“… in August of 1979 the OTO passed Resolution No.50. This authorized Chandria to form an OTO body in the San Francisco area that later became known as Nuit Camp. Shortly afterwards Chandria held what some consider to be the first ‘officially OTO sponsored’ performance of the rites (of Eleusis) since 1910. These were put on in the summer of 1980. They were such a success that plans were made to hold them the following year at Grand Lodge in the Temple on San Pablo Avenue. They were first reported in The Magickal Link Vol.I No.5, March 1981. In this issue it stated how attendance could be expected to drop off at many of the Grand Lodge functions for the next few months. The reason it gave was that many of the local membership were involved in rehearsing and preparing to put on The Rites of Eleusis, which were scheduled to begin on Saturday, March 21st. The first rite was that of Saturn. This was followed five days later by Jupiter, then Mars, Sol, Venus, and Mercury. The rites concluded on Monday, April 20th with the Rite of Luna. All in all, these rites were reported to be a great success.”

Chandria and Friends Perform The Rites of Eleusis, Mars 1981