Author Erica M Cornelius holding the new hardcover reprint of The Scarlet Woman and the Ancient Mercurial Serpent

Ok, I’ve been remiss! For such a long time we were waiting and waiting for our old printer to deliver the Essays No. 1 2022 reprint. Problems and more problems. (We thank our cusstomers for their patience!)

Then all at once, we found a new printer. While we waited for Essays 1, we published two editions of The Scarlet Woman and the Ancient Mercurial Serpent and two editions of The Secret Sexual Teachings of Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666

Then, last week, Essays 1 showed up! Now, all three titles are in stock and shipping. (Only the hardcover Secret Sexual Teachings is completely sold out.)

So, expect many more to come! For Essays 10 (coming early next year) we’ll use the old printers once more, just for the sake of consistency.