Grady Louis McMurtry
Grady Louis McMurtry 1918-1985


     In 1969, Grady would comment upon his poetry, writing, “I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. Much to the amazement & shock of my ‘Okie’ family who, I suspect, probably thought it was a sure indication that I was ‘queer.’ But it has always been a very positive thing. Something I did for my own amusement. Or edification. It would not be until relatively recently that I would see its fantastic potential in reinitiation. To know that, by reaching “out” in that blind, groping, intuitive sense, that I really could, when lucky, bring down ‘fire from heaven.’” 

     He continued, “Much of my poetry is ‘writing poetry.’ i.e. bumbling along, putting sentences together, imitating, even if only sometimes subconsciously because it was the last book of poetry I read, somebody else in their style, technique. But then, once in awhile, I start writing ‘as a poet.’ The floodgates of inspiration open. You are acting as the ‘hand & pen’ for some universe outside the span of time. And it is at times like that, that one must most beware, at least in my experience, of ‘tampering with the product.’ And then will come those lines of initiatory experience that will tell you, rather than you tell them. Or even ‘write’ them, for they are being written for you. To you thru you, as it were, from somebody else. Or at least from somewhere else. Much of my initiatory experience has come from ‘letting it flow,’ and then trying to understand it later, even if it didn’t seem to make much sense at the time. As the Greek poets used to say, ‘from the Gods.’ And you wouldn’t believe how many times I have been absolutely amazed as what I have ‘told’ myself, as it were, when thinking about it later. And then sometimes I have even told myself things that I have never been able to understand even to this day.”

“Poetry is the geyser of the unconscious.” –Aleister Crowley

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Grady’s first publications were his poems “Ballet Sol” and “The Parish Parson” in the July 1944 issue of Fantasia magazine.

Grady published his poem or song “The Combat Engineer” in The Military Engineer (magazine), March 1944, Vol. XXXVI No. 221.

Just after World War II, Grady’s poem “Ah Hell” was published in an undated issue of Nepenthe.

Grady publishd his poem “The Cyclops” in the Spring 1946 University of California, Berkeley literary magazine The Occident.