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Erica M Cornelius--Publisher, Author, and Now... Webmaster?

As you’ve probably figured out, we’ve revamped the Red Flame website. “We” in this case means me (Erica M Cornelius) and David Solina. Jerry’s checking it over to make sure it reflects his vision of the McMurtry-Cornelius A.’.A.’. lineage. Our aim is to create a version of the site that is easy to use and easy to navigate. As of today, we still have quite a lot to add, so thank you for your patience.

We also have big dreams of adding more content. Our intent is to showcase the legacy of Grady Louis McMurtry and his lineage.

David Solina, Actual Tech Guy
David Solina, Actual Tech Guy

By the way, if you would like to use our pictures, documents, or text, please ask first. Then give us credit. We’ve seen entire websites built out of Grady’s images and documents stolen off our old site. Come on, guys. 

Anyhow, we would LOVE your feedback on this new site. What’s working for you? What would you like to see improved? What other content would you like to see added?

Please leave a comment below or email us at