 1985

21. In Death (Last Photo)

Love is the law, love under will –AL I:57