Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. – AL I:40

The following is a quote from Chapter 22 titled “The Chariot” from
IN THE NAME OF THE BEAST: A Biography of Grady Louis McMurtry,
Disciple of Aleister Edward Crowley, Volume Two – 1962-1985, by J. Edward Cornelius.
It details events in 1970.

“On a personal level, Grady and Phyllis immersed themselves in their own studies far more than either had done in years. Besides teaching school, doing daily rituals, meditations and memorizing Crowley’s Holy Books, Phyllis started writing lengthy letters to Regardie discussing her Qabalistic findings in relationship to Liber AL vel Legis. As for Grady, he jumped into studying 777 and started researching columns upon columns. He created numerous sheets of scribbled notes, some of which are virtually impossible to read. Researchers who have publicly criticized how difficult it is to read Aleister Crowley’s handwriting should be forced to tackle Grady’s. They’d appreciate Crowley’s script far more and stop complaining. Anyway, in some ways, Grady had become obsessed and began thinking of himself as a true master of 777. He believed that he had learned and discovered things in this book that no one else had. There are also pages upon pages of these hand written scribbled notes, showing Grady’s drawings and diagrams of his Angel & The Abyss cycle of poetry in relationship to tarot and astrological attributions. Among these are his own designs for a tarot deck, but sadly these drawings are rudimentary, extremely primitive and reveal little of his thinking process. In these notes he called his ambition, ‘A Tarot to accompany The Angel & The Abyss’, which was meant to further elucidate his Thesis.”

Below are pages one through six:

Grady Louis McMurtry Tarot Notes Page 1 of 6
Grady's Tarot Notes Page 1 of 6
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Grady's Tarot Notes Page 6 of 6

Love is the law, love under will. – AL I:57